Who Wants to Bet the MLB All Star Game?

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A wise old man once told me that if there’s an event going on, there’s a betting line on it somewhere that will make you able to lay your money on the outcome.

The closest thing in baseball to evidence this statement is tonight’s MLB All Star Game.

As you can see, the National League opened as slight -110 favorites, and we agree with this although some of the money has been laid so far on the American League. It’s basically a coin flip type action game in terms of betting where you can just bet to have a side to root for if you have no true horse in the race.

Hopefully we see something similar to the 2008 All Star Game that saw 15 innings of play at Old Yankee Stadium. We’re in the mood to watch a lot of baseball since the next two days feature absolutely nothing.

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It’s the 2016 Home Run Derby Day


So you know what that means. Chris Berman shitting all over himself and a bunch of video-game looking blasts. Sounds like an event to me!

This will be our first derby to watch on television in two years; since we were live and in the flesh for Todd Frazier’s creation of the greatest Home Run Derby ever.

Here are the odds, and I’ll note I’m super pumped that Corey Seager is in this to begin with.

Giancarlo Stanton: +350
Mark Trumbo: +375
Wil Myers: +550
Todd Frazier: +600
Adam Duvall: +600
Robinson Cano: +800
Carlos Gonzalez: +800
Corey Seager: +900

I’m told I’ll be in a pool of some type. So I’m waiting to see who I get. I would say the odds of Berman saying something stupid enough that we can mention it in a post of it’s own is like -210. I can’t wait.

The Fun is Half Over


It’s so hard to believe; but an entire half season has passed us by. It’s kind of sad.

The All Star Game brings about a time honored tradition we’ve always enjoyed though; even though we admitted to our wife today that it’s kind of painful and a bad game if we’re being honest. It’s really more than all that. We’ll get into why we love the All Star Game Tuesday like we always do on Tuesday.

For now, it’s just reflecting on the sad fact that the season is half over. It sucks! I haven’t even began to read about NFL football or think about training camp because I’m engrossed more than ever in baseball season.

So, in some ways get ready for the most boring four days in your life. The Home Run Derby and Midsummer Classic are more of a formality or a distraction than a contest. And when the teams come back on Friday it’s like sands in the hourglass. The leaves will be on the ground before you know it.

Carlos Correa knocked the stuffing clear out of a baseball; and the Astros won a wild one in Houston last night


[Box Score]

It looked in doubt a couple times, but Carlos Correa and Luis Valbuena would not let Houston lose this game. The Athletics got five runs in the top of the 9th (four coming off closer Will Harris), and took a 9-7 lead.

But in the bottom of the ninth, Valbuena’s three-run homer off Ryan Madson would walk the Astros off a winner by a score of 10-9.

Correa touched up Daniel Mengden earlier in the game, and he got all of this one:

Correa had two hits and drove in three. Valbuena knocked in four. Jose Altuve had two hits because that’s what Altuve always seems to do. Give the win to Michael Feliz who is now an unlikely 6-1. The Astros trail the Boston Red Sox by one game in the Wildcard race.

Your Saturday Baseball Post


Welcome to Saturday, the best day of the week for baseball and during the summer.

I’ve already spent my morning assembling an entire grill (okay, my dad did it), so my tasks are likely done for the day.

With all the crazy and wrong stuff that’s been going on in this world; I’m really glad I’m so wrapped up in baseball that I miss half of it. Honestly, a look at the nightly FOX News is just depressing anymore. So sit back today, and forget about the troubles of the real world. Put on a game and get lost in nine innings. You’ll be better off for it.

Your 80’s song of the week that should be played on a ballpark loudspeaker nearest you is ‘Love Song’ by Tesla. A true classic!

Everyone enjoy their Saturday. Thank you for your continued support of Diamond Hoggers.

Yep. Bryce Harper got a couple more bombs


Bryce Harper is right on track for another pretty monster power season. Below, you’ll see that he recently launched home runs number 18 and 19 of his 2016 season. Now, each one of these smarts a little bit. I really hate not owning Bryce Harper in fantasy baseball. When he’s on – and it looks like he’s about to get ‘on’ – he’s better than anyone in the game. It’s looking like he’s on track for a monster second half.

These two figured to be absolute gimmes. Lay-ups, if you will.

The first took place in a matinee in D.C., off former decent pitcher Matt Garza. Harper displays some opposite field gap power for number 18:

The second comes off his old friend, Bartolo Colon. When guys throw strikes, Harper makes hay. Bartolo Colon throws a lot of strikes. It also comes against the Mets who Harper just annually murders. Here’s number 19:

So, he’s getting going. I have zero doubts number 20 comes this weekend at Citi Field in New York before the All Star Break which Harper will once again be starting in.

