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Gary Sanchez’s First 23 games are what ‘Going Ape-Shit’ looks like


A Saturday in the Bronx, and Gary Sanchez awoke me from a precious nap by hammering his 11th home run of the season. It’s hardly a Hallmark number; unless you’re 23 games into a career.

Sanchez hit his 11th home run in Saturday’s win over the Orioles—in the 23rd game of his career, faster than anyone in MLB history. And he’s not just hitting for power, he’s hitting pretty much everything. Like, .403/.459/.883 kind of everything. It’s a small sample size, sure, but pointing out that he has an OPS of 1.342 (1.342!) is way more fun than pointing out that it’s only been three weeks.

Yankees fans have every right to be excited. It took a long time for Gary Sanchez to break onto the scene. It looks like he’s going to be part of the next great Yankees core; as long as he doesn’t end up like perennial surgery man Devin Mesoraco.

Yankees send Alex Rodriguez out a winner


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The New York Yankees sent Alex Rodriguez out a winner on Friday night, with Rodriguez opening up scoring with a first-inning RBI double to tie the game 1-1. If this was his final hit, you can watch it here.

Rodriguez batted third as the designated hitter.

If this is it, Rodriguez retires with 3,115 hits and 696 career home runs. He was a career .295 hitter.

Love him or hate him, Alex Rodriguez from 1996 to 2002 or 2003 was truly something to marvel at, filling the stat sheet unlike any other.

Carlos Correa gets the combo meal on Opening Day in the Bronx

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I almost expected something special tuning in today to see Carlos Correa and the Houston Astros take on the Yankees in the Bronx on a cold weather sunny day, but Masahiro Tanaka seemed like he had his A-game early and the Yankees were staked to a 2-0 lead on a double by Starlin Castro.

But then it happened, the signature moment that anyone tuning in wanted to see. Correa appeared to catch a slider from Tanaka and the ball kept carrying to the jet stream in right field; and ended up a backside home run. One of the most beautiful pieces of hitting that I’ve seen yet in the 2016 season:

With this, he became the youngest Astro to homer on opening day, and with his 23rd career regular season home run, he tied George Springer for the Astros franchise record of most home runs within his first 100 career games played.

Correa also stole TWO bags today on the day, and added another RBI groundout. The Astros would rally for the win for Dallas Keuchel, and newly named closer Luke Gregerson nailed down his first save without threat. All was right with the world on Opening Day for the highly-touted Astros.

The Houston Astros close down Yankee Stadium to open the 2015 MLB Playoffs


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Dallas Kuechel on three days rest was no problem.

For the first time since this blog has been in operation, and the first time since they were an American League team, the Astros are in the playoffs and have won a game, sending the Yankees home with a 3-0 win at Yankee Stadium. This loss comes a day after CC Sabathia announced he was entering a treatment facility for alcohol addiction. While distractions in baseball are often overblown, you have to wonder if this didn’t play a role in the Yankees coming out a bit flat.

Houston collected just five hits, two of them home runs from Colby Rasmus and Carlos Gomez. Another an RBI single by Jose Altuve. And now they’ll move on to continue their season in Kansas City against the reigning American League Champions.

It’s a pretty great story that this group of kids have risen from the ashes of a near 100-loss team to become one of the finest Cinderella stories in the game a year later. Phenomenal job by the Astros front office to put the pieces in place to get this done.

“It Gets Late Early Out There”

Yogi Berra

He played his final game some 17 years before I was born, but if you’re going to have a baseball website and you’re going to marry into a Yankees family, you’re going to do a post to bid adieu to the guts and glue of some of the greatest Yankees clubhouses of all time.

Yogi Berra is often remembered for his ‘Yogi-isms’ and everyone loved the guy. He was a great human being by all accounts, an ambassador if you loved baseball. You could not think of Yogi if you knew the game without a fond thought. Lost in all this is that he was a lifetime .285 hitter with a formidable .830 OPS. Pretty good numbers for a guy who caught 1699 games.

And then comes the part where; I married a New Jersey girl. Yogi Berra resided in the town next to where my in-laws live. Many times when I run on the beautiful boardwalk out there, I have my eyes up and I’m looking for Yogi. I’m told he used to take his early morning walks out there and I might see him if I’m alert. I never saw Yogi. But I still felt his heroic presence when I would eat breakfast in many of the Yankee decorated diners out there. He passed away 11 years to the day that I started dating my wife.

One of the greatest Yankees ever is now in the ballpark cathedral in the sky. Rest in Peace Yogi Berra, from 1925 to 2015 you kept it loose.

Alex Rodriguez has a three-homer game at 40 years old

I’m going back and forth now on whether what Albert Pujols is doing this year in his age 35 season, or Alex Rodriguez is doing in his age 40 season was more unpredictable or more unbelievable. I think at the moment, I’m leaning Rodriguez.

In an 8-5 Yankees win in Minnesota – a pretty hard ballpark to hit home runs – Alex Rodriguez hit three on Saturday evening. All three home runs traveled at least 420 feet. It was the 62nd multi-homer game in his career.

He’s played in over 90 games this season and has an OPS over .900, and with 23 home runs on the season I’m wondering where he’ll end up (he’s on pace for 37).

Coming into the year, I thought we would see a guy who barely hit above .230 (he’s at .277) and whom the Yankees just tried to hide all the way throughout the season. How improbable it is that the Yankees are in a pennant race becauseof Rodriguez being a key middle of the order force for the Bombers. Any talk of the Yankees wanting nothing to do with A-Rod has been quieted, and it’s clear they’re better off with him and his near 3.0 WAR.

