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Report: Barry Bonds to be Miami Marlins new hitting coach


A slimmer, trimmer Barry Bonds than you remember is about to make his return to the game after being veiled in the sacred fraternity since 2007. It’s crazy, it’s been nearly a decade.

Bonds is reportedly expected to accept the Miami Marlins’ offer to become hitting coach.

You can just see that curmudgeon Jeffrey Loria sitting in his office high atop Marlins Park plotting his next empire that can’t go wrong. And somehow, we know it very well will.

Still, the thought of pairing Bonds with Giancarlo Stanton is something that excites us enough to get back to writing about baseball. And it’s usually this time of year that we dig in to the news again. Good on the Marlins for giving us something that inspires.

Deadspin Gives us Baseball Heckling Stories


This here is Bubba Trammell. He had a forgettable career, and he’s been long forgotten by you. He headlines this post because we spent one day in right field in Cincinnati getting the better of Bubba Trammell.

Heckling was such an adolescent thing to do. And the insults were so immature, I wonder now as an adult why Trammell paid an idiot like me (then 16 years old) any mind at all.

There were other times when heckling had it’s place (Jose Mesa, Brian Jordan) but we’ve long grown out of it thankfully.

But we still enjoy a good heckling story. And Deadspin has provided us with a wealth of baseball heckling stories to enjoy. This one involves Barry Bonds. Continue reading Deadspin Gives us Baseball Heckling Stories

One more opinion on the Baseball Hall of Fame

If you pay attention to baseball, (which I assume you do, otherwise you may be here to purchase some USDA Choice) you’ve seen hundreds of articles and/or thousands of tweets about everyone’s opinion on the balloting for the Hall of Fame.  Well the results finally came out and  no one was selected to the Hall this year – the first time since 1996.  Considering the all-time home runs leader and the arguably the best pitcher from 1985 to 2005 were eligible, this would normally be somewhat unusual.  But since the early-mid 90s (and most likely earlier) some baseball players (maybe all of them) started taking the juice, beef ‘roids, “enhancers”, clear and the cream, and whatever else someone could speculate on.  This allegedly enabled them to unfairly perform at levels they wouldn’t have otherwise attained.  You know this story, as the refrain has been sung for the past five years or so.

Last year, I wrote my opinion on this and it hasn’t really changed.  Baseball writers have seemingly chosen to die on the hill of speculated steroid use.  Was Barry Bonds ever suspended by MLB for steroids?  Was Roger Clemens?  Hell, even if they were once, does that mean that nothing they accomplished means anything?  My answer to all those questions is no.  Baseball has been through many eras and each had their own dark sides.  Black players couldn’t play in the 1920’s and 30’s.  Does that mean that Lou Gehrig wouldn’t have accomplished what he did?  I have no idea.  And neither do any of the writers voting for the Hall.  If I had a vote for the Hall, (which I never will so it doesn’t really matter) I would vote for anybody who passed the test of “Was he one the best players at his position during the time he played?”  That’s who belongs in the Hall of Fame.  No more, no less.  To do otherwise is to change what it means to be inducted.

That’s my opinion – it’s worth what you paid for it.

The Baseball Show: Only an Insane Man Tries This Hard to Trade Justin Upton

This evening on The Baseball Show podcast, I was joined as always by co-hosts Mike Rosembaum (Bleacher Report Prospect Pipline, Golden Sombrero) and M.J. Lloyd (Halo Hangout, Off-Base Percentage).

Topics of discussion included:
-The Hall of Fame voting
-Which teams that have never had a Hall of Famer will next get the opportunity to have one?
-Baseball’s new mandatory HGH testing policy
-Justin Upton’s rejected trade to the Seattle Mariners, and why would the Diamondbacks try this hard to trade him?
-MLB ’13 The Show Cover Campaign Talk
-“Collectors corner”
-Zips Projections for the Angels, Mike Trout, Josh Hamilton

The Baseball Show: Throwing Another Log on the MLB Hot Stove

On this week’s edition of The Baseball Show, co-hosts Mike Rosenbaum and M.J. Lloyd along with myself discuss the following:

-Denard Span being traded to the Nationals for Alex Meyer
-Mike profiles Alex Meyer as a prospect
-B.J. Upton to Atlanta
-Possible destinations for Josh Hamilton, Michael Bourn, Zach Greinke and more players
-Reactions to the Evan Longoria contract extension
-Thoughts on the 2013 Hall of Fame nominees

This was a very quick edition of the podcast but a very fun show with lots of discussion. We hope you enjoy!