Playing Golf Best Practices

Just like the majority of sports that exist, golfing also requires an insane amount of practice rather than just relying on individual talent in order for you to excel at the sport. The good news is that the game can be learnt if you have access to the right kind of information.

If you are wondering about how to improve golf game fast, you need to stop wondering and begin practicing as this is the difference maker between you and your opponent. The more you practice, the better you get.

But practicing does not include mindless practice. You need to have a targeted and set approach as to what aspects of your game you want to improve to gain the upper hand.

Listed below are some of the practices each golfer should master before hoping to break into the professional leagues.

  • Five Feet

If you need help in improving your short strokes and are scared of knock knees, then use a five foot putt and keep practising with it. Set a goal and until you do not achieve that goal, do not give up on the fiver.

Take small breaks for your back but try to master your fiver first so that you can learn the shorter rounds in a lesser amount of time.

  • Power Control


The main power generated for your swing is from your hip muscles, your legs and your back. The power then passes along the shoulders and the arms hereby into the club shaft. Your head must be properly aligned to make sure that you generate the maximum amount of power.

When you swing back your body and your club move away from the target (ball) but in retrospect to each other, and when you swing downwards, your body and stick should be in perfect harmony. If you master that, then no power goes to waste,. And you will also then be able to increase your shot distance easily.


  • The C line


This particular practice technique is used by many professional golfers in which you draw an imaginary C-line(Commitment) before the ball. Step behind, and decide whichever type of shot you want to play with using which club.

Once you decide, step ahead of the line and shoot. If you lose your focus even by one percent after stepping over the line, do not make the shot and step back. Think again, with a clearer mind and go at it again.

This way you can ensure that you choose the best shot possible, and you can constantly make amends should anything go wrong. The main point of this exercise is to give you confidence in your ability and thinking in any professional match.

MLB Predictions: Texas Rangers

When it comes to the Texas Rangers, so many people out there follow them and call them their team. However, many people are wondering if this is the team that expert baseball betters will choose to win the World Series. Depending on how well theyre doing this season, they might be a contender for the at least a playoff birth. Of course, knowing more about them, the games theyve won and those theyve lost can put you in a better position to choose the right MLB predictions out there and actually win something off them.

Knowing More About Your Favorite Rangers

Youve probably already watched most of the games that have been on, so you might know how well theyre currently doing. When it comes to their standing in the league though, theyre currently at 1st in the American League West. This is a really good standing to have, and it might mean that they make it out on the top when it comes to playing in the stands off ahead.

After a 4 game win streak, standing at 67-47, theyre able to play and win many of the games that they go too. This makes them one of the best baseball picks to choose from when the time comes. Whether or not you think this is a great MLB prediction is up to you on whether or not you want to put your money down on the team, but it might be ideal to get the right team, a top team to bet with.

At they are able to provide you with the best information regarding the teams out there, and which ones might be the best baseball pick to go with. Make sure youre ahead of the game when it comes to betting on your favorite team, or just one that is going to win. Be sure to check out their free sports picks and their weekly blogs for more information. It can be worth it to do your research with us and then bet.

Your Saturday Baseball Post


It’s Saturday, and it will be a glorious baseball Saturday today.

There is just a month and a half of baseball left. So if you love it like we do, make sure you’re soaking it in. It seems like it’s been 90 or 100 with humidity for the past six weeks or so and no end in sight. I am any day from having my second kid. Crazy.

Here’s one of my favorites, an 80’s song that should be played on the ballpark loudspeaker near you:

It’s hard to believe school is about to be back in session after this weekend, so the summer nights Richard Marx sings about in this classic are anything but endless right now.

I have to end this post because my two year old is trying to climb on my lap over and over again. So, do your league-mates a turn and set your fantasy lineups if you have them. Have a great Saturday of baseball and life. Thank you for your continued support of Diamond Hoggers.

