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Reds-Phillies NLDS Game Two: It wasn’t in the Cards

It just wasn’t meant to be. Everything happened about like I thought in this game and this series thus far; except we didn’t hang on for long enough.

Jay Bruce continued to see his star rise in this game by hitting a dramatic upper deck home run that should of sent the Phillies into hiding for the night. But the Baseball Gods would have none of it. The fly ball hit off Jimmy Rollins’ bat that was scored an error allowed two runs to score and the game would slip away from there. With that error went the hopes and dreams that we had in our hands. I don’t know if we’re ever going to be closer or if we’ll ever be back in this spot. But the Reds were on the doorstep.

Bronson Arroyo threw valiantly for 5 and 1/3 innings. Arthur Rhodes did his job. Brandon Phillips had a statement game that will never be forgotten by me, but so many more will remember his error rather than his lead-off home run.

Not me. I love these guys. Every last one of them. If it were up to me, I’d probably bring back this exact same team next year and tweak a thing or two. But I’d bring this same chemistry group back and see what happens next year. I love the way that Bruce, Phillips, Arroyo responded. I refuse to get down on Scott Rolen. Not in a million years after what he’s given us this year. That’s baseball. That’s how it goes. You move on and you live with it. One play doesn’t define a man; and that stands for every one of our guys who were on that field last night at Citizens Bank Park.

The Reds had a ton of miscues; four errors, each of equal importance. Bases loaded walks. Hit batters. It was the ultimate meltdown and I felt it coming ever close as each part of the game unfolded in front of me. As it was happening I kept thinking about how for me and a lot of my fellow Reds fans who this is everything to; it’s somewhat life defining. You feel like you know those guys we watch each night pretty well. You know their personalities. They’re good guys. You hurt with them and for them. You feel helpless because there’s nothing you can do but die with them when they don’t succeed. And you know that they wanted it even worse than we did.

I saw the fear in the eyes of the Phillies fans. They were shocked, and for a few hours, the Reds were on display and showed the world what they’re capable of. We were so close. That’s where the pain comes from.

Next time, maybe the ball bounces our way. Or finds way to our glove. Maybe it doesn’t. But I can’t say I was surprised to see them collapse like that. It was bound to happen, and if this group at it’s core is ever going to go on to greater heights, they needed something like this to happen.

Remember the taste of it. The feel. The way you felt on the stage when it was all on you. Remember the failure. It’s part of the ride. Tomorrow is game three, and it’s a new day. And if you don’t battle like your life is on the line, it will be the final game the 2010 Reds play.

Perfect post for this song, or song for this post. Whatever: off Roy Oswalt

Reds slay the Dragon that is Roy Oswalt

Roy Oswalt is now 23-2 lifetime against the Reds
The Reds hadn’t beaten Roy Oswalt since 2006 when Brandon Claussen was the opposing pitcher. Last night in the first few innings they looked like they were trying to slay a dragon. Guys weren’t getting good hacks and we stranded six runners through three innings. But the Reds did what confident, veteran, successful ball clubs do. They waited Oswalt out and battled until he had to come out of the game. They built a 3-0 lead on the strength of a Joey Votto home run; which by the way, was the display of perfect hitting on an outside fastball after getting pounded inside all night. Votto hit one into the top of the Crawford boxes for home run #4 on the season.
Owners of a winning streak
At the beginning of the week we tweeted that you were going to see the Reds play some good baseball. Not only is the new lineup better, but the Reds were due to face a string of right handed starters that favored them in matchups. Guys with good fastballs and not a lot of breaking stuff. There was a method to our madness in predicting some Reds success. Since Dusty Baker held the closed door meeting and that horrible 5-0 loss last Saturday, the Reds have won four straight. It’s just enough to get everyone excited and bring us back to .500 and 2nd place in the division. Last time we had a mini-run and headed to St. Louis for a clash for the division, things didn’t go well (last year). We’ll see how the Reds fare this weekend, we’ll learn a lot about them.
Jay Bruce
Bruce hit his 4th home run of the season against Tim Byrdak in the 7th inning. He also added a double to the gap off Oswalt. He needs to keep it going, but as Dusty Baker said about him, if he can make a move before he has 150 and 200 at-bats on the year, you set yourself up for a nice season. It might appear that Jay is making his move. He’s now had multi-hit games in 3 of his last 4. Just keep it going, Jay. He’s really a huge factor in this lineup when he’s swinging like he has been.
Bunny Arroyo
Bunny got his first win of the season last night, and he pitched well. He worked quickly and despite getting into a little trouble in the bottom of the 7th, he gave the Reds exactly what they needed; a guy who could take the ball and match Roy Oswalt pitch for pitch long enough to give us a chance. A huge start by Arroyo. Makes you realize when this guy is on, we have a formidable rotation.

