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A Cubbies-Redlegs Summer Matinee

Today I went with three friends to see the Reds host the Cubbies on a getaway day. The Cubs won this game 9-2. The seats and weather were great, and we saw a bunch of cool stuff. It was the first time I’ve made it to a game this season, and I just got a new camera.

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So this is what a pennant race looks like!

Here’s a few pictures from the game Monday night. Getting to see not only the Reds take batting practice but Albert Pujols and Matt Holliday was pretty cool ad well. It was hot as Hell at GABP this past Monday night. Probably the hottest game I ever remember being in attendance for.

This is Jim Edmonds’ first career Reds at bat.

Summer shanty on tap at Great American Ball Park. Thanks for getting me through this one.

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Photoblogging: Mets 5, Reds 4 (The Rod Barajas Bomb Game)

This was not a game I want to remember, but we made the trip and I’ll throw up a few photos and the commentary that goes with it. I pretty much sulked and acted like an ass the entire night due to the Reds mustering jack-shit off a run of the mill right hander like John Maine.

I mean, how do you let a guy like John Maine beat you? He entered the game with a 7.11 ERA and the Reds were off all night at the plate. Maine was throwing around 89-90 MPH the entire game.

I threw a picture up of David Wright above because he did his thing. The guy is back. That’s exactly what I said when he launced a two run jack off of Bronson Arroyo.

Ike Davis. This was Ike Davis’ second road game of his professional career I’m told. Reds fans, remember back when Jay Bruce broke into the big leagues? This is the Mets version of Jay Bruce in a way.
This guy has a sweet stroke. He was a tough out all night long and lined several line drives around the ball park. I’d like to see him develop a bit more power but he has a good swing and a nice approach for a guy who’s been up all of about two weeks.

Reds owner Bob Castellini is spotted just before Brandon Phillips dropped a monster bomb off the foul pole in left field. He was in and out of the owners box just before the game.

Our boy Jay Bruce right before he worked a walk off John Maine. Or perhaps it was a strikeout. I’m pretty sure it was a walk and he ended up scoring a run that would put the Reds on the scoreboard. It was a rough night for Jay. A couple of strikeouts, a ball nubbed. I wanted to see Jay drop bombs. It’ll have to wait until I’m present another time.

Here’s a view of the moondeck on this beautiful 76 degree night. If you look close enough, the Redlegs are in 2nd place in the standings up there. Lets hope that lasts through the summer. The crowd looked better then it was. A crowd of 13,813 showed up to have their hearts broken by Coco Cordero and Rod Barajas.
This was the kid I was really excited about seeing and he got in the game. The man who might make Francisco Rodriguez expendable. If I’m the Reds or anyone else I try to see what I have to give up to grab ahold of this future Rolaids relief man of the year award winner. Jenrry Mejia. Throwing absolute gas up there at 97, 98, 98, 96, 97 MPH. He’s 21 years old. I love watching this guy pitch and I wish Votto or Bruce would have gotten some hacks off him.

Photoblogging: The Civil Rights Game

We didn’t put up an abundance of pictures in our Civil Rights Game Post, so here’s a few of the ones we took that we couldn’t slip in earlier:

Jay Bruce with the throwback look to honor the old time players. The funny thing is, after a strikeout looking Bruce went back to his natural look with his pants low. Then he doubled off a lefty. Funny how superstition works isn’t it?

We don’t usually sit by the Reds bullpen, but that’s where we found ourselves for most of the duration of this game. We were shooting the breeze (kind of) with Francisco Cordero, who’d throw us a ball after the final out was made when he was warming up.

Jim Thome vs. Arthur Rhodes. There’s a good chance this is the last time we’ll ever be in a stadium to watch Jim Thome, who is without a doubt a legend. Just had to get this on here. And by the way, Art Rhodes is a bad man (in a good way).

Here’s a close up shot of the Riverboat behind the right center field stands. The boat is called ‘M V Collin D’. I always wanted to know if the Reds pay someone to run the ferry while the game is going on, or if the Riverboat captains just do it during the game as part of a hobby or something. I’d be interested in learning more about this.

Girlfriend with Coco Cordero ball in hand, and a couple of Jay Bruce jerseys of course. We’re a sucker for anything Jay Bruce.

