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Yasiel Puig Won the Game for the Dodgers Today


The game was tied 1-1 when the Dodgers hero stepped to the plate and delivered one of those trademark streamer fly balls into the middle part of those yellow bleachers beyond the Dodgers outfield.

Vin Scully gave his customary home run call – “She is gone” and with that the Dodgers took another game in that glistening park of theirs out in LA. Puig had two hits on the day including the big one, and kept his average above .350 on his rookie campaign. This guy in unbelievable.

Dodgers win 2-1, drive home safe people.

Tim Lincecum Fires No-Hitter in San Diego


For at least one night, The Freak was back.

Tim Lincecum completed a no-hitter just a few strokes after 1:00 AM in the Midwest, and it took 148 pitches. The final out recorded was a fly ball off the bat of Yonder Alonso to left fielder Gregor Blanco. Lincecum had a close call in the 8th inning when Alexi Amarista hit a line drive to right field, but Hunter Pence made an outstanding diving catch to keep the no-no in tact. Pence also added a solo home run to make it a 9-0 Giants lead.

The no-hitter couldn’t have came at a more unexpected time for “Big Time Timmy”. In his last 10 games, Lincecum was 1-7 with a 5.06 ERA.

You have to be happy for Linecum who despite his struggles is one of the true good guys in the game. It wast the 15th no-hitter in Giants history. The 148 pitches Linecum needed were the most since Edwin Jackson threw 149 to complete his own no-hitter back in 2010.

I don’t know what ‘Everth’ means in its origins – but it has something to do with stealing or theft


Everth Cabrera stole two more bases late last night while you were sleeping, bringing his season total to a league-leading 21 stolen bags for the year.

I took Everth Cabrera late as can be in my fantasy draft because I think he’s got 80 stolen base speed. There aren’t that many guys in the big leagues who I consider to be in his category. He stole 44 last year in 115 games. He was only getting on base at a .324 clip back then, though.

Someone has fed this gremlin after midnight, and he’s going batshit nuts right now. He could be near last season’s total by the All-Star break if this keeps up. The new and improved Everth is getting on base at a .355 clip currently and has drawn 27 walks. He’s hitting .270 to go along with that.

Look at that sneaky little fuck! You can’t trust him to guard the henhouse because he’ll steal eggs from you! I can’t even imagine how many stolen base titles this little monster is going to win people in fantasy baseball.

From now on in these parts, he is known as ‘Swindler Cabrera’. Swindler Cabrera.

A Hurting Bryce Harper sends Home Run #11 into the San Diego bushes


Some type of Tyson Ross breaking ball that didn’t work out was launched 431 feet into the night in San Diego, just a stroke after midnight.

Writers have spent the week comparing Harper to Pete Reiser; who was just a young Dodgers outfielder who ran into a lot of walls and never hit more than 14 home runs in a season.

I guarantee Pete Reiser never hit a ball this far. Nats win 6-1. Harper homers. Stephen Strasburg actually went more than seven innings. All is right with the fantasy baseball world.

Have you ever heard the expression “this guy has the power to hit them out of Yosemite”? When I think about Yosemite, I’m actually thinking about San Diego’s Petco Park. That is Yosemite. Tyson Ross: Bryce Harper just made you famous.

Brawl in San Diego: Carlos Quentin is bigger than Zack Greinke

Dodgers Brawl 4.11.2013

Update:  Zack Greinke indeed broke his left collarbone and will be out 6-8 weeks.  That is brutal.  and Matt Kemp still isn’t happy.  Should be very interesting when they meet again on Monday in LA.  See tweet below.

Dodgers Brawl3 4.11.2013

In the bottom of the sixth inning on a full count, Zack Greinke came up and in on Carlos Quentin and plunked him on the shoulder.  This was enough to send Carlos Quentin, first walking and then sprinting out to tackle Greinke.  Quentin has about 50 lbs on Greinke and slammed into him at close to full speed.  The brawl was of the benches clearing, bull pen clearing variety and was definitely heated.  Earlier Jason Marquis sent a fastball near Matt Kemp’s head and the Greinke pitch probably wasn’t pay back though with a full count and two on.  The brawl cooled down and then it started back up again when this happened.

