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St. Louis Cardinals 2013 Team Preview

Never trust a guy with two first names, unless that guy is Allen Craig.

The Cardinals. The pesky, annoying, fire-ant in your ass-crack Cardinals. These fucking annoying shits. In case you have forgotten, here was what ruined my postseason experience in 2012:

You had them right where you wanted them all along, didn’t you Matheny? Sure you did, you needle-dick. The day before, my Reds completed their collapse. I decided to cast my anchor to the Nationals and their red-assed manager. Things were looking great, and then suddenly it was over. I didn’t watch another full game the whole postseason. The Reds collapse combined with their arch-rival’s unlikely triumph was enough to make me sick.

It’s like; it was cute in 2011. I felt good for the Cardinals getting that title. Last year, those resilient little shits didn’t belong. I don’t care that they took the NLCS to seven games. That team out-kicked their coverage.

Now you’re going to try and tell me that the Cardinals have the best offense in the National League? With all due respect, I disagree.

I know this team well. I’ve watched a lot of them over the past decade. This is a fine organization from the top down, and their players will grind and represent their organization on the field with a lot of pride. They’ll get more out of less. Their role players will over-achieve. Their prospects will almost certainly all develop. Things go that ways for the lucky Cardinals. Thank God that guys like La Russa, Pujols and Carpenter aren’t there anymore. It makes the Cardinals a little more difficult to hate–but not much.

I’m here to tell you why the Cardinals aren’t going to win the National League Central after the jump. Continue reading St. Louis Cardinals 2013 Team Preview

Johan Santana’s No-Hitter Highlights First June Weekend of 2012

8019 games, and all I could think about was no no-hitters.com. A guy who didn’t even pitch last year ends the futility.

It’s officially June, the weather is officially allowed to be smoking. It’s okay to turn on your air conditioning and if you had a summer diet planned there’s no more excuses, get going with it. Johan Santana threw a no-hitter on Friday night and struck out David Freese on his 134th pitch of the night to complete the first no-no in New York Mets history.

I had to get this in the blog’s archives somehow, it’s big time history and the fact that it went down in New York (and against St. Louis) makes it all the more special for the baseball romanticist.

The Cardinals spent the rest of the weekend trying to score one run, and they succeeded on Sunday. The Mets are up in this series 3-0 and hunting a sweep today.

10 Bold Predictions for 2012: The Arrival of David Freese helps Cardinals forget Albert Pujols

As part of our preview for the upcoming 2012 season, we’ll be doing a ’10 Bold Predictions for 2012′ series that will be featured between now and Opening Day. Our second prediction is that the arrival of David Freese as a superstar. This will help in providing a soft landing spot in the transition of the Cardinals and their fans into the post-Pujols era.

Those 21 postseason RBI last October showed me all that was necessary to confirm my belief on David Freese. The guy is a big time player just waiting to spread his gigantic wings. It might only be for a season or so, but Freese is going to be on everyone’s radar by the time this season is finished as he should be already.

I remember watching a Cardinals game with a friend back in 2010 when this big strong kid who was playing third base for the Cardinals that day got into a couple of pitches and stroked them backside off the wall in St. Louis with perpetual ease for doubles.

“That’s a nice looking player right there.”

We both seemed to say it synonymously with each other, to the point we probably laughed. From that day forward I knew his name, and I was going to make sure I kept this one David Freese on my radar.

He has the propensity to get nicked easily–he’s played just 184 games over three seasons in the big leagues–and at times he still appears to be a bit ‘raw’. But there’s something about Freese that tells me he’s capable of a lot more.

Chipper Jones said earlier this spring that he likes Freese’s all around make up more than that of Ryan Zimmerman or David Wright, two players he considers to be superstars in their own right.

Freese will be 29 years old this season, so while he’s not young he’s ripe for the age of arrival, and arrive he will. Freese’s star might shine brightly only for a moment. He strikes us as a guy who could be off the charts unbelievable for one season on the back of his baseball card and then slowly taper off with seasons of .270/17/70 before riding off into the sunset. But one of those years will stand out to the fans who look back on Freese’s career numerical epitaph.