After a few beers on the way out of the game we found ourselves hollering uncontrollably at Jim Day, the Reds TV guy on Fox Sports Net Ohio. Day seems like a nice enough fella for sure, but there’s something also slimy and sneaky about his demeanor. Don’t trust him. He’ll sell you down the river. Lots of inside jokes about Jim Day amongst us and our friends.

Photoblogging: Cleveland Indians vs. Cincinnati Reds (saturday night)

In the club seats, you do not just get a hot dog. You get jambalaya. You get LaRosa’s Pizza. It’s a pretty good deal but just like the Diamond Club Seats, you will see drawbacks that go with the economic hardships of the present day. We really enjoy the view from the club seats as well. Altogether it’s a really nice fan experience and pretty good bang for the buck. We recommend getting there early for batting practice and eating your meal at the sitting bar that faces the field. It’s really relaxing.

In case you haven’t seen them, here’s what the All-Star ballots look for for 2009. Vote for Jay Bruce and his .227 average. We’re only kidding. Well maybe if you’re at the ballpark and just screwing around with one ballot. Never mind.

Here’s the Reds lineup they sent out on this Saturday night. Joey Votto was back in the lineup, and what a night he would end up having. Bruce in the 6th hole we didn’t like so well, but it looks like that is what Dusty Baker is going to do against lefties. Johnny Gomes and Brandon Phillips are dependable right handed bats that can challenge a left hander.

Homer Bailey got called up. Homer Bailey couldn’t throw strikes. Homer Bailey got sent down. We’re pretty much done with him, except to poke a little fun. He’s really never going to figure it out at the big league level, at least not in Cincinnati. It’s just one of those things that wasn’t meant to be, I guess. He just doesn’t have ‘it’. No matter how many times we try to defend the guy, he doesn’t handle his business on the field.

Joey Votto returned after having Friday night off due to dizziness to hit two very impressive home runs. The first was a long line shot to left center field in the first inning. The next was a three run shot that was one of the highest home runs we’ve ever seen it. It was VERY impressive from our view.

Jay Bruce faced Kerry Wood in the 9th inning It was the 571st official at-bat of his career. He nearly won the game for the Reds with a homer, flying out to the track in right field. He would just miss three home runs on the weekend, two in this game alone. Still just a long out.

First time we’ve ever seen Kerry Wood pitch live. He ended up locking down the save despite many Indians fans at the park swearing that he’d blow any lead in the 9th. Even with the save, he’s not been quite the addition that the Indians figured they were getting when they signed him to the mega-contract in the off-season.

Photoblogging: Cleveland Indians vs. Cincinnati Reds (friday night)

Another friday night in the Diamond Seats. This was a great game. I ate trout, and a ton of peanuts like a little kid for the first time in forever. There was a pretty good crowd on hand in Cincinnati and not a ton of Cleveland fans. It was the beginning of a weekend that featured beautiful weather all throughout.

Here’s Johnny Gomes’ first at bat as a Cincinnati Red. This was a huge hit, as he pinch hit doubled down the left field line and scored what would be the go ahead and eventual winning run. All in all, it was a really nice debut weekend for Gomes who was called up from AAA Louisville before the game.

Just a view of the infamous Moon Deck out in right field on a friday night. Picture perfect night for baseball. Game time temperature was 84° F, with the wind 2mph in from Centerfield (according to

One of my favorite Reds Brandon Phillips. Brandon ended up breaking his thumb in Saturday night’s game. It’s too bad as this could end up being a huge loss for the Reds if he is out any period of time. That’s a loss you really can’t make up for. The Reds have little to no right handed pop as it is. Phillips has to come back soon.

Jay Bruce up at the plate before drawing a walk against Indians starter Anthony Reyes. Reyes really had a hard time finding the plate and only went 3 innings. Bruce didn’t have the big night off him that we anticipated. In fact, he went 0 for the weekend. It has been too long since we’ve seen him get a hit. There should be added cheers the next time he manages to get a knock; by the grace of God.

Here is a shot of one of the best players of our modern era, Grady Sizemore. Sure, his stock has slipped a little bit. He’s struggling mightily. But at the end of the day, he’s going to have a chance at 3,000 hits and 400 home runs, and a boat load of stolen bases and runs. All while playing a sparkling centerfield. He’ll be back. This picture was before his broken bat home run, the Tribe’s only run of the ballgame. One of the better photos I took this weekend.

