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Jay Bruce’s catch saved Coco Cordero’s ass last night. “With the Reds’ magic number down to 10 and their first playoff appearance in 15 years approaching, it has to be encouraging for Cincinnati fans to see Bruce rebounding from his recent stay on the DL for a strained abdomen. On Monday, he powered the Reds with two homers in just his first game back. Then this catch happened on Wednesday.” [Big League Stew]

Photoblogging: Mets 5, Reds 4 (The Rod Barajas Bomb Game)

This was not a game I want to remember, but we made the trip and I’ll throw up a few photos and the commentary that goes with it. I pretty much sulked and acted like an ass the entire night due to the Reds mustering jack-shit off a run of the mill right hander like John Maine.

I mean, how do you let a guy like John Maine beat you? He entered the game with a 7.11 ERA and the Reds were off all night at the plate. Maine was throwing around 89-90 MPH the entire game.

I threw a picture up of David Wright above because he did his thing. The guy is back. That’s exactly what I said when he launced a two run jack off of Bronson Arroyo.

Ike Davis. This was Ike Davis’ second road game of his professional career I’m told. Reds fans, remember back when Jay Bruce broke into the big leagues? This is the Mets version of Jay Bruce in a way.
This guy has a sweet stroke. He was a tough out all night long and lined several line drives around the ball park. I’d like to see him develop a bit more power but he has a good swing and a nice approach for a guy who’s been up all of about two weeks.

Reds owner Bob Castellini is spotted just before Brandon Phillips dropped a monster bomb off the foul pole in left field. He was in and out of the owners box just before the game.

Our boy Jay Bruce right before he worked a walk off John Maine. Or perhaps it was a strikeout. I’m pretty sure it was a walk and he ended up scoring a run that would put the Reds on the scoreboard. It was a rough night for Jay. A couple of strikeouts, a ball nubbed. I wanted to see Jay drop bombs. It’ll have to wait until I’m present another time.

Here’s a view of the moondeck on this beautiful 76 degree night. If you look close enough, the Redlegs are in 2nd place in the standings up there. Lets hope that lasts through the summer. The crowd looked better then it was. A crowd of 13,813 showed up to have their hearts broken by Coco Cordero and Rod Barajas.
This was the kid I was really excited about seeing and he got in the game. The man who might make Francisco Rodriguez expendable. If I’m the Reds or anyone else I try to see what I have to give up to grab ahold of this future Rolaids relief man of the year award winner. Jenrry Mejia. Throwing absolute gas up there at 97, 98, 98, 96, 97 MPH. He’s 21 years old. I love watching this guy pitch and I wish Votto or Bruce would have gotten some hacks off him.

Reds get off the mat & answer the bell

The Reds salvaged a 3-3 homestand, one in which they really needed to perform well and now leave town headed to start a three game set with the Houston Astros tomorrow night 3.5 games out of first place.

The Reds showed some fight in the wake of a closed door meeting in which Dusty Baker declined to talk to the media after Saturday’s 5-0 nightmare loss. The Reds also ended the San Diego Padres 8-game winning streak which was the longest in baseball. They got a win on a day in which the Padres trotted out a left-hander that I figured would be an automatic loss.

Jay Bruce
When he has games like this, he’s certainly going to be highlighted on this blog. Bruce opened scoring with a single to left field through the box. A nice piece of hitting off the left-handed Padres starter. Bruce finished the day 3 for 4 with two doubles, a run and an RBI. Both of his doubles were in late/clutch spots and he scored what would be the winning run. He’s got the average up to .215, and since April 12th Bruce has posted slash stats of .283/.358/.587/.945, pay particular attention to that OPS of .945 which is right where we want him.

