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Ron Washington’s Game Seven F-Bomb laden Pregame Speech

As far as I’m concerned, this is like General Patton firing up his troops before a big battle. This is that good. This makes me want to throw the cleats on, swipe on some eye black and go out for nine more innings regardless of what kind of pain my 29 year old muscles are in. This makes me want to win, battle, scratch, and claw for every last out and zero we can hang on the board.

It sounds like Ron Washington got the troops plenty fired up before game seven.

WARNING: There is extreme use of use of expletives in this sound clip. Do not play this at loud volumes in a condensed area.

The Scene at Game 7 of the 2011 World Series

As a follow up to our post last week about our buddy Franco driving from Nashville to St. Louis to get into game 7 of the World Series, we provide you with a little video proof.

Not all of us had the resources–or were crazy enough–to try and be there. But if you watch this video, you can soak a little bit of what it was like that night right in.

Things slow down at about the :30 mark (after a few kids nearly get rhino trampled) and the atmosphere takes over.

Well done my friend.

See more videos and radio interviews about crashing the game 7 party at The Next Level Ball Player.

God told Josh Hamilton he would hit the dramatic World Series Home Run

The God I believe in told Josh Hamilton that he was going to hit the home run that should have won the Texas Rangers the World Series Championship before he hit it. The baseball Gods had other ideas on the World Title, ironically.

“I would tell y’all something,” he said with a grin, “but y’all wouldn’t believe me.” “The Lord told me it was going to happen before it happened,” Hamilton continued. “‘You hadn’t hit a home run in a while. You’re about to right now.’” [FOX Sports]

The Ups and Downs of an Epic, Last Minute trip to St Louis for Game 7 of the World Series

How we lost all our money, got in the stadium without a ticket, avoided getting arrested, and had a night we’ll never forget.

Continue reading The Ups and Downs of an Epic, Last Minute trip to St Louis for Game 7 of the World Series

Game Six in St. Louis was a classic for All-Time

Baseball fans will always remember where they were when they were watching this one. I think that’s how it is for a true watershed event that contains guys who will go on to reach legendary status in this great game we follow–especially when it’s on the biggest and brightest stage.

There was just so much excellence packed in those 11 innings last night, it’s hard to really cover it all.

I am the Editor-in-Chief over at Tomahawk Take on the FanSided Network now, and I decided to have my main scribes about this classic be over there.

I stayed up and watched the entire thing (with my puppy trying to use my arm as a teething toy). I’ll always remember where I was for this one; on the couch with Bentley. Watching David Freese become our era’s Carlton Fisk with still a chance to win it all.

And I thought I saw the at bat that was Pujols’ last as a Cardinal. Once. Twice. A third time. You mean it’s going to end on a measly ground out? Well that was anti-climactic. Well, wouldn’t you know that Pujols gets a huge hit in his possible last at-bat as a Cardinal. You mean they’re going to walk the Great Pujols here, in his last at-bat as a Cardinal? I almost thought Ron Washington would think about pitching to him just because of the situation. It turns out that moment is still out ahead of us.

I thought I saw destiny. Instead it was just a World Series home run by Josh Hamilton. And if the Rangers don’t find a way to win it tonight he’ll someday be going on television and talking about how he thought that was his moment; a defining moment of a career and a lifetime. But it has already been lessened. He can look into the other dugout and thank Lance Berkman for that.

When people talk about Game Six in St. Louis, you should forever know what they were talking about. And there is a part of me that can empathize in a big way with the Texas Rangers and their fans. I’ve been on that side a lot. And when I’ve been on that side in sports, my teams come out and lose tonight. There’s no doubt, they’re sunk and I would be shocked to see them find a way tonight.

Anyone who says baseball is boring is missing games like last night. Those 11 innings went by in a flash and look at the names I just threw out there in this post alone. There is so much star potential in this series that it’s not even funny. Joe Buck even got to honor his legendary father.

Tonight, we get a miraculous game seven to start off a weekend. My only wish is that my team was in this thing. I am so insanely jealous. If I was a Cardinals fan I wouldn’t have went to work today. I would have just soaked it all in.

Baseball; after all this time, really is still magical. This was the second time the nation has been captivated in about a month by something that can be called ‘one of the greatest nights in baseball history’.