Eric Wedge is having a rough go of it right now in Cleveland. We wonder if this might be the last trip he makes into Cincinnati. We anticipate that he’ll be fired in the not too distant future. Towards the end of a game, an Indians fan near the dugout yelled to Wedge: “Bring back Hargrove!”. Wedge stared him down for a good 20 seconds. It’s too bad because Wedge is a nice guy, just a bad manager.

Here’s Jay Bruce coming out of the tunnel and getting ready to do battle. Not long after this he’d notice us and say whats up. Other then Willy Tavares he was the first Reds player out of the clubhouse to get his pregame warm-ups and stretching in.

Bouncing Bunny Arroyo. He won his 6th game of the year. The guy has some luck. He actually pitched really well in this start and went some good innings to give the bullpen a much needed night off. We wish we could have said the same for Homer Bailey the following night. One thing about Bronson Arroyo; love him or hate him, the guy more often then not keeps you in a ballgame and eats innings.

Here’s the Battle of Ohio ‘Ohio Cup’. We’d never seen this before but it’s given to the winner of the season series between the Reds and Indians. At least for a few more months it belongs to the Reds. And yes, that gentleman is polishing the hardware.

Here’s something around a baseball field that does not get a lot of mention. There’s the bubble gum and David Sunflower seeds containers. That’s how you know you’ve made it to the big leagues. This is where Reds ‘legend’ Billy Hatcher sits often during games. And Dick Pole of course.

David Weathers doing a pregame interview from the dugout with 700 WLW’s William Dennison before the game. Weathers is one of the nicer Reds players and for all the shit we’ve given him over the years, he’s pretty darn dependable. Thanks for your service, Dave.

Just had to take a good shot of the Reds on-deck circle. Who know when I’ll be that close to it again. It’s kind of neat to think about that before every amazing at-bat or big league feat accomplished at the plate, this is where the players reside.

The sights of a hot April weekend in Cincinnati

We were lucky enough to land a pair of Scout Seats behind home plate for last Friday night’s home game against the Atlanta Braves and we had four seats in Club 4192 on Saturday afternoon.

The Reds did not play well, so we had to try and see what we could see to make it an enjoyable trip.

Got to the ballpark early and took in a little batting practice for the first time this season. This is a pretty relaxing experience. It goes way too fast. Nothing more beautiful then watching a few pearls be sunk in some red seats and in areas that they should be hit. We also figured that we should get a shot of Chipper Jones on the site since he’s a future Hall of Famer. Definitely the kind of player you’ll want to be able to prove to your grandkids you saw him play, right? Well, there’s proof.

Here’s scouts alley. Remember that old San Francisco Giants scout that was in the scout seats during our last visit there? He was there again in the exact same seat. The four men in view in this picture are also scouts. There was six total. Nothing better then picking the brain of a scout.
A montage of Jay Bruce appeared on the big screen. The old Giants scout was watching it and we said in between innings as he focused:
Do you think he (Bruce) is going to be a pretty good ballplayer?
Scout: “Uh, yeah. I think he already is. He’s definitely going places in this game.”
After that we left the scouts alone and just listened to them talk about how Javier Vasquez has dirty breaking stuff (slider) and how he should be much tougher to hit then he is.

Another first on the list crossed off. First time we’ve ever been at a ballgame and the benches have cleared. Reds and Braves benches cleared after Yunel Escobar got a doink job from Edison Volquez on friday night. It was definitely intentional. While it was not a “brawl” by definition, it was a moment of excitement.

Here’s Edison Volquez warming up before the game. Guy is fun to watch throw but after a great start in which he allowed no hits through 3 2/3 innings and struck out a hand full of Braves hitters, he walked guys until the point we wanted to choke him.

Here’s a shot of the bar in Club 4192 from saturday. Decorated with Jack Daniels bottles. If you’ve never been to the club, it’s really a lot of fun on a sun-intense hot day. You can stay in the shade if you need to. You can go inside. But the food in the club? They’re taking the easy way out and trying to make a buck. For $85 you are getting a choice of jumbalaya, nachos, burgers, LaRosa’s Pizza, or some subpar ice cream and fountain drinks. It’s went downhill since we sat there a few years ago. It’s definitely not equal to the experience at Jacob’s Progressive Field.

