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Bryce Harper homers against his favorite team, the Yankees


How do you begin the week after you have been named National League Player of the Week for two consecutive weeks (he’s just the 10th player in Major League history to achieve this feat)? You hit a home run against your favorite boyhood team.

Bryce Harper was clearly looking fastball from Nate Eovaldi, but it didn’t matter in the end. It wasn’t the longest home run Bryce Harper has hit, but it definitely was impressive. Harper gets bat to the ball on an offspeed pitch down in the zone, and the pitch lands in the front row of right-center field at Nationals Park.

This was the 15th home run of Harper’s 2015 season. My daughter, who is six months old today; sat calmly on my lap just before her bedtime to watch this at-bat of Harper’s against who my wife says is her favorite team, the Yankees. In the first baseball season of her life; through 40 team games played, Bryce Harper is on a 61-home run pace.

The Nationals won the game 8-6 in extra innings on a Ryan Zimmerman walk-off home run.


Michael Pineda had 16 K’s and Zero walks today

Yeah, this is a pitching performance worth getting excited about and mentioning. Michael Pineda spent his Mother’s Day in the Bronx keeping the pink bats of the Baltimore Orioles spotless.

He struck out 16 hitters, and walked no one.

The Yankees won the game 6-2, and I have absolutely zero problem saying Pineda could be the best pitcher in baseball at the moment with the way that Kershaw, Sale, and other frontline guys are throwing. He’s right there with Felix *the the moment*.

Here are the last five 16-plus strikeout, zero walk performances in baseball; along with the box score. The last one was the year we started this blog. It just doesn’t happen that often

Johan Santana (August 19, 2007)
Mark Prior (June 26, 2003)
Randy Johnson (May 8, 2000)
Pedro Martinez (September 10, 1999)

Alex Rodriguez and Home Run no. 661

Let it be written that Alex Rodriguez hit home run number 661 to pass Willie Mays for fourth on the all-time milestone list last night to dead center field at (New) Yankee Stadium in the Bronx off Chris Tillman.

And it’s weird; he’s what, 53 home runs from Babe Ruth now? And then next up is Hank Aaron. Last night when he was rounding the bases – in my mind I am thinking ‘that guy has hit more home runs now in the game outside of two men’. But how oddly I didn’t remember atop the mountain is Barry Bonds at 762.

It’s like Bonds record didn’t even count in my mind. It was nothing intentional. I just wonder how we disparage Rodriguez’s accomplishment. I don’t really know that either. I just know this guy has been putting balls over the fence for most of my lifetime now.

Alex Rodriguez tied Willie Mays with 660 Home Runs Last Night

We were telling a friend at work on Friday afternoon that this was going to be the weekend that Alex Rodriguez met Willie Mays at that legendary, iconic number of 660 career home runs.

It was always meant to go down at Fenway Park, since the day Alex Rodriguez was born.

When it happened last night, there was no ESPN Alert text (come to think of it, I don’t get those anymore); there was hardly the tweets or notifications or headline news alerts to my phone.

It was just another quiet event that seemed largely passed over in baseball. We won’t be in silence about it here. It’s a milestone.

What Rodriguez has done this season has been nothing short of impressive. He’s hit six home runs. It was a pinch-hit home run off Junichi Tazawa; typically a pretty tough righty to go yard off of. It tied the game the Yankees eventually won 3-2.

Maybe the bigger milestone is A-Rod actually passing Mays. Maybe that will bring about more raucous and noise.

We’re not sure exactly how to feel about Rodriguez. How many of those home runs were steroid-aided and how does it all compare and matter? We’ll never have the right answer. But he still reached a number that sticks in your mind forever, and that’s a lot of trips around the bases no matter how you arrive at it.

It deserves recognition of some sort.

Alex Rodriguez slugs two more homers; is two from Willie Mays 660


Alex Rodriguez hit two home runs last night in a 5-4 Yankees win in Tampa. He drove in four runs, and now has an improbable four home runs on the season and 658 for his career. He also had the most notable amount of white, chalky shit on his helmet that we’ve ever seen on a guy in a game. What the Hell is with that?

And these words never felt like they would be written here again. What a story this really is, what A-Rod is doing. He’s doing it right in the face of his team’s ownership and fans, and really the entire world has tried it’s best to forget about the guy.

