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Happy Jay Bruce Day!


What? You thought we wouldn’t recognize this holiday in the Queen City because a guy is hitting .225? That’s a .225 on the rise, to be exact!

On May 27th, the day that Jay Bruce made his splendid debut in 2008; he’s always been pretty close to money in the bank. Last year he went just 1 for 4 and did not leave the yard in Los Angeles against Zack Greinke. But Bruce has homered four times on this date in his career, and has a couple huge performances to his name on the day he made his big league debut.

You look at the slate tomorrow and everything is coming up Bruce: Right hander on the mound in Kyle Kendrick – CHECK. Game in Cincinnati, where Bruce has been significantly better in his career – CHECK. Afternoon getaway game where Bruce seems to do most of his damage – CHECK. Date on the calendar is May 27th – that too.

Can’t believe Jay Bruce has been in the big leagues seven years now. Time absolutely flies. Here’s to Bruce finding the seats tomorrow with at least one and continuing to enjoy May as his best historical month. And maybe the Reds can win two in a row for what seems to be the first time in two weeks.

If indeed this is the last Jay Bruce day we are to celebrate with #32 in a Reds uniform, we want it to be a memorable one. We’re calling it now, Bruce gets a couple of knocks and homers. Reds win.

It’s Jay Bruce Day!


It’s hard to believe that six years ago today, Jay Bruce got the call-up to the big leagues. The years have really gone rolling by, because it doesn’t seem like it was six years ago tonight that it all began for one of our favorite players.

You can bet that out in Los Angeles tonight, Jay Bruce will do something big. It happens every year on May 27th.

Bruce has homered four times on this date in his career. He also opened up his career with a three hit game in Cincinnati in which we were present.

I feel for Zach Greinke tonight out in Los Angeles if he gives Bruce something to hit. Something big is going to happen.

Jamie Moyer took the senior citizen flight out of Cincinnati on Jay Bruce Day

Before the game began today, we told you to expect a Jay Bruce bomb and a Reds win.

Bruce took a hanging Jamie Moyer pitch into the seats in the right field Sun Deck for a bomb, giving the Reds a 2-1 lead. The first place buzzsaw continued to do their thing, winning by a final of 7-5.

Another Jay Bruce day has come and gone, and the Reds remain undefeated on this day. Jay Bruce remains like Babe Ruth on May 27th, and for another night; all is right with the baseball world.

Five years in the Show, 111 career big league bombs. We remember about every one of them.

Happy Jay Bruce Day 2012

Still our favorite player in the big leagues, all-time. It’s May 27th, and you know what that means. Or maybe you don’t.

This is the day that Jay Bruce came into the big leagues some four years ago–and this May 27th and every one to follow will be forever known as “Jay Bruce Day”. He might be in a little bit of a slide right now, but if anything can break him out of this funk it’s a game at Great American Ball Park on this date.

A few facts about Jay Bruce Day:

  1. All but one of these have occurred at home.
  2. Bruce has never went hitless in a May 27th contest.
  3. The Reds are 4-0 on Jay Bruce Day

Quick recount of Jay Bruce Days of the past:

2008 – 3 for 3, 2 walks, stolen base in MLB Debut
2009 – 3 for 4, 2 HR, 3B, 4 RBI
2010 -2 for 4, HR, 2B
2011 – 1 for 4, RBI in a Reds win in Atlanta

I would count on a Bruce home run leaving the park today and a Reds win. It’s a holiday, after all.

It’s Jay Bruce Day, Something Special is on it’s way

Today, and every May 27th from now until forever is Jay Bruce Day. As hard as it might be to believe, as hot as Jay Bruce has been at the plate all month long; what if we told you that he was just gearing up for Jay Bruce day? Something special is bound to happen tonight if you tune into the game.

A quick recap of what Jay Bruce has done on past Jay Bruce Days:

2008 – 3 for 3, 2 walks, stolen base in MLB Debut
2009 – 3 for 4, 2 HR, 3B, 4 RBI
2010 -2 for 4, HR, 2B

The Reds are an unblemished 3-0 on Jay Bruce days of the past. Tonight should be a good night to start a win streak in Atlanta.