Dodgers Brawl2 4.11.2013

Matt Kemp (I think?) was still pissed and ran across from the Dodgers dugout and the fray started all over again.  The biggest news is that Greinke had to leave the game with an apparent injury.  That will happen when your shoulder slams into someone much bigger than you.  Hopefully for the Dodgers he’s not out for long.  GIF of the main collision below.


2013 San Diego Padres Team Preview


The Padres current centerpiece, Chase Headley

Who better to begin previewing the National League with then the San Diego Padres? The answer is probably just about anyone excluding the Marlins.

Do they still have a giant Taylor Made golf club as their foul pole? Does anyone know? If so, this moves them up a peg in my book. If not, the roster isn’t much to look at. In fact, if I was honestly a Padres fan I would probably be more excited about golf season soon picking up steam or where the San Diego State Aztecs finish in the NIT tournament if they’re lucky enough to make it.

Here’s a closer look at the beauty within the San Diego Padres.

Major offseason moves:

  • Signed SP Jason Marquis
  • Signed Carlos Quention to a 3-year, $27 million dollar extension

The Padres changed ownership groups last August when the sons of former Los Angeles Dodgers owner Peter O’ Malley bought the team. You probably didn’t know this because the Padres former ownership group has done little to make them relevant in recent years and they’re probably one of the least most interesting teams in baseball as it stands.

The cupboard isn’t completely bare–and they’ve moved in the fences at Petco! I didn’t know how many more of those 2-1 yawners in the San Diego sunshine that I can take. The truth is, there are two main pieces I really love on the Padres roster, and we’ll get to them after the jump.

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Two down, 598 to go

Harper v. Bass. Bass is swallowed whole.

The smoke-grey bat was back this afternoon, and Bryce Harper took a piece from Anthony Bass that he can never have back.

On a day where Bass was particularly stingy, Harper still found a way to tally another impressive bomb. And not that I’ll be able to make this a habit, but I’ve caught them both live.

Here’s Bryce Harper career home run number two:

….And the bomb show resumes tomorrow against the Pirates. Erik Bedard, keep your head on a swivel.

Reds Acquire Mat Latos from Padres for Yonder Alonso & Edinson Volquez

The Reds traded Yonder Alonso, Edinson Volquez, and former 1st round picks Yasmani Grandal and Brad Boxberger for Mat Latos this afternoon.

Can you tell we’re less than thrilled?

There are two ways to look at this trade. One is that basically in return for Josh Hamilton, we have now just Latos to show for it. We also threw in Yonder Alonso and two promising first round prospects just to sweeten the deal for the Padres.

The other way to look at it is the Reds traded a surplus to fill a need–and acquired the only proven Major Leaguer in the deal. I choose not to look at it that way because I felt Alonso shows more at the plate than Jay Bruce or Drew Stubbs or any other young Reds player. Now what will they do when Joey Votto skips town?

While I like Latos’ stuff, his numbers aren’t that impressive when you factor in that he’s been pitching in a pitcher-friendly ballpark his entire career. He’ll only be 24, but I would expect his numbers to and productivity to decline in Great American Ball Park.

UPDATE: FanGraphs likes the trade. I will still resume crybabying.

Summer isn’t over yet

[Box Score]

What can you say about Jay Bruce’s line shot into the right field seats at GABP last night other than he found a way to pull the sun back up in the sky and give us a few more days of summer before we officially pack it in and declare it football season.

When Bruce hit the home run they showed some shots of the San Diego dugout. When I saw many of the faces of the players as well as the manager Bud Black, I knew the game was over. The Reds weren’t going to blow this one. The Padres had absorbed a blow that the Reds have absorbed so many times this year. A game had been stolen from them right out of the win column and had it put into the loss column. They were emotionally drained from that Jay Bruce home run.