The reality of it is, A-Rod looks to be in pretty good shape. His swing looks pretty good, as it has all spring. There’s no reason to think that he won’t pop 20 or 25 home runs this season cleanly for the Bronx Bombers. But to think that it’s this quiet when a guy is two home runs from Willie Mays is just crazy.

The Yankees Played 19 innings of Baseball tonight, And Lost

Screen Shot 2015-04-11 at 2.13.41 AM

[Box Score]
[Joy of Sox]

This was the longest game in Yankees franchise history in terms of time – we actually had a friend at the game – for at least some of it.

This game had a little bit of everything, and it’s the kind of unpredictable little lottery that buying a ticket to a baseball game can provide. It’s honestly the type of game we’ve always wanted to be present at.

There was a 16-minute power outage at the game, making the official time of the game six hours, 49 minutes. With the power outage factored in, officially it was not the longest game in franchise history.

We started watching this one somewhere around the 13th. It was a game that just wanted to stay tied. The Red Sox led with two outs in the ninth when Edward Mujica surrendered a home run to Chase Headley to send it to extras.

Then the Red Sox grabbed two leads in extra innings that the Yankees came back to tie; one on a home run by David Ortiz and the other on a single by Pablo Sandoval.

The winning run in the top of the 19th scored on a sac fly after a Yankees passed ball allowed by John Ryan Murphy.

Baby Don Zimmer Wins the Day


Everyone has seen Baby Andy Reid and Baby Mark Mangino. But to celebrate Opening Day, my wife dressed up our daughter as former Yankees Pitching Coach Don Zimmer. It’s pretty good – she even has Don’s steel blue eyes – but my wife went and ruined it with that headband.

They’re out of town for the week somewhere in Yankee-land, but I’ll have it known that my daughter is NOT a Yankees fan but a Cincinnati Reds fan and this was done by my wife against my will. Because my kid is cute in that puffy jacket, and chubby like Don Zimmer in the jowls, I was okay with it this once.

Also, my daughter is named after a baseball player which my wife hates to admit but her name was not picked off the internet and shall she see this post; and she will because she likes to check up on exactly what I’m up to; I just want it to serve as a reminder.

Baby Don Zimmer? Baby Don Zimmer. Someday my daughter will look back on this and laugh about her first Opening Day. If only we had a little Baby Pedro with a grease curl to sit next to her, we would have been internet famous.

Final Send off for the Captain


Derek Jeter began his final homestand in the Bronx tonight. He singled off R.A. Dickey, got caught stealing; probably trying to give the home crowd a nice memento to remember him by. And then he did something legendary.

Jeter hit a home run off Dickey into the left field seats. As he rounded the bases, he had to be wondering if it was the last one he’ll hit.

Unless you’re living in a cave, you heard about Derek Jeter’s legendary Gatorade commercial that rolled out today. It’s all kinds of awesome.

Jeter’s last game at the stadium will be next Wednesday, an afternoon game that many of us will miss because we’ll be at work. I’m really going to miss Derek Jeter. I think everyone who loves the game of baseball feels the same way about it. I have received so many text messages today from my baseball brigade of friends who all said they’re really sad to see him go.

Mel Hall was a real loon


This post is not intended to invoke any humor whatsoever. For all the beautiful parts of the game, Mel Hall turned out to be one of the game’s most ugly facets.

We remember him pretty well because he did look flashy on the Topps cards we owned of him, just as the SB Nation feature story said he attempted to be. We always pulled Mel Hall out for some reason and put him in the ‘star’ pile, even with fairly pedestrian career numbers.

He had some pretty famous moments, as some fans remember in the Bronx. He even has folks calling one Red Sox – Yankees tilt the ‘Mel Hall Game’.

But make no mistake about it – this guy is sick and his history in the game should be condemned. It’s still a great read and if you’re a baseball fan who grew up with even the faintest memory of Hall and you’re bored you should read it.

RIP, Don Zimmer


I don’t really know why – but there was something that always felt comforting about seeing Don Zimmer on television in a baseball uniform. Today he passed away at age 83, and baseball lost one it’s most coveted members of it’s storied fraternity.

Zimmer spent much of his time in uniform with three of the most storied organization in baseball history: Dodgers, Cubs, and Yankees.