Bruce carries an 8-game hitting streak into the game, and the numbers he has put up over this span remind us so much of his first week in the big leagues. He is currently 17 for 35 with 6 home runs and 14 RBI over that span. He’s OPS’d at over an 1.600 clip. It is similar in the fact that it simply hasn’t mattered if it’s been Cliff Lee, Roy Halladay, lefty, righty, in, out, up in the zone, down in the zone; there simply is no good way to get him out. Ride the wave as long as you can because Bruce has been as hot as any player in baseball for most of the month.

It has been a fun three years watch Bruce play ball in the Queen City, as we knew it would be. Sure, there are times of frustration along with the times that he has sat on top of the mountain but those times only frustrate us because we knew all along how truly special of a player Jay Bruce could be in this league. It’s been on display all month. This is what we expected to happen. A player like Paul Janish or Jonny Gomes, you don’t get as frustrated with. They have no ceiling like this. They are not capable of going bananas and putting a team on their back for an entire month stretch. You expect 5 for 50 slides out of them. Bruce is in a different category.

We predict that this month is looked back on as the month Jay Bruce became a bright shining star. This is the month that the flowers bloomed. This is the month that baby Bruce grew into Bruce-zilla. Or Jay-VP as we called him on twitter. This is what we’ve all been waiting for.

Happy Jay Bruce day everybody.

Reds roll the Pirates on Jay Bruce Day

Jay Bruce knows May 27 is Jay Bruce Day

Jay hit a 408 foot home run in the first inning off Charlie Morton. It was his first home run in about a month (April 29). If you want to see it, click here.

“Two years ago today, I got called up. Last year, I hit two homers on May 27 and this year I hit one. May 27 is a pretty good day. Johnny was pitching too.” — Jay Bruce, postgame interview.

Our boy is now hitting .291/.423/.405 in the month of May. I fully expect his slugging percentage to increase and I wonder he can keep up a .423 OBP. If he does, you have a full-fledge superstar on your hands. The kind a pennant winning team hitches their wagon to. Long ways to go, but he made huge strides this month and continued hitting the ball hard. Despite a couple of K’s he still added a double later in the game.

Reds take 3 of 4 from Pirates

This is the first time since the middle of 2006 that we’ve been 8 games over .500, and man does it feel good. The Reds needed 3 of 4 from the Pirates and that’s exactly what they did. They now enter the weekend playing the Houston Astros for three while the Cardinals battle the Cubs. This series is paramount because it will allow the Reds to gain ground on someone behind them. Things are setting up nicely if the Reds can handle their business at home. Something they’ve done 17 times in 27 tries thus far this season.

Rolen & Cueto

Rolen equals his home run total from last year. Please, just stay healthy Scott. Playing like he’s 24 again. That 3-run home run in the first inning was the catalyst for the entire evening (after of course Orlando Cabrera getting on base again to lead off a ballgame).

Johnny Cueto is 5-0 with a sub-1 ERA in his last 5 starts. The guy is absolutely dominating right now. He’s unhittable, and if his arm doesn’t fatigue again he is the type of guy who you could see becoming a household name around the National League. He’s delivering on the promise that a lot of scouts were talking about when he first came up.

A Day in Honor of Jay Bruce

Two years ago today Jay Bruce made his Major League debut. And we went ahead and took it a step too far as usual by declaring that May 27th and every May 27th Jay Bruce day around Major League Baseball.

He celebrated his first day in the big leagues by going 3 for 3 with two walks. Last year he homered twice, tripled and drove in five. What he’ll do tonight is anyone’s guess, but if you’re in Vegas I’d play RED 32 on the wheel because May 27th is just a special day. It’s Jay Bruce’s day.

As for The Beaumont bomber himself, Yahoo! Sports sums is up pretty well how he’s playing right now.

The Reputation: More name value than actual substance, Bruce is nowhere near the player he was hyped to be.

