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Stephen Strasburg vs. Johnny Cueto on a Sunday


[Box Score]

So I went back to the ballpark today and it was a hot one. I came home with a sunburn and a feeling of satisfaction after the Reds worked over one of the finest talents in the game of baseball today.

It was the second time I have seen Strasburg throw live.

Click through the jump to see Strasburg’s bullpen session as well as other photos and commentary.

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The Watch List: Yu’s Perfection Yu’s Almost Perfect Game

I started writing this post after Darvish set down the first two hitters on two pitches in the 9th inning. I jinxed the man.

[Box Score]

Marwin Gonzalez kept everyone from seeing history tonight. His single in the bottom of the 9th inning was only the second ball that left the infield off Yu Darvish all night long.

The guy was so dominant; I don’t know where to begin. Yes, it was against the Houston Astros lineup which didn’t have many hits in it to begin with after blowing their load on Opening Night, but it was still impressive. This was the first Darvish start that I’ve watched from start to finish. He struck out 14 Astros on the night and featured a fastball that crept up to 97 miles per hour at one point.

The guy has pretty much announced to the world that he’s elite with this start if he hadn’t already prior. My fantasy team thanks Yu (pun).

Now for the stats rundown.

Home Runs: 1 (Ian Kinsler 1)
Strikeouts: 24
Runs: 7
Hits: 14
Errors: 0
Stolen bases: none (still haven’t seen a stolen base live yet, lost art)
Official time watching baseball: 2 hours, 54 minutes
Times taking the dog out to pee: 1
Chores my wife asked me to do during (unofficial): two
Household chores completed that I’ve been asked to do: zero

STATS during the 2000-Inning Quest:

Home Runs: 5
Bryce Harper home runs: 2
Strikeouts: 73
Runs: 23
Hits: 45
Errors: 5
Stolen bases: NONE
Official time watching baseball: 12 hours, 49 minutes
Times taking the dog out to pee: 7
Chores my wife asked me to do during (unofficial): two
Innings left to go: 1,953 (I’m giving myself 7 more innings b/c I watched the Giants/Dodgers game on MLB Network too before finding something else to do)

The Watch Report: Cincinnati Reds Opening Day

Who had Chris Iannetta in the Opening Day hero pool?

[Angels 3, Reds 1]

This was actually my first Opening Day that I haven’t been in the stands in Cincinnati since Joe Randa and Adam Dunn went back to back to walk off the Mets back in 2005. That’s a lot of Opening Days that I strung together. I doubt I ever make it back to that many consecutive Opening Days. I’m satisfied with the streak I put together. I’ve seen some unbelievable openers in the Queen City. From Randa’s walk-off, to Ramon Hernandez’s walk-off grand slam, to last year’s Cueto masterpiece with Bruce’s moonshot to seal it shut.

Here’s some notes from today’s ballgame, which was a long one.

  • The Reds really didn’t hit all spring long, and they didn’t hit today. Jay Bruce wore a golden sombrero in the middle of the order. Joey Votto went 0 for 4 but at least drew a few walks.
  • Shin-Soo Choo had two hits and Todd Frazier had one. And that’s all the Reds offense tallied. There weren’t even any hard hit balls.
  • Of the Angels fearsome three, Mike Trout was the only one with a hit. Trout went 1 for 6, Pujols and Hamilton went 0 for 4.
  • Chris Iannetta was the hero in this one, hitting a solo home run and doubling in the top of the 13th inning with two outs off J.J. Hoover.
  • The Angels pen just earned this game, though I would give it to the lack of Reds hitting. After Jered Weaver exited, six Angels relievers combined for seven scoreless innings. Ernesto Frieri was the final one and he earned the save.
  • I’m not too upset with this game. The Angels are a World Series contender, and the Reds are going to hit at some point. It hurts that they’ll miss Ryan Ludwick for the better part of a month with separated shoulder.
  • How could I forget Johnny Cueto. I feel like for the last year and a half, if you’ve seen Cueto throw once you’ve seen the same solid, dependable game. I love the effort this guy always brings to the mound with him.

Here’s some running total stats from today’s game, and from my most recent watched game:

Home Runs: 1 (Chris Iannetta 1)
Strikeouts: 30
Runs: 4
Hits: 9
Errors: 4
Stolen bases: none
Official time watching baseball: 4 hours, 45 minutes
Times taking the dog out to pee: 2
Chores my wife asked me to do during (unofficial): one half

EDIT: I watched about two innings out of the Rockies Brewers game today, I watched Chris Sale’s entire start on and off, and I watched about five innings out of the Phillies-Braves game today. I’m not going to count it, because my totals aren’t exact. And I’m honestly ready to abandon the 2000-Inning Quest after just a night and a day. It’s too damn tedious. But still I press onward to go where no idiot has ever gone before.