While there’s a lot of talk about Carlos Beltran, Lance Berkman, Matt Holliday and Yadier Molina picking up the slack and combining the sum to replace the big part that departed for Orange County earlier in the off season, the one who will come closest to pulling a Pujols will be David Freese.

Freese has a career slash line of .354/.429/.783 during the regular season. In his 18 game postseason he decided he was going to show you all a flash of what is to come with a .465/.794/1.258 impression. He’ll settle somewhere in between that this season as he gets cozy in the middle of that St. Louis order and earns his status as a baseball rockstar in 2012.

How does .305 with 30 home runs and 120 RBI sound to you? We predict he stays healthy all year long and the BB to K ratio gets a lot closer to 1/1 this year. So while we will admit to you that he won’t be Brooks Robinson over the course of his career, he can be 1999 Fernando Tatis in St. Louis this season and play the part well.

David Freese, meet super stardom. You have been knighted.

Game Six in St. Louis was a classic for All-Time

Baseball fans will always remember where they were when they were watching this one. I think that’s how it is for a true watershed event that contains guys who will go on to reach legendary status in this great game we follow–especially when it’s on the biggest and brightest stage.

There was just so much excellence packed in those 11 innings last night, it’s hard to really cover it all.

I am the Editor-in-Chief over at Tomahawk Take on the FanSided Network now, and I decided to have my main scribes about this classic be over there.

I stayed up and watched the entire thing (with my puppy trying to use my arm as a teething toy). I’ll always remember where I was for this one; on the couch with Bentley. Watching David Freese become our era’s Carlton Fisk with still a chance to win it all.

And I thought I saw the at bat that was Pujols’ last as a Cardinal. Once. Twice. A third time. You mean it’s going to end on a measly ground out? Well that was anti-climactic. Well, wouldn’t you know that Pujols gets a huge hit in his possible last at-bat as a Cardinal. You mean they’re going to walk the Great Pujols here, in his last at-bat as a Cardinal? I almost thought Ron Washington would think about pitching to him just because of the situation. It turns out that moment is still out ahead of us.

I thought I saw destiny. Instead it was just a World Series home run by Josh Hamilton. And if the Rangers don’t find a way to win it tonight he’ll someday be going on television and talking about how he thought that was his moment; a defining moment of a career and a lifetime. But it has already been lessened. He can look into the other dugout and thank Lance Berkman for that.

When people talk about Game Six in St. Louis, you should forever know what they were talking about. And there is a part of me that can empathize in a big way with the Texas Rangers and their fans. I’ve been on that side a lot. And when I’ve been on that side in sports, my teams come out and lose tonight. There’s no doubt, they’re sunk and I would be shocked to see them find a way tonight.

Anyone who says baseball is boring is missing games like last night. Those 11 innings went by in a flash and look at the names I just threw out there in this post alone. There is so much star potential in this series that it’s not even funny. Joe Buck even got to honor his legendary father.

Tonight, we get a miraculous game seven to start off a weekend. My only wish is that my team was in this thing. I am so insanely jealous. If I was a Cardinals fan I wouldn’t have went to work today. I would have just soaked it all in.

Baseball; after all this time, really is still magical. This was the second time the nation has been captivated in about a month by something that can be called ‘one of the greatest nights in baseball history’.

Who knows what kind of high drama is even in store tonight. There is only one guarantee, and that is that a new champion will be crowned and the curtain will fall on yet another season in our lives. What a closing act it’s been.

St. Louis Cardinals 2011 Season Preview

Leading up to the start of the 2011 Regular Season, Diamond Hoggers will preview each of MLB’s 30 teams . Today’s preview features the St. Louis Cardinals. Stay tuned as Diamond Hoggers previews every team division by division until the start of the regular season. Continue reading St. Louis Cardinals 2011 Season Preview