The view from the club seats in Cincinnati is actually pretty sweet. You can see the whole field with ease and the trajectory of home run balls are a lot more fun from a view like this. Or if you’re a Reds fan on a day like saturday when the Braves hit the ball all over the yard it’s less fun because you can really tell when something is leaving the park.

Here’s a view of Jay Bruce at the plate against Derek Lowe. We predicted that he’d homer for the first time ever while we were present at the park on saturday and we were almost right. He went 1 for 3 with a double off the wall. Missed it by a few feet.

And Dusty Baker and Jerry Hairston Jr. got tossed. Gotta say, I like that Dusty Baker doesn’t mind getting tossed when he doesn’t agree with something. There are managers that will never get tossed, and Dusty got his money’s worth on this day. He continued his tantrum in the dugout even afterwards.

Photoblogging: The 2009 Cincy Opening Day Experience

Sully’s in Cincinnati put on an excellent show of hospitality that really completed the Opening Day experience. Our roomate even took a body shot off this nice bartender’s belly button after she was done giving out shots from on top of the bar. What a nice lady. It only cost the poor bastard $20. In this economy? You’re damn right she’s going to go for it. She probably would have done it fo $5.

Among the hidden highlights of the day and the simpler things, we got to see Arthur Rhodes make his Reds debut. We were excited about the Reds getting this guy. We had his baseball card when we were a youngster and he came out and threw a scoreless inning. You’ll see a lot of that from Mr. Slurvy this year.

The newest food attraction at Great American Ball Park: Chicago Dogs. These are the pumped up superhuman version of the hot dog. A normal hot dog should never be eaten again. And they’re only $5.25! All that goodness for $5 and change! Don’t discount the importance of tomatoes, onions, and spicy relish on a hot dog. They just look and smell good. Served on a sesame seed bun. Get yourself one sometime if you are so inclined.

Shot from across the stadium at the In Between Tavern. The weather was just starting to show it’s ugly head. As far at the IB Tavern goes, we’ve been good to them in the past. We’ve spent many a night in this very spot before a game or after work paying high prices for their beers. But after they told us (the designated driver in the group) that they had club soda but ‘they weren’t doing club soda on Opening Day’, we packed up our shit and we’re never going back. That’s how we operate. You burn us after we’ve been good to you and we’re done with you. You don’t hold a candle to Sully’s Saloon, In Between Tavern.

Self-proclaimed MLB and Cincinnati Reds legend Tracy Jones is part of a live show for 700 WLW from Gameday Cafe just a few blocks from GABP. We listen to Tracy Jones and nightly we want to call him and tell him a clueless dick. We were sober so we decided not to wait in line with all of his fans to get the chance to tell him that on a commercial break. You should have seen the clueless saps of Cincinnati lining up to kiss this guy’s ass. You’d have thought he was the emperor or something. He was a second rate ballplayer and his takes on his second rate radio show are hideous. He did say that Edwin Encarnacion and Jay Bruce are breakout players for 2009, which we agree with. Pretty cool to see the show live yesterday for a bit. So when you heard them on The Big One we were there seeing them.

Part of the pregame festivities was Brandon Phillips getting rewarded his Rawlings Gold Glove award for his service in 2008. He deserved it, easily. We’ve never seen a Gold Glove Award given out before. There was actually a beautiful nameplate on the award and if you look close there is a drawing of Phillips’ face on the trophy. Just a great trophy to win.

We’re going to sit out in right field in the Sundeck/Moondeck quite a bit from now on. We need a name for the group that sit out behind our best young player. Perhaps we shall think of one in the coming weeks. Like our roomate said “this Bruce kid seems to be the Messiah for all of you Cincinnati fans”. He’s got it right. Bruce looked comfortable in his spot that he should be in for the next decade.

Here’s a shot of that ball that Bruce shit on off of Johan Santana. Look closely. That ball missed going out of the stadium by about 5 feet. Ended up a double for Jay boy. We can’t even imagine if he would have actually homered. When your favorite player hits a bomb on Opening Day, I mean does it get any better then that?