Heading to St. Louis

The Reds have three games in St. Louis with the division leaders starting today with Brad Penny opposing Johnny Cueto. I was thinking on my drive into work; how nice is it in theory to send a guy out to the mound every night that gives us a chance to win? In past years we’d have 2 or maybe 3 guys you felt like that at most. Right now, we’ve got guys who should keep us in the ballgame each and every night and we could win if the offense does their job. The Reds face three right-handers this weekend in Penny, Kyle Lohse and Chris Carpenter on Sunday. You have to hope for 2 out of 3. And until it’s over, you have to hope to keep this win streak going as long as possible. It seems like it’s been so long since the Reds have had a week in which they didn’t lose a game. Win tonight, and you have a winning month of April.

Reds just can't solve the Astros at GABP

[Box Score]

Even though the Reds didn’t get beat by Roy Oswalt by definition, the fact that he held them to one run in his outing monday night meant another loss for the Reds. You just knew that this game was a dead game for the Reds and with a Lance Berkman homer added to the all-time ass kicking, the Reds have dropped 15 out of the last 16 against the ‘Stros at GABP and 10 in a row.

It’s absolutely mind wracking how this could happen. Edwin Encarnacion continues to not hit. Brandon Phillips continues to be a nightly 0’fer at the plate. Joey Votto of course provided Cincinnati with their only offensive output of the night, a 2-out RBI single that tied the game at 1 until the 9th inning.

Johnny Cueto was nothing short of magnificent for the second straight outing, going 7 innings and striking out 5, only allowing one walk and one earned run. Closer Coco Cordero, brought into the ninth inning of a tie game, gave up three straight hits and three runs and the Reds lost the game by a final of 4-1.

Things don’t figure to get any easier tonight and tomorrow’s season chronicle post probably will be in the same kind of mood. Wandy Rodriguez will be on the mound for the Astros, and being a decent lefty with some velocity he should have success against the Reds tonight. The last time he pitched against the Reds he struck out 10 for only the second time in his career.

They’re the Astros and they dominate us. It’s just part of life. Which is why we’ll always hate the Astros above every other team in the league.

Reds sneak by Roy Oswalt and Astros (kind of)

This was one of those games that you saw coming down the pipeline as a loss. You could almost taste Roy Oswalt going to 24-1 against the Reds to further his dominance against them. And he did escape without losing. He didn’t even allow a run.
In the top of the 9th inning Jose Valverde disposed of Jay Bruce with a quick strikeout and then walked Edwin Encarnacion. With Ramon Hernandez up and Alex Gonzalez on deck, you figure it’s game over. Those two guys have been swinging toothpicks all season so far. And then Ramon Hernandez lined a fastball just over the wall in right field to give the Reds what was their biggest victory of the season thus far, and a win that could really spring them into some kind of groove.
It was just a well played ballgame. Both sides pitched well, and until Francisco Cordero entered the game in the 9th inning, the Reds had only allowed two hits all ballgame on this friday night. The only run of the game up until the Hernandez homer was a bases loaded walk from Johnny Cueto to Lance Berkman. Nick Masset has been incredibly solid for the Reds in relief all season thus far and he picked up the win. Mike Lincoln got over an inning of solid work.
The Reds exercised a real demon last night. This is just not a place they play well. Again and again they saw themselves get close (loading the bases with less than 2 outs against Oswalt early) and saw themselves shoot their own foot. Then you look up and Willy Tavares runs down two deep fly balls nearly at the slope in center. There is a lot to like about this team. They’re too foolish to ever really give up even if their ability runs short on some nights or their inexperience shows. The other thing is that they’re simply pitching pretty well most of the time. Evidenced inside this win is exactly how you wanna build a team–build a pitching staff that shuts down the opposition and get the big crucial hit to win it late. Satisfying win, Reds.
They’re going to need to ‘steal’ a few like they did last night if they’re going to surprise people.

Well, We Failed to Make Waves in Houston

Roy Oswalt got us again. His mastery of the Reds continues as the Astros win tonight 8-6, thus ending any meaningless play the Reds will take part in for the year 2008.

Jerry Hairston and Corey Patterson homered. Jay Bruce ripped a couple more hits, stole a base and threw out Miggy Tejada from deep right field.

So the Astros live to fight another day, worrying about the muddled possibility of tie-breakers and playoff berths. It won’t happen. And damn you Houston, we’ll get you next season.

We're Gonna Git You Sucka

Soon the season will be over. Like when the players disappear into the corn (always hated that part) in Field of Dreams. We’re under a week now and we won’t get to see the Reds until the spring. That doesn’t seem right. Obviously we ran out of meaningless games a while ago, but you know what? We’ve got one more meaningful game to play.

Tonight the Cincinnati Reds take on the Houston Astros in Houston, where it’s a must-win situation for the Astros. Somehow, they’re still alive in this playoff race (better chance of us growing ears out of our ass). And wouldn’t you know what little thorn-in-the-side sunnamabitch is on the bump tonight for the Stros? You betcha he is.

Knock the Astros out of the playoffs? Beat Roy Oswalt? In front of their fans? Oh this is too rich.