The Reds won the game 5-3, and Bruce drove in four runs for the second time in a week. Obviously, still 10 games out makes it highly unlikely that this season is going to be anything beyond sitting at home in October. But like we told our fiance last evening, until they’re mathematically eliminated–and until they lose again (they’ve won three games in a row)–we’re going to choose to believe that they’re going to run the table and get back in this thing. Even if that means we’re going to be severely let down.

Go hard these last 40 some odd games and tear the meat off the bone. You will have all off-season to rest up. And granted that it’s going to take a miracle to become relevant again; we think that simply becoming relevant would have made this a successful season at this point. I think the Reds understand that. They’re playing like it of late. It’s almost as if they got punched hard, got knocked down in the fight but they’re up again and staggering their way through the late rounds and landing a few of their own. They’re getting their legs back underneath them.

Diamond Hoggers 80′s song of the game:

Video: The Giant Taylor Made Golf Club Foul Pole at Petco

This is pretty sweet, and pretty unique really.

And this is why baseball is the greatest sport on earth. You don’t see this kind of advertising done in NHL arenas, NFL stadiums, or NBA arenas. Ballparks have personality. And we’re sure it’s all done without obstructing anyone’s view.

Golf and baseball. What a beautiful marriage. Not sure that there’s any two things in life that are better (or more frustrating when things are going bad).

hat tip: Gaslamp Ball

Game 11, 2011: Reds 8, Padres 2

[Box Score]

[Gaslamp Ball] []

These Reds have more than 9 lives don’t they?

There were several instances last night where the game should have been over (thanks once again to Nick Masset for burning our bullpen and nearly losing his 3rd game on the young season) in favor of the Padres and had the Reds sitting at 7-4 entering the ever tough getaway day off the West Coast.

But the Reds didn’t quit. The special moment was in the bottom of the 9th with the game on the line, Cameron Maybin hit a ball that looked like a line shot into the right-center gap that would surely end this one. Thom Brennaman even made the point to say “and this game is over–or is it?” before Jay Bruce appeared like Superman out of nowhere to snag the line drive, dash Cameron Maybin’s hopes of celebration (pictured above) and send the game into extra innings.

The other big moment that will stick with me is the way Logan Ondrusek battled out of tough situations last night. In two different innings he had a mess to clean up, and when he struck out Nick Hundley with the bases loaded and only one out in the 10th inning, you just knew they would find a way to get out of it yet again and give themselves one more inning to win the game.

When the game ended last night just before the 2am hour here in Ohio, Dusty Baker had a look on his face that said a lot to me. His look said that he’s been around this game a long time, and there’s something special going on with his group of 25 here in 2010. He’s seen a lot of assembly’s of rosters in his time. He’s had good teams, bad teams, mediocre teams. He knows that there is a little magic surrounding a lot of talent and grit in this group. He won’t admit it, but I’m telling you the thought has crossed his mind a few times already.

Those are the types of things you think about when you’re rolling teams without anything from Jay Bruce, or when you’re seeing a Chris Heisey drive in 8 runs in his first 14 at-bats yet there is no spot for him every day because Gomes and Stubbs have collected so many big hits. Or when Brandon Phillips and Joey Votto look to be at their never before seen peak–how scary of a thought is that?

This team is dangerous.

Top Plays:

Drew Stubbs monster homer slams the door shut

Johnny Gomes saves the game with a catch

Brandon Phillips: Are you kidding me?

Reds 11th inning explosion


This was the second consecutive game in which I noticed Aroldis Chapman’s velocity was down. He was 94 MPH, touching 96 that I saw, and even though he worked a 1-2-3 7th inning that saw him go strikeout (filthy slider), foul out, strike out looking on his best pitch of the night speed-wise; I’m a little concerned. We’re talking about 10 MPH on the fastball that he’s missing all of the sudden. Keep your eyes on this.