STATS during the 2000-Inning Quest:

Home Runs: 4
Bryce Harper home runs: 2
Strikeouts: 59
Runs: 16
Hits: 31
Errors: 5
Stolen bases: NONE
Official time watching baseball: 9 hours, 55 minutes
Times taking the dog out to pee: 6
Chores my wife asked me to do during (unofficial): .5
Innings left to go: 1,969

Opening Day Watch Report: Marlins at Nationals


[Nationals 2, Marlins 0]

Started the day off by watching the Nationals take on the Marlins with the Pirates game on the radio. Should have been on my way to Cincinnati for the game but some things fell through. Not a bad way to take in the day with some, though. Here’s some bullet points from this one:

  • Bryce Harper, need I say more? Guy is absolutely unbelievable with two swings to start the season, two tape-measure type blasts off Ricky Nolasco.
  • Ryan Zimmerman made a run-saving diving stop in the top of the first inning.
  • Stephen Strasburg cruised through 7-innings, never really got into any trouble. His command was on point. He had a relaxing, quick afternoon that made the game fly by. Only three strikeouts, but no walks.
  • Everyone will talk about Bryce Harper’s bat in this one, but he also made a throw to home plate that was a piss rope holding up Giancarlo Stanton (who doubled) at third base and allowing the Nationals to preserve the shutout.
  • Light rain throughout the game.
  • The Marlins lineup is pretty barren.
  • The Nationals played Take on Me after the seventh-inning stretch. Pretty awesome, wasn’t sure what they would do with this since it was Mike Morse’s song and he was traded to Seattle. In the back of my mind I had a feeling they would keep it since it’s one of baseball’s best (new) traditions. I could faintly hear it before the bottom of the 7th inning was played and it sounded like the Nationals were into it.
  • Rafael Soriano locked it down with his first career Nationals save in his first career Nationals appearance. Two strikeouts including a freeze of Stanton to end it.

Here’s some running total stats from today’s game, and from my couch:

Home Runs: 2 (Bryce Harper 1, 2)
Strikeouts: 9
Runs: 2
Hits: 7
Errors: zero
Stolen bases: zero
Official time watching baseball: 2 hours, 10 minutes
Times taking the dog out to pee: 2
Chores my wife asked me to do during (unofficial): Zero

STATS during the 2000-Inning Quest:

Home Runs: 3
Bryce Harper home runs: 2
Strikeouts: 29
Runs: 12
Hits: 22
Errors: 1
Stolen bases: zero
Official time watching baseball: Five hours, ten minutes
Times taking the dog out to pee: 4
Chores my wife asked me to do during (unofficial): Zero
Innings left to go: 1,982

Opening Night Watch Report


[Box Score]

I feel like I was more excited for this season to start than I’ve been for any other previous in my lifetime. I’m not exactly sure why that is, but with the completion of tonight’s Opening Night game, I’m now just 1,991 innings away from completing my goal.

Opening Night 2013 was the Justin Maxwell show. He made a base-hit robbing catch of an Elvis Andrus liner early in the game–it was a trap, mind you–and added a pair of triples including one that drove in the first two runs of the 2013 season. He was named the Chevrolet Player of the Game.

The first home run of the 2000 inning quest and of the season went to an unlikely source: Rick Ankiel. Matt Harrison started off pitching well and struck out nine Astros, but Houston quickly settled in and made their return to the American League a triumphant one. Little Jose Altuve added a couple of knocks. Nelson Cruz as well.

There have certainly been more entertaining Opening Night match-ups. But let’s face it, no one is watching these guys tomorrow. This could very well be the only time during the season that the Astros are on my ‘Watch List’. Now for the meat and potatoes of what this post will include.

STATS during the 2000-Inning Quest:

Home Runs: 1 (Rick Ankiel, 1)
Strikeouts: 20
Runs: 10
Hits: 15
Errors: 1
Stolen bases: zero
Official time watching baseball: 3:00
Times taking the dog out to pee: 2
Chores my wife asked me to do during (unofficial): Zero
Innings left to go: 1,991

The Quest for 2000 Innings

This season I vow to do one thing. I want to watch more innings of baseball than I’ve ever watched before.

I stated this on twitter weeks ago, and I mean it. I don’t always stick to plans, but I can honestly say I am going to watch more baseball in 2013 than I’ve ever done before, my wife be damned. She won’t like it, and a lot of things won’t get done around here. But you only live once and this is the year I’m going to really push the numbers.

I haven’t documented my past baseball watching before. This will be a case study of sorts, and I’m going to document every single time I watch innings on this very blog. We’re going to keep a running tally.

To watch 162 full Major League games would be 1,458 innings. Well I’m going to go a step further than that. That’s what the diehard fan would do. I don’t believe in doing the bare minimum. I’m going to shoot high and go for 2000 innings flat. There are rules to abide by in this quest:

  1. Every time I watch baseball, I’m going to document the innings that I watch right here. You’ll be able to see it because it will say “Watch Report:” followed by the game(s) I watched the night of or before.
  2. If I don’t get it up on the blog within 24-48 hours, it doesn’t count. Sorry Charlie, cheaters aren’t allowed in this club.
  3. I am allowed to have two games going at once. For instance, the Reds can be on my living room television while another team is on the computer or iPhone.
  4. No flipping channels in the middle of an inning or the inning doesn’t count. This includes pitching changes and Joey Votto 17-pitch at bats. If it is in the middle of an inning I can flip to another game or channel but that inning doesn’t count on another channel.
  5. I’ll keep other off the wall stats just to make things interesting.
  6. The count only goes during the regular season. Postseason games won’t be part of the tally, however I will count the All-Star Game.
  7. Live innings count if I’m at the game.

There are few things in the world I love more than baseball so I figure setting out on this little vision quest will be something of a test for me but I know I can accomplish it. Feel free to follow along at home with your own 2000 innings club quest, if you think you’re man enough or don’t plan on having a real life for six months.

Someone contact the Guiness Book of World Records or something. Get them ready. I can’t go to the MLB Fan Cave because I’m not interesting enough and because I have to have a real job to provide for my family. But that doesn’t mean I can’t knock off work early on a Friday to catch a few innings of the Cubbies getting smoked at Wrigley to kick off a weekend of nothing but baseball watching.