Bryce Harper hits home runs 38 and 39 in Philadelphia


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Bryce Harper is homering at a rate that we can barely keep up with the posts. On Tuesday evening in Philadelphia, he again homered twice in a Stephen Strasburgh 14-strikeout, one-hit performance. He drove in all four runs on the night.

The first home run was a pretty incredible display of power. A poor schlup named David Buchanan thew behind Harper, and then two pitches later decided to hang a curve ball. That landed in the center field seats over the 408 sign.

The second home run was equally impressive; it was a long high fly ball that just kept carrying to the opposite field off a lefty.

Home Run #38

Home Run #39

It sure is nice of the Phillies to keep challenging Harper and serving these up nightly.

Bryce Harper shook off the ill-effects of a maybe concussion to homer in Philadelphia


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It’s a damn shame that the Nationals have nothing left to play for except for pride and their numbers. They’ve managed to squander a legendary season from the 22 year old wunderkind from Nevada.

Last night, in an 8-7 win in Philadelphia, he added young Aaron Nola to his list of big game pelts:

This was after leaving Sunday’s game with an odd-concussion like ailment. He’s up to an 8.7 fWAR on the season, with 106 runs scored, 37 home runs, a .333 average, 86 RBI, and a ridiculous .464 on-base average.

Bryce Harper hits homers 35 and 36 on Washington’s Rest in Paradise night


[Mets 5, Nationals 3]

Alright, so we’re a little late on this one. The Nationals ironically received huge performances from both Stephen Strasburg, and got a Bryce Harper home run to kick off scoring, and to close their scoring; and they were still swept by the team from Queens.

Home Run #35

Home Run #36

So, first time we’ve had a delay in getting one of these Harper home run posts up. Pardon us, it was a busy several days and the Nats basically being unofficially eliminated from the playoffs was depressing.

Was the Inaugural Gentleman’s Cup Decided Friday Evening?

Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 11.17.25 AM

This is your very quick update for the weekly Gentleman’s Game on Draftkings – it typically comes on a Saturday but we had to take care of our kiddo all Saturday afternoon and today of course was the first day of NFL season.

As you can see above, DStars45 once again soundly dominated the Gentleman’s Cup Series game on Friday evening. Wellington Castillo, Paul Goldschmidt, and NOLAN REIMOLD were his big contributors with the bat, and Chris Archer (used only by Diamondhoggers otherwise) and Steven Matz did not do enough wrong to harm DStars’ lineup, a lineup that saw no member zero, which is often key when you can get those 3 or 4 guys to go off for double digits.

This was a very key Gentleman’s Game. DStars45 and Swindaman3 were seperated entering this game by just three points; now that gap has grown to seven with just two (scheduled Gentleman’s games to go).

Yearly Standings:
DStars45 – 75.5 Points
Swindaman3 – 68.5 points
Jsquad34 – 63 Points
t3bird04 – 62 Points
Diamondhoggers – 61 points

It also seems the battle for basement futility could come down to the bitter end.

Here’s a copy of the possible soon to be best Gentleman’s winning lineup:

Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 11.17.44 AM

Bryce Harper homered all weekend long


The Nationals didn’t need this home run to win yesterday or anything, but number 34 for Bryce Harper came off Manny Banuelos, and it was impressive because it was a finesse swing off a slider. The Nationals swept the Braves out of town with an 8-4 win, and moved within four games of the Mets in the NL East.

As we were saying, he homered all weekend.

As for the home runs, Harper has three in his past three games, with each one seemingly more impressive than the one before. On Friday, he clubbed a 453-foot shot to dead center off Julio Teheran that was the longest of his career. On Saturday, he got behind 0-2 on righty Shelby Miller, then proceeded to foul off four pitches before going deep to left-center. The at-bat lasted 10 pitches and resulted in Harper’s 500th career hit. Then on Sunday, leading off the third inning, he hit another opposite-field shot, this one coming on an 0-2 slider from southpaw Manny Banuelos. Said Washington manager Matt Williams: “His stroke is under control.”

Bryce Harper is heating up at the right time, and he’s got an outside shot at 40 home runs if he stays this hot. It’s going to be more fun to watch the pennant race in this division though starting with today’s game.

While you were watching College Football, Bryce Harper took Shelby Miller deep


[Nationals 8, Braves 2]

Bryce Harper got the Nationals off and running last night when in the third inning, he catches some type of 89 MPH slider from Shelby Miller down in the zone. It lands in the seats in left center field to give the Nationals a 3-0 lead, his 33rd home run of the season.

Harper is now hitting .337 on the season with 100 runs scored even.

He’s hurting the Braves in this series no matter how they try to deal with him. He became the first player in about a century on Thursday night to have four walks, four runs scored, and a run batted in when the Nationals won 15-1.

Your Saturday Baseball Post


I’m not going to lie, I’m watching college football today. But we’re still in the best part of the year for baseball. It’s not to be forgotten. I’ll have it on at some point this evening in my home.

There’s some good games on the west coast kicking off later tonight, and the Mets and Nationals play at 7:05 ET. The Reds are playing the second half of a doubleheader as this post is being put up.