Who knows what kind of high drama is even in store tonight. There is only one guarantee, and that is that a new champion will be crowned and the curtain will fall on yet another season in our lives. What a closing act it’s been.

Albert Pujols’ Ruthian Performance in World Series Game Three

[Box Score]

[ESPN] [CBS Sports] [Viva El Birdos] [Dallas Morning News]

It was if this moment was meant to be part of both time and reality all along and every day that Albert Pujols played and lived were all just unfolding until he got to this moment. When I heard that Pujols had homered three times in Arlington last night to give the Cardinals a 2 to 1 lead in the World Series I started to think about this player’s destiny and the Cardinals unlikely run and where this will place him in history. I also started thinking about all the unlikely events that took place in the Cardinals making this run and getting to this spot so that Pujols had the chance to do this in the first place.

He was already the greatest player of our generation and now again he has proven that he is one of the greatest of all time. He joins Babe Ruth and Reggie Jackson as the only men to homer three times in a Fall Classic game.

The performance says so much about this player. It was the Picasso that he’s been slaving over his entire life to paint. He re-instills my belief that all players have a destiny in their life to fulfill and they rightfully reach it be it good, bad, insignificant or legendary. Anyone who has watched The Great Pujols over the course of his transcendent career has to admit that of of course he found a way to etch this feat on his tombstone epitaph of what was already one of the most historic careers of all time.

This act also got me thinking that the Cardinals are going to do this. They’re going to win the World Series and this is going to be one of those years where I didn’t catch greatness or destiny as it was taking place. I turned my head and missed one of the most magical runs in recent history–a run that started when the summer was waning and the days were still longer.

Sometimes in sports it’s easy to miss something like this because we don’t believe in every player following a path he was meant to follow when he was created. I believe that this performance was coded into Pujols’ DNA and was meant to be one more glimpse into what is one of the most incredible careers we have witnessed across any sport.

World Series Game One

[Box Score]

[C70 At the Bat] [Dallas Morning News] [ESPN Dallas]

I turned the game on last night for a while because baseball history was being made. Everyone remembers a moment from game one of every World Series.

For me, that moment was finding out that Arthur Rhodes was being paid a measly $1,000 dollars by the St. Louis Cardinals and $1.1 million by the Texas Rangers. The same Arthur Rhodes who we hung with in the Diamond Club in Cincinnati. The same Arthur “Bad Man” Rhodes who I told you the Reds would suffer a swoon from the loss of.

Twenty year Major League career, and now here he protecting a one run lead with two down in the 8th inning and Josh Hamilton at the plate. His stuff looked the same to me as it always has–call me crazy but it did. He got Josh Hamilton to fist one into center and he walked off the field in a World Series game for the first time in his life. He would get credit for the hold and I would wonder exactly why the Rangers wouldn’t have hung onto a left-handed lethal weapon like this. Why is a guy like this expendable at any point on a team like the Rangers? Especially when think about the principle that you’re paying his salary to beat you.

The Cardinals kept rolling and I would like to say I was surprised. But I really wasn’t. They’re probably going to win this series and continue to wreck everything I have in the way of predictions this postseason. I would almost bet my life that the Rangers win tonight in St. Louis and even this series at 1-1 heading back to Texas.

I think we’re all having a hard time processing what these Cardinals are. They’re a team with one big time pitcher, a great bullpen, and guys like Allen Craig and Lance Berkman are getting big hits to win the game. They’re built around the greatest player of our generation and a lot of patient hitters who have been taught to let the game come to them instead of being built on trying to make something happen. And we’re talking about this because it’s really working.

Your 2011 World Series Prediction Post

St. Louis Cardinals vs. Texas Rangers

I will admit up front, these are two teams that leave me scrambling to find a reason to care about the Fall Classic. Other than the good old adage that “it’s baseball and I love it, and it’s American for me to be informed and watch” these are not two teams that captivate me all that much.

Along with the rest of America, these Cardinals slipped into the series after sliding past heavyweights like the Phillies and Brewers. It was about as unlikely of a situation as you could have ever asked for. But look at the 2006 Cardinals that won the whole damn thing under Tony LaRussa. They had 83 regular season wins. No one had them rolling through the postseason and into the playoffs either that year. By the time that World Series rolled around, I knew that Albert Pujols was destined to get his ring.

