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Some Insanity concerning Ubaldo Jimenez

When we stop to talk about a single player on a team other then the Reds or an immediate opponent, you know something insane is going on. That insanity is how un-hittable Ubaldo Jimenez has been this year.
Thus far in the 2010 season Ubaldo has faced 267 batters. Of those 267 batters, seven of them have scored. Seven! His numbers right now sit at: 9-1, 0.88 ERA and 0.93 WHIP.
Guy is just going bananas right now and others who follow the game are taking notice.
Ubaldo has reached the Pantheon.

Ubaldo Jimenez makes Rockies history

It wasn’t that long ago that Jason Heyward was the biggest news in baseball for his Opening Day home run in his first at-bat. Now, he’s played in a no-hit ballgame. He just happened to be on the wrong side of that ballgame.

Ubaldo Jimenez became the first Rockies pitcher in their 18-year franchise history to throw a no-hitter this evening.

Jimenez has been creeping towards elite status and now it’s official, the guy is a legitimate ace. He’s arrived. He walked six and struck out seven Braves on 128 pitches; 78 of which were strikes.

Carlos Gonzalez added two hits and two RBI’s in his return to the lineup while Brad Hawpe had three hits in four at-bats and a run.

But the finest play was probably with the leather. Dexter Fowler snagged a ball in deep left center field that allowed history to remain in tact.

So let it be written, let it be known. Ubaldo Jimenez no-hit the team he grew up watching on a Saturday night in Atlanta.