Keep on Strumming Bern

It looks like right now the only thing that Bernie will be playing in the Spring will be his Guitar. For most of us it is hard for us to swallow the fact that Bernie Williams will not be a Yankee next year, and may even retire. Being that I am a Yankee fan I do not disagree with the way they have dealt with him in anyway. I mean seriously the guy had two full lockers in the corner of the Yankees Clubhouse, I think the only other person to have that was Babe Ruth. They would allow Bernie to play his guitar in there everyday. I’m sure there were a few guys in there after the game that just wanted to crack the guitar over his head. Imagine A-Rod after a loss, sitting by his locker all by himself, pulling his hair out because he is counting down the seconds ’til the media rips him a new asshole. Then he looks across at Bernie strumming his guitar in a meditated state, singing whatever hell he plays. Your gonna tell me that A-Rod never thought about grabbing that guitar, smashing into tiny pieces, and hocking a wad of spit in his face, Roberto Alomar style. You know the kind spit where there is anger and hate rolled up into a ball of flem and launched. Then there is Jeter across the way, who opens another piece a fan mail, looks over at A-Rod and says to himself, “Man that guy is fucked up”.

Anyways I’m getting away from my main point here. Cashman (such a fitting name) did the right thing and offered Bernie a contract, OK, a minor league contract, but Bernie didn’t even respond. I guess he was hoping that Joe Torre, “The Godfather” (that’s my nickname for him) would be in his court. Sorry Bern, but the money is with Cashman’s pocket and looks like the roster is full. My advice is to go out on a high note. Take your millions go back to Puerto Rico and play your Guitar on your 5 million dollar yacht. Life is Good!

On a serious note, even though I think this is right move, it is still sad to see him go. Which is why I decided to pay him tribute on this site and hope that other Yankees fans will continue to look forward and not back. Going into next season Bernie is the least of the problems for the team.. I mean seriously, I think I’m going to be more heartbroken to see Pavano’s ugly mug on the bench while paying him about the same amount of money Bernie was given his whole career! (clearly just an estimation here, but you get the point)
Yankee fans…onward and upward!