Everyone short-changed the Rangers in a similar fashion. They were the forgotten team in the American League playoffs, with me expecting the Yankees or Rays to be the chick pick that would shake out of that side of the bracket.

There is still one thing in this series that I am happy about; one thing that is sacred and will forever have my adulation as a baseball fan. Josh Hamilton. Our friends at The Golden Sombrero have him as the MVP of the series and they’re picking the Rangers in 7 on the strength of several Hamilton bombs.

I’ll say this, I would love to see Josh Hamilton get his ring. He’s 30 years old, still in his prime and he’s always been a Diamond Hoggers type of ballplayer. For that reason–and the fact that after this grand series we’ll have nothing but the cold, dark offseason until next March–we’re planning to tune in.

Plus let’s not forget that this is possibly the final series of Albert Pujols’ Cardinals career. Although we believe it’s a forgone conclusion that he’s ending his career in St. Louis and have said that all along. And we’ll get Joe Buck and Tim McCarver. McCarver is still of sound mind, yes? If you really want to focus on positives, there’s no more postseason baseball on TBS.

It is baseball. If you’re here we assume that this series is relevant to you in some manner.

Diamond Hoggers’ World Series Prediction: Texas Rangers over St. Louis Cardinals in 7

Your 2010 World Series Preview Post

Alright, so you’re here because this is one of your favorite baseball blogs; and it’s the start of the World Series today. Think I’d let you down and not do a preview because I’m still licking my wounds over my guys getting knocked out of the postseason?

Well, I would. But it’s the World Series. It’s my favorite sport. And I think it’s going to be a really good World Series even if the major networks are feeling a little shafted because their dearest Yankees and Phillies didn’t make it to the next level so we could get another played out and re-hashed series. That’s just too damn bad. The Yankees and Phillies can go out and buy another berth to the World Series this off-season, so if you can survive just one more year you’ll get your highly coveted match-up of market super powers.

I had the Giants here over the Phillies because of their loaded starting pitching staff, the best bullpen of flamethrowers that this game has to offer, and their timely hitting. The world continues to get a look at Buster Posey; who is going to be one of the next great ones in this game. Juan Uribe, Freddy Sanchez, Kung Fu Panda, Pat the Bat Burrell, Cody Ross. The guys are all getting big clutch hits right now and their sub par lineup isn’t exposed.

Here’s the thing: both of these teams have a ton of pitching. The Giants probably have a slight bit more. But the Rangers have enough that the gap isn’t wide.

Where I really see a difference in this World Series; and where the difference will be made is in the power hitting lineup of the Texas Rangers.

People are constantly saying that ‘pitching wins championships’. You know what wins out when both teams have a bit of a staff? Who is going to knock your fences down one more time than the other group.

I don’t like this series to be short in favor of either team. I think they’re fairly evenly matched, so you’re going to get the opportunity to see the full array of characters on both teams and you’re going to see both of these teams probably take some games on the road.

In the end, the Texas lineup just hits too much. They find a way to carve out runs and even with the big boppers in the middle of the lineup they do a great job of putting pressure on the opposition.

Texas is favored in this series, and they’re going to win this series and be World Champions. I feel as sure about it as I have the previous few years when I’ve nailed the World Series predictions. Oh and now that the regular season is concluded don’t forget to see the other stuff I called (Chad Billingsley not withstanding) in 2010.

It’s World Series time again. Rejoice, celebrate, and soak it in. One more series until the tarps are put out for the winter.

Prediction: Texas Rangers over San Francisco Giants in 6 games.

Yankees win 27 in Heaven, World Champions in Six Games

Not to blow our own horn here, but as we predicted all the way back before the first game of the regular season was played, and before the World Series started; the New York Yankees became World Champions. We even called it in six games.
Hideki Matsui made sure that there was no chance of the Phillies forcing a game seven, as he drove in six runs and fell only a triple short of hitting for the cycle. He became the first Japanese born MVP in World Series history and Pedro Martinez became the fourth Cy Young award winner to lose a clinching game in the World Series.
So there you have it. The 2009 Yankees live on forever in baseball and sports immortality. The thing we’ll remember most about these Yankees is that they finally got smart and acquired young stars to play for this team instead of aging veterans. Their depth was exceptional and they were so talented that really if you know baseball this is no surprise that they won it all. There was no other team on paper or if you watched them play over the course of a few games that could stack up to them.