However; if Harper is so concerned with making baseball fun again, why doesn’t he enter the Home Run Derby? It’s kind of a cop out we think. A few less pictures of breakfast and designer clothing and a few more Home Run Derby’s would do just fine!

Guns N’ Roses – Bucket List Item Achieved


Back in 2011, I felt like I had missed a golden opportunity to see one of my top two favorite bands ever. Guns N’ Roses were in Cincinnati, and I didn’t go. It wasn’t the real Guns N’ Roses of course, because Axl and Slash weren’t getting along.

So when Axl and Slash reunited, I knew I had to make this happen. This was a top ten item for my lifetime to cross off the list. Few things in life don’t disappoint; or even exceed expectations.

These guys fucking ROCKED. They blew the roof off the joint, tore it up for two and a half hours. And it was the real Guns N’ Roses. They even brought drummer Steven Adler back out on stage for a few songs.

They played every hit I could have asked for. They mixed in unique shit I had never heard before. Pink Floyd (Wish You Were Here), and the theme from Goodfellas:

Slash ripped one guitar solo after another. In my opinion, he’s the greatest ever. I would probably rather see Slash live than most Hall of Fame baseball talents. It’s like watching Mickey Mantle.

I’ll never be able to see The Cars. But Guns N’ Roses was just so phenomenal; as good as they ever could have been in their prime.

Swindaman3 gets his long awaited Gents victory

Screen Shot 2016-07-04 at 8.13.50 PM

I apologize for the delay in this post. With the Fourth of July holiday thrown in there, and seeing Guns N’ Roses in concert live last night, I just didn’t have my usual spare time. Plus, our winner this week automatically meant I had to wait as long as possible to get this post up. Since tomorrow is a new Gentleman’s Friday; a new lease on life, my back is to the wall and the show must ride onward with your weekly update.

While the cat was away, the mice played. With our fearless leader DStars45 out in California on holiday, Swindaman3 saw a golden opportunity to once again be a star performer. If you’ll remember, the Poopmaster himself and DStars45 took things down to the wire in last year’s inaugural Gentleman’s game cup series.

Swindy made the most of his toilet time, selecting Victor Martinez (Gents Game MVP for the week) for 36 points and also Carlos Gomez for 16 more. It was an ugly, low scoring battle for all gents involved, with only Swindaman putting up over 100 points. Three gents failed to get to 90.

Here’s a look at the yearly standings, with JSquad jumping ahead of Diamondhoggers once again and our own t3bird pulling a little closer to DStars45. Swindaman remains in last place but gets closer to the middle of the pack with the five point silver star award.

Yearly Standings:
DStars45 – 51 points
t3bird04 – 47 points
Jsquad34 – 39 points
Diamondhoggers – 37 points
Swindaman3 – 34 points

We are skipping the weekly shitty players of the year/week. It will be a double whipping post next week because of this. I have a bone to pick with fantasy baseball in general, so be ready for a double shot of negativity in this section next week. I may just rant about the things in fantasy that have gone wrong this year if it inclines me to feel better at the moment. I haven’t decided yet, but it will be a segment you will not want to miss.

Next week also brings about the first “Gentleman’s Game Live Final”. This will be an elegant event. Four gentleman will be gathered for fellowship, and competition. Actually I haven’t told them yet but when they walk through the front door of my home, the door will be padlocked from the outside with a remote code. Only I will know the remote code. On that night, the first night after the All-Star Break, the competitors you know and love from the Gentleman’s game will be competing for their lives. The only code to escape, will be locked in who uses the correct combination of Didi Gregorius’s or Ryan Rua’s. It will go something like this.

Of course, I kid. I love those damn Saw movies. But there should be some fun stories. We are calling Tommy LaSorda if the Dodgers win. There will be a glorious contest and some stories to be told. We will donate some of our paychecks to Draftkings. Recap of everything to come.

As always, here’s a copy of the winning recipe from Swindaman3 last Friday:

Screen Shot 2016-07-04 at 8.14.01 PM

Stay tuned for the next chapter in the saga of the Gentleman’s Game Cup Series, 2016. Which is sponsored by Columbus Online Auctions and AT&T.

Bryce Harper wasn’t letting Cincinnati get out of town without tagging them once more


And on Sunday, Bryce Harper took a piece of the Barback Jon Lamb that he could never have back. This came in a 12-1 Nationals win in which the Nats were just launching; hitting six home runs in all. This was Harper’s 17th of the season – and as we always do – every Harper bomb goes on this blog.

And as they say… the haters can suck on that one.

Why do we feel like he’s going to have a monstrous second half? That’s exactly what’s going to happen here. A second half better than either half he had in his MVP season.

Special thanks to the Bar Back for making this all possible.