Saturday is the best day of the week, and baseball is still the best sport on earth.

Now, an all time classic 80’s song for your 80’s song of the week that should be played on a ballpark loudspeaker near you, this song was actually played at our wedding:

Enjoy your Saturday everyone!

Diamondhoggers wins the Gentleman’s Game short two players

Screen Shot 2015-09-05 at 12.06.29 PM

Things are tightening up in the Gentleman’s Game Cup Series.

We now have a three-way tie at the bottom rung of the ladder, with our own t3bird04, JSquad34, and Diamondhoggers all locked up; nothing decided after nearly five months of baseball. Things also got a little more interesting at the top with Swindaman3 earning two points last night, and DStars45 earning one. Overall, the gentleman’s game last night was a low-scoring affair with only one contestant reaching the 100 or greater mark. A three run total game in Coors Field certainly didn’t help those gents who went looking for their offense in Colorado.

All five gents went with Jacob DeGrom against the Marlins – seemed like an easy call, right? Think again. This is DFS baseball, and nothing makes sense. DeGrom earned a little bit less than a point per $1,000 he cost to use in your lineup last night, totaling a paltry 10.1 in Miami.

Here are a look at the up to date standings for the year.

Yearly Standings:
DStars45 – 70.5 Points
Swindaman3 – 67.5 points
t3bird04 – 59 Points
Jsquad34 – 59 Points
Diamondhoggers – 59 points

The moves that really had Diamondhoggers out in front last night – despite losing Jay Bruce and Todd Frazier (who probably would have combined for like three points anyway) – were using red hot Chris Davis who is clearly back on adderall and Alexei Ramirez who luck-boxed his way to four hits and 27 points.

Diamondhoggers also used Joe Kelly who was pedestrian as usual but got 18 points and the win for the Red Sox. Here is a copy of the picks to click that worked last night.

Screen Shot 2015-09-05 at 12.06.38 PM

So what will happen next week, or next time we decide to gather at the cyber bar for this gents affair? This battle of statistical Goliaths. It is possible that we have just three contests remaining. The math is still there for anyone to win this, but those gents at the bottom of the standings will need outside help and a major collapse from DStars45 and Swindaman3 that is very unlikely. Also, it’s impossible to be consistent at DFS baseball really, so you have to factor that in. In this organized chaos, two gents have stood alone as the best gents for the job. The goal for the other three simply remains to stay out of the basement and play for pride until next spring rolls around. They’re ready for the Gentleman’s NFL cup (which starts next weekend).

Bryce Harper reminds everyone that he still loves mashing Julio Teheran


[Nationals 5, Braves 2]

Julio Teheran and Bryce Harper have quite a history. They don’t like each other, to put it bluntly. Last night in Washington was possibly the Nationals’ game of the year, and we saw the whole thing.

Harper kicked off scoring by unloading on a full count pitch, and it was another monster shot that landed in the upper deck in Washington for his 32nd home run of the season.

The Nationals would rally down 2-1 to tie the game in the bottom of the ninth, and in the tenth frame they got a three run walk-off home run from Michael Taylor to win the game. In a great turn of events, the Mets lost a Jacob DeGrom start in extra innings in Miami to the lowly Marlins. The division race stands at five games.

Bryce Harper is up to an 8.0 fWAR on the year.


Anthony Rizzo is my National League MVP

I’ve seen enough. Anthony Rizzo deserves to be the National League’s Most Valuable Player.

This afternoon he and the Cubbies kicked off the holiday weekend in the best way possible, crushing a moonshot grand slam to right field with the bleachers full in a big 14-5 win over the DiamondBacks.

The numbers are there: 28 home runs, 83 RBI, 15 stolen bases, a .285 average and .927 OPS. The Cubs are entrenched firmly in the second wild-card spot, 7.5 games up on the Giants (thank goodness). Today’s win was their 76th  of the season.

Rizzo has been the best lynchpin on the best team in the race. I cannot think of another guy (Harper and Goldschmidt need to be omitted because their teams simply aren’t in it) whose team would be more affected without him. Rizzo is just the guy who stands out to me in the middle of it all, and his 5.6 bWAR is right in line with that (he could very easily finish around seven).

He’s hitting afternoon grand slams at Wrigley, handing out orange slices to teammates, buying pizza for fans; the guy is just doing it all right now.

Harper has been still spectacular but many measures, but has been pretty quiet the last several weeks and has been pitched around to no fault of his own. Goldschmidt is a monster – everyone knows this – but over his last 18 games is hitting .214 for the .481 DiamondBacks.

We often don’t talk enough about a guy like Rizzo, but he’s quietly been a really special part of a great Chicago Cubs season. It’s one of the best stories in baseball right now and he’s got our vote.

Justin Bour’s shirt really says it all


Donuts are a lot easier to accomplish. We’ve kind of noticed Bour because well; he looks like a boar. He’s got a boar body and uses no batting gloves on his hands/hooves and really is built like a Minotaur altogether. He smashes the ball a long ways when he connects.

Other than Flash Gordon, he’s probably the most interesting thing going on in Miami right now. That’s both sad and beautiful all in the same.