And not only now does Alex Rodriguez have Kate Hudson, he’s got a World Series ring. It’s not exactly like the lasting image of Micheal Jordan hugging the NBA Finals trophy, but it’s baseball history for sure to see the shot above.
We wouldn’t be real surprised to see the Yankees make another run at this thing next year with basically the same cast of characters. In all likelihood this was the last title they win while George Steinbrenner is alive. Steinbrenner must not be in good shape, as he wasn’t in the house last night to see his team get the win.
Another season is in the books, and the Yankees have risen yet another title banner in their first year of their new home. A sweet time to be a fan of the Bombers.

Yankee Fan: Are you ready for a title?

There will be no Phillies comeback. Tonight is the night, Yankees fans. On this evening, the New York Yankees will win their 27th World Championship that has eluded them for what probably seems like eternity.

You didn’t want that title celebrating at Citizens Bank Ballpark, did you? No. You want that shit to be celebrated in the Bronx in front of your hometown fans. You want it with the old soldier Andy Pettitte on the mound, winning his 18th postseason game and riding off into the sunset. You want Girardi making his rounds around the outfield warning track in a cart shaking hands with your fans. You want it with Big George and Little Hank in the ballpark that they own watching from the deepest darkest areas of the owners box.

And tonight is going to be that night. We’re not sure how, we’re not sure even why; but the New York Yankees will go out and win tonight. We’ve said all along, Yankees in six. As the game goes late, it will probably be close. There will be some doubters who mentally prepare for a game seven. But that is when the inevitable will happen. The Yankees will get some magic from those ghosts that helped them win the first 26 titles. Something late will happen that has a little twist of magic to it. And the Yankees will end the 2009 MLB season with a victory.

Yankees fans, prepare for your title celebration. Tonight’s the night. The shoe fits.

Brad Lidge is a Shotgun in the Mouth

Just want to point out that Brad Lidge is the same man we always thought he was. Another big game, another meltdown. If it weren’t for 2008’s anomaly, Lidge would be known as the Donnie Moore of the 2000’s era. Even with his perfect 2008 season, he’s really still just a shitshow.

Before a 2008 Fantasy Baseball draft, when Lidge got picked we said it: “Well, that’s a shotgun in the mouth”. It really stuck. When you look at what Lidge did last night, giving up three runs in the 9th inning on his home mound before his team has a chance to win the game in the bottom frame and even the series, well you get the picture.

He’s done in Philadelphia. Done. When A-Rod roped that double, he threw that straight ball right down the dick to him. No one makes more mistake pitches into the hot zone at big moments then Brad Lidge.

Somewhere, Byung-Hung Kim is smiling.

A-Rod, Yankees take 2-1 Series lead over Phillies

New York won a big game last night, and those who watched it would agree it was Alex Rodriguez’s historic home run that could be looked at as a turning point in this series. Everyone know the recap. Let’s give you a take.
The Yankees shouldn’t start CC Sabathia tonight. This game is on the national stage with the NFL taking the night off and giving way to the World Series for this one Sunday and one Sunday only. The Yankees should start Chad Gaudin and take their chances with the kid. Give Sabathia his extra rest and let him go a deciding game 5 if it’s 2-2. Now, they’re skipping Gaudin unless they win tonight and everyone gets squeezed on the rest. That’s all fine and dandy as long as they get the win tonight. If they don’t, it opens up room for the Phillies to catapault and win this series. It could be a free fall if they don’t win tonight.
As far as World Series game 3 goes, Cole Hamels got shelled. Andy Pettitte got that 17th postseason victory. The guy is a horse, dependable as they come. Not going without notice is Jayson Werth hit two bombs and now has seven in the postseason. He’s swinging the bat pretty well–there we said it.
Look for offense to be the theme these next two games in Philly. These teams were taking good swings last night which is the opposite of what we saw the first two games. Have a great Sunday.