In case you missed it:

Here are a few of the MLB headlines floating around out there. If we deem them interesting they’ll probably bore you but still, give it a shot:

  • Cincinnati Enquirer columnist Paul Daugherty has some encouraging words to say about friend of the blog, Adam Dunn. We’ve got a feeling that Dunn is going to have a monster year and leave Cincinnati for good.
  • The best “slap your wife in the mouth” manager in the game, Bobby Cox, is talking about retirement after the ’08 season.
  • I wonder if he still does that ridiculous looking hop?
  • Barry Bonds has the flu. There would have been a time when I’d be surprised this makes MSNBC World News. Nowadays, I’m expecting them to say “In other news tonight, President Bush was shot dead on the steps of the Washington Monument.” Really, it’s a shame.
  • Better Duo: Prior/Wood or Clint/George? We think you’re smart enough to make the right choice.