Mike Fiers No-Hits the Dodgers in Houston


[Box Score]

Mike Fiers has shown before that he has pretty nasty stuff, but he had never thrown a no-hitter until last night.

Fiers struck out ten Dodgers on an impressive 134 pitchers for the first Astros no-hitter in over 12 years last night. The Astros also equaled the Dodgers in win total (67) with that win, and overtook them with a 3-1 victory tonight.

Clearly, one of the best stories in baseball this season. When a guy you traded for around the deadline throws a no-no a few starts into his tenure, you know it’s a magical year in the making. Another hard to believe fact: this was the first no-hitter in Minute Maid Park History.

Video: Fiers’ no-hitter highlights. []

DStars45 Claims another Gentleman’s Cup Game; Swindaman3 Beats Diamondhoggers by less than a point


Prior to the Friday Gentleman’s Game Cup Series match, Swindaman3 had an interesting bit of words for Diamondhoggers; and although Diamondhoggers felt really confident in Felix Hernandez and Andrew Cashner as his two pitchers for this DFS game of Goliath’s; King Felix laid yet another egg. He’s a damn mess. However, Swindaman3 edged Diamondhoggers out for second place by a slim margin of .15 on the night. If Swindaman3 is going to taunt me; he better win by more than .15, we would advise….mmmyes.

This was ever important to the macro spectrum of the Gentleman’s Game. If Diamondhoggers could have avoided zero’s from three  assholes: Jose Reyes, Lorenzo Cain, and Roughnads Odor (he’s Rough Nads as long as he’s going to lay eggs in DFS), it would have catapulted the Hoggers to second place, upsetting a first place tie in the yearly standings. As it was, the ever confident Swindaman took home his four points, and we again have a tie atop the leaderboard!

Screen Shot 2015-08-22 at 9.06.39 AM

Yearly Standings:
DStars45 – 69.5 Points
Swindaman3 – 66.5 points
t3bird04 – 56 Points
Jsquad34 – 55 Points
Diamondhoggers – 54 points

Let’s talk a little bit about DStars’ winning lineup. We’re proud that we had the same thinking in that Felix Hernandez would provide something different. We were the only two gentleman to have that (incorrect) thought. Felix had other ideas. He’s useless this year. Stick a fork in him, do not look his way again. Those light-hitting White Sox fleas beat the snot out of him. Yet another opportunity squandered if only Felix had pitched well; we could have seen two really nice lineups here for two really nice Gents.

But it wasn’t all sour grapes for the victor; Dstars45. He was the only gent to use A.J. Pollock who was the Gents Game MVP with 39 points. Facing a left-handed squid like David Holmberg in a nice hitters park like Cincinnati; it was dense of the other four gents not to use Pollock. DStars45 also used home runs from the ever-scorching Carlos Gonzalez and the wunderkind Bryce Harper to reach his respectable point total of 121.50. Style points go out to Dstars for using ‘The Bassitt Hound’ of Oakland, who hunted his way to 13 points for a reasonable price, allowing DStars to fit Goldschmidt into his lineup.

Screen Shot 2015-08-22 at 9.11.05 AM

So what is going to happen next week? Will anyone else be tempted by the dumpster fire that has become 2015 Felix Hernandez? The tie will be broken atop the leaderboard; but whom will rise? Will Swindaman3 once again spend his Friday afternoon throwing text tomatoes at one of the founding fathers of the Gentleman’s game? Will Diamondhoggers find his pride and stay out of the Gentleman’s Game Gutter? Will t3bird04 fly into a daily fantasy window or soar to new heights? Which turds in the baseball world will turn themselves into gems for a night and wear Cinderella’s slipper?

You MUST tune in next week to find out. The Gentleman’s Game…. there’s only one DFS competition like it in the world.

Your Saturday Baseball Post


This post really should have been up a lot earlier today, but I was at the pool all day with my nine month old.

However; it’s a Saturday… and on Saturday we honor baseball. The Cubbies just wrapped up a Wrigley Field winner. I am honestly moving closer to ‘Anthony Rizzo is my MVP of the National League crowd’. He hit his 25th home run of the season today.

In other matinee action, the Pirates won in the bottom of the ninth in Pittsburgh, the Yankees won at Yankee Stadium; coupled with the Cubbies winning, those are three things that truly are good for baseball. There’s an excellent night slate ahead with the other twelve or so games kicking off right as this post is going live. And there’s nothing better to do when you have a slight sunburn and your kid has just fallen asleep than take in a few innings.

And today was near a perfect day really. Perfect weather, a day with my family, and baseball on tonight. So what better than to make the 80’s song of the week be by my all-time favorite band, The Cars. It wasn’t their greatest hit but in my opinion it’s in their top five. Magic.

Saturday is the best day of the week, we maintain; and baseball will always be the greatest sport on earth. Just like it was in the 60’s and 70’s when the immortals our fathers talk about were hitting in the heart of the order in the city nearest you. It binds time and generations together like no other sport can. On this day each week, we salute baseball.

Thank you for your continued support of Diamond Hoggers.