He lived a charmed life in baseball. He’ll probably be most remembered for getting thrown to the ground by Pedro Martinez in the 2003 ALCS. It’s arguably one of the most famous moments in the rivalry’s history:

And at that moment, you wanted to walk down on the field and pick up the little man they called ‘Popeye’ and dust him off. Much of the baseball world became forever endeared to the bald fat man who sat next to Joe Torre in the Yankees dugout at that very moment.

You get the feeling that Don Zimmer loved extra innings and more baseball. Where he’s at now, every day is like a new 19-inning marathon, all-you-can-eat baseball buffet. Sleep well old timer.

Mike Trout on Display all weekend in the Bronx


You just knew the game’s finest player had something special in store for his one and only trip to Yankee Stadium this season. On a beautiful Saturday afternoon in the Bronx, he did everything he could to will his team to victory. He went home run, K, walk, walk, single and stole a bag. If you were at the park – and one of our good friends was – it probably felt like you got the full Mike Trout experience. We would have given anything to have been in the Bronx yesterday to see it. The Angels still lost the game 4-3.

Then tonight, on display for the world to see; Trout gets a couple of singles off Masahiro Tanaka on ESPN Sunday Night Baseball. He also struck out a few times. The one thing in watching Trout close is that even in the at-bats he’s striking out, he’s right on a bunch of tough pitches that Tanaka is throwing him. He’s fouling off two seamers and sliders hard, along with the other five pitches Tanaka mixes up in the zone. His swing is so quick and flawless, I’ve never seen anything like it.

You can tell Trout is just at ease in the box and on the field. He’s in control, and because of his ability he’s able to reach a comfort level that lets him have fun playing the game. That’s what makes Mike Trout so great: just showing up for work at Yankee Stadium and straight kickin’ ass. He’ll board the plane tonight after the game and do it again tomorrow night in California.

I love watching Mike Trout ball.

Replay FUBAR Leads to Morosi Idiocy


In its relative infancy, the replay system that Major League Baseball has employed, so far, has ran pretty smoothly. We aren’t getting as many meltdowns from managers, but the pace of the game isn’t slowing down, and the umpires are getting the calls right. That is exactly what replay is there for: to get the call right.

In today’s Yankees vs. Red Sox game in the Bronx, the Sox manager, John Farrell, decided to use his challenge on a Dean Anna double. Let’s go to the video.
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New York Yankees 2014 Team Preview


For today’s team preview, you’re in for a real treat. The team is the New York Yankees, always relevant and at the forefront of the baseball universe. This preview is extra special because it’s written by one of our favorite baseball writers on the internet: William Tasker, also known as The Flagrant Fan. You can follow William on twitter here for some great baseball takes and reads all season long. William gives us an excellent perspective being that he is a die-hard Yankees fan.

Every single projection system on the planet seems to calculate the 2014 New York Yankees to finish with 83 wins. And that is somewhat understandable since huge question marks abound concerning the infield, the bullpen and CC Sabathia. But what if those concerns are unfounded? This is a team that can win 93 games just as easily as it wins 83.

Manager Joe Girardi has had a very successful Spring Training. With a team stacked with injury risk, the only major concern has been time missed by Jacoby Ellsbury with a calf strain. Of cource, the newly acquired center fielder is one of those injury risks as he has had problems staying on the field in the past. Otherwise, others who have caused great concern have looked healthy. Let’s go over that list quickly. Continue reading

This Will Be Derek Jeter’s Last Season in Baseball


There are few players who are as immensely solid and steady as Derek Jeter has been for two decades now. When he began his Hall of Fame run, I was not yet even in High School. Things are now winding down, and as he enters what he today declared to be his final season, I’m ten years into my own career and adult life.

If only I would have been as consistent as Jeter.

This is not a post meant to eulogize the guy just yet; that will come on this blog after he’s played his final game. But before you go saying ‘here comes another tribute season to someone’, try and remember that baseball is just a much better place with Derek Jeter as part of it. I’m by no means a Yankee fan, but I respect the place in the game that the Yankee captain signifies. Jeter has done a great job carrying that torch with dignity and respect, never once tarnishing his name. You don’t find flip phone pictures of Derek Jeter doing anything funny floating around the internet. He has been the consummate teammate and professional for such a long period of time. I mean honestly; who goes 20 years without screwing up in some fashion?

Click through the jump to see Jeter’s announcement.

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