DStars45 Spoils Swindaman3’s Birthday with one of the closest Gentleman Game Contests Ever

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 5.23.18 PM

Last week, our friend swindaman3 turned 30 atop his glorious porcelain throne. When the night was getting late, he held a slim lead over the rest of the Gents and it looked as if a miracle would be possible.

But then the champ, Diamondhoggers, and his buddy JSquad34 swallowed him up. His best buddy JSquad34 by less than a point!

Most notable was the distance put between the top two contestants in the Gents game yearly standings, evidenced below:

Yearly Standings:
DStars45 – 70 points
t3bird04 – 65 points
Diamondhoggers – 53 points
Jsquad34 – 53 points
Swindaman3 – 42 points

And now, a look at the winning lineup from DStars45:

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 5.23.28 PM

Houston Astros Ambushed all day in Minneapolis

There is NOTHING more dangerous in sports than a team that has been granted second life.

On Wednesday evening – the Astros gave up five quick runs – and then the monsoon rains came down and saved them by postponing the game before it was a game.

This lead to the ever-popular doubleheader on Thursday beginning in the early afternoon. And man, did the Astros take the opportunity to get healthy in the stat columns.

[Game One]
[Game Two]

Carlos Correa had another huge day. He homered twice, drove in four, had four hits and four runs on the day. And here they are, with the second one being a certified moonshot.

Home Run 17:

Home Run 18:

Whenever a team takes two in a day, they just seem like they’ve got serious momentum. The Astros are now just two games out in the AL Wildcard race. So, not completely dead in the water.

Correa & Altuve’s big night in the Twin Cities


[Box Score]

The Astros really aren’t good. You look up and down their lineup, and it’s a bunch of guys hitting in the mid-to-low .200’s. But they have Jose Altuve, Alex Bregman, and Carlos Correa within their first four hitters. That’s why you tune in each night at this point with Lance McCullers on the shelf.

Last night I went ahead and bet them because I just figured they were due. Carlos Correa came through with this big home run, his 16th of the season in the first inning to kick off scoring; and then nearly hit a grand slam later in the game to total four RBI.

They tried to give this away a few times – Miguel Sano went yard as did those pains in the asses Robbie Grossman and Brian Dozier – but Jose Altuve simply wouldn’t let them fail. He had four hits and his average is up to an astounding .361 on the year. He stole his 26th bag as well.

Credit Ken Giles the save and Mike Fiers (who can’t really get anyone out this year) with his eighth win.

The Seager Boy Rides On

While you were sleeping, Corey Seager was out at magical Chavez Ravine knocking out home runs number 20 and 21. The Dodgers beat the Phils 9-4, Julio Urias picked up the victory; and the Bums remain just one game behind those rotten Giants.

The Dodgers simply aren’t going away.

Seager is now 5.1 fWAR. He has a great shot to become the third shortstop age 22 or under all-time to hit 25 or more home runs. One of the others played in more straight games than any other player (Cal Ripken) and the other retires on Friday (Alex Rodriguez).

Prince Fielder is retiring


When I started this blog, he was about the most feared slugger in the game. He hit 50 home runs in 2007 as a 23 year old for the Milwaukee Brewers. It seem like there would be no end in sight. I definitely thought he was a 450 home run guy we were looking at.

Now, Prince Fielder is going to retire per Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports.

He will retire – ironically – with 319 career home runs just like his father Cecil Fielder. Prince always seemed like an upstanding, good guy. We liked Prince Fielder. We will miss Prince Fielder; although he was not very good to us during fantasy ownership through some seasons.

It’s been a crazy week.

Ichiro Suzuki’s 3000th Hit


In yesterday’s 10-7 Marlins win over the Rockies at Coors Field, Ichiro Suzuki collected his 3,000th hit. This obviously enters him into baseball immortality.

Have a look at the hit that almost left the yard here. Then, have a look at that pretty 3000 he’s stuck on for a short while over at Baseball-Reference.

Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 7.00.41 PM

I think in his career, I saw Ichiro get exactly ONE of his hits live. It was all the way back in 2001 when Ichiro was still all the rage in baseball; the Indians lost that night at Jacobs Field 2-1 and Bartolo Colon was dominant. But it was Ichiro’s bunt single that night that swung the game. I remember it well.

Dallas Keuchel threw a Complete Game Shutout last night


[Box Score]

Dallas Keuchel has been a real mess this year. Even at his best, he’s been pedestrian; stringing together some quality starts but being mostly underwhelming. The Astros have had a hard time getting it going this season because their Ace from last season simply hasn’t been present.

Last night, he shut out the Rangers to open the Astros’ biggest series of the season, striking out seven.

Carlos Correa and Jose Altuve had big knocks in this one. The Astros took the game 5-0 and moved to within five and a half games of first place in the AL West which is probably out of reach, and three and a half games of the AL Wildcard.

Your Saturday Baseball Post

Los Angeles Dodgers

It’s Saturday, and the summer heat wave rolls on. It’s the dog days of August where players are worn down and a lot of teams are playing out the string.

We’re headed to a corn roast today! The first corn roast I think I’ve ever been to. Full slate of baseball action on tap to get excited about and serve as background noise in your day.

Your one hit wonder song of the week that should be played on a ballpark loudspeaker near you is from 1991 and a guy named ‘Timmy T’. One more Try!

Thank you for your continued support of Diamond Hoggers. Enjoy your Saturday everyone!

Carlos Correa is still projecting to be a Hall of Fame, Historic player


So I ran across a Fangraphs article from just last month that talks about Carlos Correa still appearing to be on a historic track. You read this article, and you realize Correa is going to be just fine despite a slow and steady 2016.

From FG:

Correa’s ZiPS projections over the next five years, starting at 7.9 WAR next season and totaling more than 40 wins from ages 22 to 26.

Uh, wow. That can’t be right, can it?

I was shocked by the Correa forecast myself, and asked Dan to double check that there wasn’t an error in the code or something, given how bullish it is on Correa’s future. But Dan said the system just loves Correa, as the history of guys who can hit like this at 20/21 in the big leagues is almost universally fantastic. The age really is the key thing to keep in mind here; it’s easy to forget how big of a leap guys can make early on, and at 21, there’s still a lot of room for growth.

Carlos Correa is historically good, is approaching a number of plate appearances before age 22 that many Hall of Famers have already; and is on track to be A-Rod at age 22 and an inner-circle Hall of Famer possibly when it’s all said and done.

That said, he’s just been pretty good in his age-21 season. So you know, just projections and stuff. And injuries can happen. But it’s fun to watch him pile up the fWAR along the way.

Throwing it Around

It’s Friday. Friday’s are great. Well it’s technically Thursday for a few more minutes. But we haven’t linked the baseball interweb in a while. We’ll do this more often. We’ve got some paternity leave coming here any day now, so while the kid is sleeping and we’re pretending to actually be useful, we might slip a few more of these posts we love to do so much into the blog.

Here are the best baseball reads of the day:

-Bryce Harper was as good as Mike Trout, until he wasn’t. [Fangraphs]
-Jay Bruce’s first hit as a Met? Home run. []
-David Dahl is on a tear. [Hardball Talk]
-On the day I traded for him, Yoenis Cespedes hits the DL. [NY Post]
-Padres chairman is ripping Matt Kemp and James Shields. [The Big Lead]
-Look who’s back, J.D.’s back. [Deadspin]
-Homer Bailey was outspoken about the Jay Bruce trade. Good for him. [ESPN]
-Bryce Harper just spent $2.7 million on a Las Vegas home. [LA Times]
-Baseball is honoring Vin Scully by counting down his top 20 calls of all time. [Awful Announcing]
-Corey Seager tied a Dodgers record tonight. [True Blue LA]
-Lance McCullers is done. The Houston Astros are done. [Houston Chronicle]