Bruce, who can most likely be had on the cheap as long as you’re not playing with Redlegs fans, is closer to fulfilling expectations than most realize. As in, any moment now. Since mid-April, he’s racked up a .310 average – he was a .308 hitter in the minors – and has offset 29 strikeouts with 21 walks. The power has lagged behind (he’s yet to go yard in May) but he’s doing everything else, recording seven doubles, three triples and a very surprising five stolen bases on the season. If there’s one thing we could count on heading into the year, it was that Bruce was a lock for 20 HRs, and now that he’s finally becoming a dual-category threat and has a surprisingly potent supporting cast surrounding him, he has top-15 outfielder potential hitting in the Great American Launching Pad. I smell a homer barrage coming.

So maybe he hasn’t homered in a month. He’s just a ballplayer. Tonight’s the night. Thanks for two great years in the big leagues Jay.

Can anyone tell me what Thursday is?

This thursday’s game against the Pittsburgh Pirates is a very special day both on the blog and in the career of a young man who we love watching play the game very much.

It was two years ago on this May 27th day that Jay Bruce made his Major League debut, and we declared that day Jay Bruce Day in honor of the young slugger.

Last year on Jay Bruce day, the man himself had one of the finest games of his career. He homered twice and tripled in a victory against the Astros.

This year, he’s facing a 1-8 pitcher. A big right-hander by the name of Charlie Morton. Jay hasn’t hit a home run in the month of May. Do you know what the odds on that are? Long to say the least. He might hit 3 bombs on Thursday and drive in 8 runs. He really might. Thursday is going to be a special night for the Deal, the Beaumont Bomber, the Boss; whatever you want to call him.

You heard it here first.

Reds Win on Jay Bruce Day behind young sluggers 2 bombs

This was one of the best wins of the year. Not just because Jay Bruce had one of his best games as a pro. The Reds are now just a 1 and 1/2 out of first place before the most important road trip since I was in high school; and they’re believing they can return from it in first place.

Bronson Arroyo threw yet another sparkling start at the opposition, throwing the complete game and earning his 7th win. He has more wins in baseball not named Roy Halladay or Zack Greinke. I have to say, the guy has surprised me. His teammates must really love him. They score him runs and play defense behind him.

Other then a one run loss to the Cleveland Indians this past saturday, the Reds have rattled off 5 of 6 ballgames. Just keep it rolling.

Bruce hit two bombs to nearly the same spot in right field, and tripled to drive in Laynce Nix and put the game on ice in the 8th inning. To sweep the hated Astros with hated Hunter Pence, Lance Berkman, Roy Oswalt, and all the other pain in the ass ballplayers on their roster; it’s just a great feeling.

Happy Jay Bruce Day 2009

What, you thought we’d forget? Not a chance. It was one year ago today that the Godfather of Diamond Hoggers, “The Deal” Jay Bruce was called up to the big leagues. In his honor we named May 27th as Jay Bruce day. It has been a great and eventful first year in the big leagues for the young slugger with the smoothest of all swings.

Never before has an MLB player peaked our interest in the sport we already loved. So celebrate it as you wish. Hopefully Jay celebrates it with a few base knocks against the Houston Astros.

People of Cincinnati….I hereby declare this day Jay Bruce Day

This year and every year to follow, May 27th shall be celebrated as Jay Bruce Day.

As we promised we’ll be headed to Cincinnati to cover Jay Bruce’s Major League debut against the Pittsburgh Pirates. We offer a firsthand look at the sights and sounds of possibly the most anticipated debut of a young ballplayer in the past decade.

This is a move not to just be celebrated by Reds fans all over; but I’ve noticed the enthusiasm by fans all over baseball to see this kid play.

The talent pool of young players all over baseball seems to be at an all-time high, and Jay Bruce is the crown gem of them all in our opinion. This is good for the sport and promotes more fandom. As we’re sure to see in Bruce’s debut, attendance will spike at Great American Ball Park.

So head out and get yourself a few Skyline Chili-Cheese coneys or some Montgomery Inn before first pitch tonight. It is the initial Jay Bruce Day in baseball. It is the dawn of a new era.