"The Bandwagoner"

My little bro Jerry

This is a picture of my little bro, Jerry getting his haircut around age 4. He’s a lot older now, but some things never change. Ever since I’ve known my little brother, he’s really been into the hot new team in the league. When he was a kid, he liked the Oakland A’s. He would imitate the Bash-Brothers with me after a big Canseco or Mcgwire homerun. He said he loved Tony Larussa and Rickey Henderson. He said Dave Stewart was a nasty nigga. Then, by no surprise to me, he quickly was the biggest turncoat there ever was when the Toronto Blue Jays had their back-to-back title run, knocking the A’s off the hill. He bought a figure of Roberto Alomar and back in those days, we didn’t have cable. Little Jerry would wait up will his eyelids were heavy waiting to see the scores flash on the local news to see the score of the Blue Jays game. He’d even go over to Grampa and Grandma’s to use them for their ESPN, and wednesday night baseball.

Jerry’s been this way all his life. He’s the same way with football, only for a long period of time he liked the Cleveland Browns, causing some to doubt just how much of a front runner little Jerry could be. He also lived in Cincinnati for a long time with my Uncle Frank, and went to many Cincinnati Reds games. This was cool for him, he’d spend every night at the ballpark if he could. He always wanted the Reds to be a winner but they never were, once again making many wonder if he was really a bandwagoner. I mean coincidentally, all his fucking teams as a kid were the Dallas Cowboys, the Buffalo Bills, the 49ers during the Montana years. Jerry also was fond of the St. Louis Cardinals the past few years, culminating with a post-season World Series win last year. He was the most ecstatic 3 year Cardinals fan I’ve ever seen, often checking the box scores to see what “Mr. Pooholes” had done the night before. Man it must be nice to have the best player of our era on your team, Jer’.

At the beginning of last season, Jerry was excited about the Cleveland Indians, until they went into the tank in April and finished with large mediocrity. Poor Jerry, he had such high hopes. Once again, I talked to Jerry the other day and he’s just thrilled with the prospects of “his Indians” again this season! He was absolutely pumped when ESPN’s Buster Olney picked the Tribe to win the whole damn thing! Jerry is now talking big things for “his guy” Grady Sizemore, Travis Hafner, ‘Villan’ Victor Martinez, and Cliff Lee and CC Sabathia. Hell, Jerry is ready to sell his soul to the devil to get to the Tribe’s home opener. What’s with this kid, ya know? He’s more of a cleat chaser for the young star who appears to be the up and comer than the sluts that hang out at the team hotel before and after games just to get a glimpse of the hot young ballplayer. Jerry’s big on “young talent”.

The thing is, I have always preached this upon Jerry, is honesty is the most important part of any relationship. You have to be honest with the ones you care about, the things you care about to make things work out for the best. Whether you’re talking about your loyalty to a team, or with a friend, or a girl, I’ve always tried to preach a bit of honesty on Jerry.

I guess this makes it time to have a bit of tell-truth-tale to my readers. Afterall, I care about all of you very, very much. Ok, here goes: I actually don’t have a younger brother! I don’t know that waterhead in the picture! Hehe. The ‘Bandwagoner’ in the story is me. I’m the fucking bandwagoner that has spent my life front running!!!! I’m on the Tribes band wagon just like I was on the Cowboys bandwagon, and all those superbowl teams, hell I even started to call myself a Bears fan last year. If it’s not your thing don’t knock it! Who are you to judge me?