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Tony LaRusa’s Style is baking the Cardinals

Looking back on Tony La Russa’s history with players (and there’s more than one above average player on that list), you start to see why there’s some struggling going on in St. Louis.

La Russa has been successful for a long time in this game. He does small things to the lineup that are ‘cute’ when you’re winning but sets himself up for a lot of criticism when the wins aren’t pulled out–like last night’s 3-0 shutout loss to J.A. Happ and the Astros.

When the Reds lose and Dusty Baker downplays everything, I want there to be Hell to pay. I cringe and I get pissed. But the bottom line is, Dusty is right and we who practice losing our cool and want him to scream and yell and act like the walls are closing in are all wrong. What you’re seeing right now is Dusty’s style prevail in a pennant race.

No one’s talking about it, but I assure you that La Russa’s nit-picky, paranoid style is running it’s course on his roster in St. Louis and the negativity and toxicity of this man is reflecting his team’s play on a nightly basis.

On the contrary, Dusty’s relaxed, hands off approach is allowing his young players to go out and play without fear of losing their jobs on a nightly basis.

I don’t know which style is better, but for the roster set and positions that these two teams find themselves in right now; Dusty’s style is working and La Russa’s isn’t. It seems that the story coming out of St. Louis on a nightly basis is something that La Russa is complaining about. Something that rubbed him the wrong way. He’s acting like a ginger prick to any and all who will open an ear and his players have stopped responding with any type of motivated play.

Dusty Baker’s caring-grandfather style after so many seasons in the sun is motivating his men to run through walls right now. They’re the horse at the end of the Kentucky Derby who is running at full tilt without even being hit by the jockey.

Just something to think about as we finish up the last month of baseball. And something you hope the Cincinnati Reds front office takes notice of when trying to bring back Dusty Baker next season.

Cardinals fan: Division is Reds’ for the taking

Not sure if this was meant to be a reverse-jinx or anything; and believe us we’re nuts enough about sports to try everything into tricking the sports Gods, but we got an interesting e-mail from a Cardinals fan today:

Not to sound like a jerk or anything, but I have said all along that I had no concern about the Cardinals winning the division.
Well, I was wrong.
We all vastly overrated this team. They are dead in the water. They are not in a slump, they just aren’t that good the lineup is flawed with WAY too many K’s. Pujols has elbow, back, knee problems and looks like an average baseball player. Holliday has killed this team, no other way to put it. Failure after failure. more than anything, they strike out at an alarming rate, are TERRIBLE baserunners and the numbers prove it, and are shockingly poor fundamentally, especially for a Cardinal team that prides itself on the opposite.the pitching is the best it’s been in years.
while we wait for offense, what will more than likely happen is the pitching staff will wilt, and then they will have a prolonged losing streak. could be an ugly summer in StL the division is there for the taking. You (Reds) may have a 4-6 game lead by the time you leave StL next week enjoy it.
We email back: ‘Is this a trick’
He responds:
not at all. I am serious. None of you probably watched the Cards in SD the last 2 nights, but I live in Cali so it’s not too late for me. they look horrid. the baserunning last night was atrocious. they’ve let Jerry Hairston beat them with HRs 2 nights in a row, wasting Wainwrights best stuff ever, and yet another amazing start from Jaime Garcia and his 1.14 era.they look so frustrated, and Tony is about to explode. you can feel some ugliness coming.
While I appreciate the acknowledgement that the Reds are also in this division; I’d like to introduce my good friend; Cardinals Fan, to my other three friends.
Cardinals fan, please meet space bar, period, and capital letter. The ‘ugliness coming’ just may be your grammar.

La Russa bluffing about bringing back McGwire

Tony La Russa says that if the Cardinals are in contention on August 31st, they’ll roll out Mark McGwire as a nice little 46-year old secret weapon.

“If we’re in contention, we’ll put him on the roster Aug. 31. It’s a nice little dream. Is it likely? Probably not. I don’t think it’s a zero possibility. The point is, you’ll see him in spring training. He won’t be leaning on the batting cage chatting it up. He’ll work his (butt) off, and hitters will be thrilled he’s there helping them.”

We agree with Rob Neyer. It’s fun to think about, but it’s not going to happen.

I don’t care what kind of shape McGwire is in, he’s going to be 47 years old. There aren’t a lot of Satchell Paige type stories of guys digging in the batters box at age 47. In fact, I don’t know if anyone has ever hit a ball out of a big league park at that age.

I admit, the fan in me would love to go to the ballpark with a chance to see Big Mac take a few hacks. But it might be embarrasing for him.

It’s interesting that La Russa would so voluntarily subject his team to this lightning rod subject before the season even starts. McGwire was already sure to draw a ton of negative attention. This is only going to increase the speculation and those not so nice baseball writers can sometimes ask to those who have cheated in the past.

Tony La Russa is not amused by your Tweeting

The first of what will probably end up being many in this situation, a figure in the sports world is suing an idiot over a faux Twitter account. Tony La Russa has filed a law suit against an individual for creating a fake Twitter account pretending to be the Cardinals skipper.

We don’t so much wonder why someone would create a fake Twitter account of a person in the sports world. It could be kind of fun. Hell, we’ve even considered doing it. The thing that has us scratching our heads is the fact that it was a fake Tony La Russa Twitter account. For God’s sakes, that’s the best you could do?

His grounds for the lawsuit are on trademark infringement and “dilution, cybersquatting, and misappropriation of name and likeness.”

Don’t know what cybersquatting is do you?

Another golden part of this is that the fake Twitter account included Cardinals updates ‘sometimes laden with profanity’. What did it say? “Get me some fucking schnapps #drunk“?

People are probably thinking that La Russa should look at the incident at innocent and light hearted. This guy drinks Jack Daniels like it’s Aquafina. Not a chance.