Jay Bruce *MIGHT* be starting to come out of his funk ever so slowly perhaps. The box score will read only 1 for 3, 2 runs scored; but if you watched the quality of at-bats that he had, they’re the type of at-bats that a player has when he’s about to come out of a funk. Confidence building at-bats. Working an 8-pitch walk from Heath Bell who was throwing smoke. Fouling off tough pitches from a lefty. And of course probably 2 or 3 Gold Glove quality plays in the outfield.

I watched this game until the bitter end, wide awake. The reason for this is I am sick as a dog. I don’t know if it’s a cold, or it’s a flu; but it’s some type of re-payment for staying out all night the day of Opening Day. Would I do it again if that is the cause? Absolutely.

Heartbreaking story of loss and tragedy for Padres Correia. “A box seat at a Major League Baseball game entitles fans to a close-up view of the action but no access to hearts and minds. If your favorite player seems preoccupied, maybe it’s because he’s worried about a sick child at home or coping with marital issues or some other personal trauma. A multi-million dollar contract and a shoe deal might make an athlete feel special, but those perks don’t earn him a lifetime dispensation from reality.” [ESPN]

It's winning time this weekend

Last night I was asked by someone how long it’s been since the Reds have won a division title. I replied that it’s been since 1995. It’s been 15 long years. Say that to yourself. It’s really been 15 long years and I was really 11 years old the last time the Reds were in this position. So much flashed before my eyes as I replied.

With the magic number sitting at 3; this could be the weekend the Reds clinch. My gut feeling tells me it will be Sunday afternoon while I’m most likely flipping back and forth between football. Sunday will be the day, my gut is right more often than not. Although in a perfect world, the Reds would clinch on FOX Saturday baseball tomorrow afternoon (which I won’t see either because I’m at a wedding all day–DVR set).

Either way, this is really going to happen. Say it to yourself, and believe it. These guys are really going to play postseason games.

As I said at the beginning of the season, it would be monumental for this young group to get the experience of a real pennant chase. They not only did that, but they arrived ‘a year ahead of schedule’ and are going to win the whole damn thing!

I think back to everything that has came to pass in the 15 years of futility (and yes, we had 1999 but that group was an motley crew and deflated down the stretch to completely miss the playoffs). I think about my grandmother who passed away in 2006. She would have loved this team.

This has been an incredible year, and a second season is upon us because of it. Whenever the Reds do clinch this thing, work hard to soak it all in as much as possible. I know that many people say things to make you think that this team will be good for a decade; and that’s possible. But all we’re guaranteed is right now and today. This 2010 Reds team has scratched and clawed hard to provide us with that much.

And if it happens this weekend and we clinch underneath that San Diego, California sun? Sure, the wait has been long and unjust. But we made it.

Ludwick delivers death blow to former mates in St. Louis

Baseball has a way of allowing certain ironies from the past to rear their ugly head. Sometimes you like them, sometimes they come back to bite you, and sometimes you just notice.

Today, fate would have it that Ryan Ludwick returned to his old stomping grounds and his new team battled back from a deficit against his old team in a game both teams needed critically. It was Ludwick’s three-run home run that sealed the fate of the Cardinals. This home run occurred with the game tied at 4 in the top of the 9th inning, and the final score would grow to 8-4.

This was one of those homers that Padres fans will remember for a while if they slip into the postseason; but St. Louis fans will have the bad taste in their mouths for even longer.

This was the final death blow to the Cardinals season. This 3-run bomb to end Saturday’s FOX matinee baseball presentation. Not so much in a sense of the standings; but in a sense of the fact that a guy who was a linchpin in their lineup and clubhouse for many successful teams came back after being traded away and beat them in a game they had to have.

Pennant race September baseball often times has more of these ironies (and drama) that I speak of than any other sport. That’s why I love it.