The Cincinnati Reds don’t get to play playoff baseball this year, but tonight is our playoffs. These young rapscalions are going to go out and end the season of our most hated team, the Houston Astros.

When it Rains it Pours

The Reds entered last weekend’s home series with the Colorado Rockies at 50-53, hoping for a sweep that would get them to .500 and begin a heroic run to the wildcard. Instead, in typical and predictable Redleg fashion, they were swept out of town and basically the season deemed dead.

Well of course, wouldn’t you know who’s starting tonight. They call him ‘Roy O.’ and I call him “oh fuck, there’s a loss”.

Mr. Oswalt, pictured above after a deer hunting trip (getting shitfaced with Mr. Pitch n’ Chew himself, Jake Peavy); is 19-1 all time against the Reds with a 2.46 ERA in 22 games started. Like, why even play tonight? I mean really. Just give the Astros the ballgame and take the night off. Oswalt is struggling this season (7-8 with a 4.56 ERA), but I’d be willing to bet that he finds his old self against the Reds. That’s what everyone does, that’s what the Rockies did. Yes sir, when a team goes up against the Reds that is like them hearing the dinner bell, time for everyone to get healthy.

And honestly, fuck Dusty Baker in the pants for continuing to show nepotism to Corey Patterson. Asshole.

*Image courtesy of Big Lead

The backs of baseball cards just don't lie

Yeah so anyways, we had him right where we wanted his ass. Adam Dunn and Alex Gonzalez went back to back off ‘Roy O.’, we were hitting him hard, he was in a deep pitch count. Everything was in the Reds favor to not allow Roy Oswalt to improve to 19-1 all time against the Cincinnati Reds. All we had to do was not clusterfuck and become a story on Baseball Tonight and Sportscenter. Yeah, you know, cause’ the only way we’re getting any run-time from this one is if Oswalt does get the win and go to 19-1 in his first 20 decisions against us, and deservedly so, he owns our ass.

Sure enough, Kyle Lohse comes out of the ballgame, ageless wonder Mike Stanton enters–walks Lance Berkman, Todd Coffeys fat ass charges out of the bullpen like a locomotive headed for disaster area, and BANG! Three run homer by Luke Scott and it’s all over.

I can tell Coffey through my television set “fuck you” all I want. He still sucks at days end. Here’s what some other Reds fans are saying about him, over at

-FUCKER. We really need to address his issues. The guy is killing us. Ugghh……..

-I cannot believe Narron put Coffey in to face Luke Scott. All that guy can hit is fastballs, so Narron brings in the pitcher that basically throws all fastballs.It probably sounds like I have a personal grudge against Narron, but man. I’m not sure how much longer I can take this pathetic manager and bullpen. They’re costing this team countless games.

-Well Coffey was having success with the fastball, he just threw a change up right down the middle.

-Yeah right down the middle! What big leaguer can’t hit that pitch? Awful!

-Coffey is killing this team. Let’s just trade him and Hopper to HOU for Lidge while we are playing each other.

-We (and by we I mean this dreadful bullpen) are quickly losing this season. In case nobody has noticed, Milwaukee is playing with a ton of confidence; they are about ready to run off with this thing. I’m a believer in WK (Wayne Krivsky); what he has done in his short tenure has been so much better than what we had for the previous dozen years or so. That being said, something has to be done here. I don’t want to lose interest in this season by Memorial Day.

-I fucking hate Todd Coffey. I hate Narron for continuously going with him only to be let down. Coffey should be the Astros MVP.

-” I’m not sure how much longer I can take this pathetic manager and bullpen. They’re costing this team countless games.” Quote of the year. Our bullpen is embarassing. The fact that Mike Stanton still has a job is laughable.

-If I had a gun with only one bullett, I don’t know who’d I’d shoot; Todd Coffey, or Jerry Narron.

Ok so I added in that last one for good measure, but you get the point. Fuck.

The bottom line is I knew all along; I just knew, that somehow, some way we wouldn’t be able to steal one from Oswalt and the Astros tonight. We had that bastard right where we wanted him and we let him off the hook! Shit. The frustration is at an all time high.

Box Score

They call him 'Roy O.'

Roy Oswalt is his name, and what he does is excel in owning the Cincinnati Reds. Tonight, Oswalt takes the hill in Cincinnati in attempt to improve to 19-1 lifetime against the Reds in his career. Yes, 19-1 with a 2.47 ERA to go along with it.

The Reds have zero chance of winning this one, and they’ll counter with Kyle Lohse of Legendary Hillbillys III fame (before he was cut).

I doubt the Reds even score 3 runs in this one. That’s how hopeless things get when Oswalt is on the mound against them. There are certain guys that just make a mockery out of this team when they face them; Bill Hall, Derek Lee, Aramis Ramirez, Craig Biggio, Lance Berkman, Chris Duncan, and most of all Roy Oswalt.

It’s going to get ugly in the Queen City tonight.