You just have to hope Rodriguez isn’t on some type of foreign substance and is doing this completely clean as when he entered baseball. Because if he is, this is truly one of the better seasons I’ve seen an aging player have out of nowhere. The guy looked like an old Clydesdale ready for the glue factory in 2013, and didn’t even play last season.

JD Martinez has a three homer game


We always thought J.D. Martinez had some thunder in his bat. It’s easy to forget he hit .315 last season with 23 home runs. You take a pup like that and put him around Miguel Cabrera long enough, he’s going to learn a few good tricks.

Today, he hit three home runs at Yankee Stadium on Father’s Day. He’s up to 16 now on the season.

Any time a guy hits three long ones in a game, that’s enough to get some run on this blog. We like J.D. just fine anyways.

3,000 Hits for Alex Rodriguez


Alex Rodriguez joined baseball history last night, joining the 3,000 hit club with a home run. He’s only the third player in history (Wade Boggs, Derek Jeter the others) to reach the feat with a home run. Justin Verlander forever holds the dubious distinction of being the man who surrendered it to Rodriguez.

We thought we would see it Thursday night but Rodriguez lined out to right field in his final late at-bat against Miami. We were at the park when this happened, so we didn’t get to tune in.

An interesting footnote, Zach Hample caught the ball. We once interviewed him on this blog. He made a cool entry to his blog about it.

Yankees win 7-2 on a Friday night in the Bronx. And all worked out pretty perfectly for the former Centaur Man Rodriguez.

Bryce Harper gets home run number 20 at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx


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Bryce Harper never had the chance to homer at historic Yankee Stadium. But today, in his first game in the Bronx, he added Masahiro Tanaka to his wall of Big Game pelts. He added Yankee Stadium to his list of parks homered in. His blast to center tied the game at 1-1, and was the only run the Nationals would score off Tanaka.

And my father in law called tonight, he’s a Yankees fan. He was with my wife and daughter about an hour from Yankee Stadium on the east coast. He said he was going to watch the game and take a good look at Harper – and he mentioned that Harper may someday be a Yankee. Although Harper was non-committal at any stance in this New York Post article, he has stated many time before that he hopes to be a National his entire career.

Bryce Harper checking out the monuments before today's game.
Bryce Harper checking out the monuments before today’s game.

You can’t blame the guy for loving Mickey Mantle and the history surrounding the Yankees though!

I watched the entire Yankees game last night


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It happens once a year, and whenever Mike Trout is on display at Yankee Stadium for the entire baseball world to see; I feel like something epic is bound to occur.

I was happy to get home last night right around first pitch between Nathan Eovaldi and Jeff Weaver, and to see that the MLB Network Friday night game was the Angels and Yankees.

Trout went 0 for 3 with a walk, and he snapped by Beat the Streak hitting streak at 12. The game was pretty uneventful until I started to doze off with the Yankees holding an 8-1 lead they built on the strength of two Stephen Drew homers and a Mark Teixeira home run.

Mike Scioscia pulled all of his starting players and the Angels scored six in the ninth with a bunch of scabs. Dellin Betances had to be involved in the game and locked down his second save of the year.

It was the perfect relaxing ballgame in the middle of a season where nothing too exciting occurs but it occupied my time for three hours. That’s why baseball is so great.

Bryce Harper homers against his favorite team, the Yankees


How do you begin the week after you have been named National League Player of the Week for two consecutive weeks (he’s just the 10th player in Major League history to achieve this feat)? You hit a home run against your favorite boyhood team.

Bryce Harper was clearly looking fastball from Nate Eovaldi, but it didn’t matter in the end. It wasn’t the longest home run Bryce Harper has hit, but it definitely was impressive. Harper gets bat to the ball on an offspeed pitch down in the zone, and the pitch lands in the front row of right-center field at Nationals Park.

This was the 15th home run of Harper’s 2015 season. My daughter, who is six months old today; sat calmly on my lap just before her bedtime to watch this at-bat of Harper’s against who my wife says is her favorite team, the Yankees. In the first baseball season of her life; through 40 team games played, Bryce Harper is on a 61-home run pace.

The Nationals won the game 8-6 in extra innings on a Ryan Zimmerman walk-off home run.

Michael Pineda had 16 K’s and Zero walks today

Yeah, this is a pitching performance worth getting excited about and mentioning. Michael Pineda spent his Mother’s Day in the Bronx keeping the pink bats of the Baltimore Orioles spotless.

He struck out 16 hitters, and walked no one.

The Yankees won the game 6-2, and I have absolutely zero problem saying Pineda could be the best pitcher in baseball at the moment with the way that Kershaw, Sale, and other frontline guys are throwing. He’s right there with Felix *at the moment*.

Here are the last five 16-plus strikeout, zero walk performances in baseball; along with the box score. The last one was the year we started this blog. It just doesn’t happen that often

Johan Santana (August 19, 2007)
Mark Prior (June 26, 2003)
Randy Johnson (May 8, 2000)
Pedro Martinez (September 10, 1999)

Alex Rodriguez and Home Run no. 661

Let it be written that Alex Rodriguez hit home run number 661 to pass Willie Mays for fourth on the all-time milestone list last night to dead center field at (New) Yankee Stadium in the Bronx off Chris Tillman.

And it’s weird; he’s what, 53 home runs from Babe Ruth now? And then next up is Hank Aaron. Last night when he was rounding the bases – in my mind I am thinking ‘that guy has hit more home runs now in the game outside of two men’. But how oddly I didn’t remember atop the mountain is Barry Bonds at 762.

It’s like Bonds record didn’t even count in my mind. It was nothing intentional. I just wonder how we disparage Rodriguez’s accomplishment. I don’t really know that either. I just know this guy has been putting balls over the fence for most of my lifetime now.