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What the hell has gotten into the Kansas City Royals?


If you were to awake from a coma, and someone told you the Kansas City Royals had won nine in a row; the latest a pounding of incumbent Cy Young Max Scherzer in Detroit, you would swear you were being lied to.

It gets better.

The Royals moved into first place tonight in the American League Central. We’re not sure that has happened since this blogs inception. It definitely hasn’t happened in June.

It’s fun, and it’s fun for more than a few reasons. It’s fun because the Royals aren’t annoying like the A’s. If the Royals ended up making the postseason (they won’t), they don’t exactly have a star-studded cast that captivates the nation. Television networks would be scrambling to get these guys in the afternoon time slot of the ALDS. They’re fun because you get the feeling watching them, they know it’s not going to last. And perhaps that’s why the Royals are so dangerous right now. They have nothing to lose. They’re absolutely day-to-day. No one thinks they’re for real, so there’s no pressure there.

Their leading OPS man coming into tonight was Alex Gordon (.816). Their leading home run hitter is Salvador Perez and Gordon (tied at seven). Lorenzo Cain is hitting .310, and Lord knows we have been waiting on Cain to do something for about five years now. Jason Vargas and James Shields are a combined 15-5, but no one is fearing a showdown with Vargas on the bump. They have a nice stable of out collectors, a dominant closer at the back-end of the pen in Greg Holland, and a bunch of rudimentary everyday regulars that no one would really want.

The Kansas City Plan drafted up by madman Dayton Moore is finally working – if even for a short frozen moment in time. As these guys slap hands night after night and climb in the standings, you realize just how crazy this whole ‘baseball season’ thing can be.

2013 Los Angeles Angels Team Preview

I feel like this year’s preview could be copied almost straight from last year with a few name changes.  The Angels went out and signed a big stud hitter for big bucks.  This year – Josh Hamilton, last year – Albert Pujols.  They changed up their pitching staff.  This year – Tommy Hanson and Jason Vargas, last year – CJ Wilson.  So what did it get them last year?  Jack shit.  3rd place in a pretty good division – even though they were playing much better towards the end of the season.  One thing they do have this year, that they didn’t last year: a full season of Mike Trout.

Let’s take a closer look at the Angels.

Major Off-Season Moves:

  • Signed Josh Hamilton to a 5 yr/$125M contract.
  • Acquired SP Jason Vargas from the Mariners.
  • Acquired SP Tommy Hanson from the Braves.
  • Signed SP Joe Blanton.
  • Signed RP Ryan Madson.

The Angles certainly weren’t quiet this off season and pulled another sneak attack when they signed Josh hamilton from rival Texas.  It was seemingly likely the Mariners or Rangers for Hamilton and then the Angels swooped it and gave him exactly what he wanted.  When Arte Moreno sees a shiny toy he wants, he steps up big. They also need to reload their rotation after Zach Greinke left and they jettisoned Ervin Santana.  They grabbed 3 new starting pitchers so they at least got some bodies in there.









Now on to who is going to take the field this year.

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