Since the Dodgers are playing while Fireworks are going off, here’s that Tom Lasorda Pasta Pic


It’s been a banner Fourth of July for this dad. Parade in the morning, watching quite a bit less baseball than usual, watched the Nathan’s contest which featured a blogger that we like while my kid took her hour nap that seemed 20 minutes. All in all, nothing too thrilling when compared to everyone I seemingly know being on a jet ski or playing bocci ball near a lake on my Facebook timeline.

For what seems like the first time in my life, there will be no fireworks on my Fourth of July. And that’s okay. Instead, I turn to the Meadowlark voice of one Vincent Edward Scully and that blue stadium out west. We couldn’t really nail down a babysitter that would give up her holiday and I have work early tomorrow. It’s a shitty year on the calendar for the Fourth!

When I fired off that Lasorda pic to my well-connected buddy who is a Dodgers fan, he responds back with Tommy’s cell phone number! I’m totally calling that when the right moment comes around. But tonight is not that night.

Tonight, I celebrate the fourth like a true oldie; with a little quiet baseball and Tommy’s number stored in my contacts. Go Bums!

Your Saturday Baseball Post


Happy Saturday to all baseball fans on this holiday weekend. For the first time in my life, at 33 years of age; I have a yard to mow. It’s almost amazing to think about. So that’s exactly what I need to tackle today. I’m gonna gas up this bad boy and do work.

But at some point today when the sun goes down and my face has a little bit of a burn I’m going to find a game, whatever the schedule offers me; and I’m going to relax in my new house and just kind of realize how lucky I am to watch a little baseball in the friendly confines so to speak. My wife also signed us up to watch my buddies kids, so there’s that.

Today’s 80’s song of the week that should be played on a ballpark loudspeaker near you is from 1985, a true classic from Glenn Frey (RIP). A little Miami Vice action for you all. Now this is music. They don’t make them like this anymore.

Thanks for stopping by, where we always set the flag at half mass on Saturday in honor of the greatest game on earth. And there’s no work on Monday for humanity so you can fire up the grill and basically treat it as Friday. Thank you for your continued support of Diamond Hoggers.

Nothing says ‘Merica like the Indians winning their 14th straight in Canada on Canada Day in 19 innings

Well that was completely unbelievable.

I got home shortly after 3:00 and started watching this game that began around 1:00 while I was still at the office. I decided to watch the Indians for the second straight day since they’re in the midst of the longest winning streak since the 2002 Oakland Athletics.

I was rewarded with an all-time instant classic type game. The Indians win this one 2-1 in 19 innings on a Carlos Santana home run off Darwin friggin’ Barney who took the baton from Ryan Goins.

Both teams squandered opportunities, but you knew the Indians weren’t losing this game. Not with the magic they have going right now. Everything is working. Josh Tomlin is striking out eight. They’re waiting out the opposition until they’re throwing utility infielders. Trevor Bauer had a look of focus in him in the relief appearance I can’t begin to explain. The Tribe is just seriously locked in.

And good on them. This win streak which definitely climaxed today has been a nice little follow up afterparty for the Cavs lifting the curse. My wife pointed out – she watched four hours of this game with me because it was that good – that it was the Red Sox who won a title after the Celtics lifted a curse. And I think she was right.

I kind of want to see the Indians run this out another week plus to see them get that record. I didn’t hone in on the Athletics much in 2002 when they won 20 in a row other than when they steamrolled through Cincinnati that late June, and I didn’t care because I thought the A’s were trash at that point. I’m older and wiser now, and I can appreciate that the Indians are playing really good ball. Historic baseball.

Dodgers lose Kershaw, win series finale in Milwaukee with a Seager bomb


After getting shut out and two-hit by the likes of Gents game whore Junior Guerra, the Dodgers were in desperate need of a good performance today. It actually would have been a great day to lay some money on them.

They got a big swing from MVP candidate – you heard me – Corey Seager. He hit his 17th home run of the season, and the Dodgers won the game 8-1 in Milwaukee.

We already covered the wonderful Kershaw epidural news that broke today. The Dodgers also marked this day as the day they added Bud Norris to help preserve their lead in the Wildcard standings.

They just need to get back to that magical stadium of theirs on the West coast and let the voice of Vin Scully carry them to some late night wins. With Corey Seager and Vin Scully, anything is possible.

Here’s Bryce Harper’s first ever home run in which we owned him nowhere in Fantasy Baseball


Bryce Harper got former teammate, lefty, and Ohioan Jerry Blevins pretty good the other night in a 5-0 Nationals win in Washington. It was Harper’s 16th home run of the season.

And since we dealt Bryce Harper in a deal for Clayton Kershaw, this is the first time in his young career that we have never owned at least a share of Harper somewhere. Making this one the first in his 113 career home runs that it didn’t just help a little. We’ll probably never own him again either. So yeah, this one smarts a little to type up.

Bryce Harper kills the Mets, too.