Homer Bailey
Bailey went 6 innings, allowing 4 earned runs but really that doesn’t tell the whole story. He had two bad pitches to Kyle Blanks and Adrian Gonzalez which accounted for all four runs but this was by and large Bailey’s best start of the year. He walked only one hitter and struck out a career high 8 batters. He had good velocity and threw a lot of first pitch strikes. His pitch count per inning was down from where it’s been all year. This is a lot closer to the Bailey we need to see out there every start to give us a shot to win and he did that. His outing counts as a ‘stopper’ outing.

Ramon Hernandez
Hernandez, for all the talk of his struggles and being replaced on a full-time basis by Ryan Hanigan, had two clutch hits in this game. He singled to tie the game at 2-2 in the 4th and he singled home Bruce in the bottom of the 8th to give the Reds the lead. His single was enough to give the Reds their 7th win in their last at-bat this season.

Scott Rolen
The beat rolls on for Rolen, who has been as solid as they come. His home run cut the deficit to 4-3 and he singled in the bottom of the 8th to score when Jay Bruce doubled down the right field line. When he’s in the lineup, the Reds are just a lot better then when he isn’t. He’s the leader of this club.

Francisco Cordero
Coco notched his 7th save in 8 tries and other then the bad outing in Pittsburgh he’s been remarkably solid. He had a little trouble in the 9th, allowing the go-ahead run to get on base and the tying run to advance to third, but found control when he needed it and got Jerry Hairston to fly out to Drew Stubbs in center field to end the ballgame.

Reds are 'looking to deal'

There’s a lot out there about the Reds dealing some veterans in the offseason. MLB Trade Rumors makes some sense of it:’s Jon Heyman reported yesterday that the Cincinnati Reds might field offers for Brandon Phillips, Francisco Cordero, and Bronson Arroyo.

We’ve heard plenty of speculation that the trade market will be more vibrant this offseason than the free agent market, with so few big names available through free agency. Phillips and Cordero would each match up well with the best free agents available at their respective positions, and even Arroyo posted a 3.84 ERA in 220.1 IP this season. Teams may be more inclined to inquire about their price tags than to dish out long-term contracts to similar or lesser free agents.

The Reds once again finished below .500 last year in the NL Central, and are looking up at the Cardinals, Cubs, and Brewers, who all seem more likely than Cincinnati to add an impact talent this winter. The Reds are not a large-market team; their 2009 payroll sat at $73MM, and we heard earlier this week that it’ll be even smaller in 2010. It makes sense that they would explore the return on a few of their bigger contracts and attempt to rebuild around players like Jay Bruce, Edinson Volquez, and Joey Votto (or top first base prospect Yonder Alonso).

Cordero, Arroyo, and Harang are guys I would try to move. They’re not going to help the Reds make a significant playoff push; by the time we’re ready to compete these guys will either be too aged and ineffective or ready for their contract to expire.

Now Phillips, I don’t trade. At least not in this offseason. Let him come back at an age in which he should be at his prime and see if he can have a career season. We don’t have many run producing hitters that are right handed. I don’t care what kind of stud you think Todd Frazier will end up becoming. Phillips is valuable still to the Reds. You’re not going to recover a bonafide, sure-fire MLB talent in a trade for Phillips. He’s not a malcontent or anything. So keep him around. We had enough trouble scoring last year and they’re kicking around the idea of bringing back Johnny Gomes. Unless you’re desperate for right handed hitting pop, you’re not talking about bringing back Johnny Gomes.

The three pitchers above, I deal yesterday for prospects. I don’t care what Arroyo’s second half ERA was and I don’t care how many innings he and Harang can eat together. ‘Innings eaters’ is just another way of saying that the guys are worthless in every other way. Now we won’t go as far as saying these two guys are worthless, but the days of them being 1-2 in this rotation should be over since we have Homer Bailey and Johnny Cueto waiting to take those roles.

Plus, we like the idea of freeing up all that money to lock up the Votto’s, the Bruce’s and the other young studs who arrive on the scene in Cincinnati the next couple years.

McDonald & Bruce key Reds win over Marlins

[Box Score]
It’s a funny game. We’ll say it again. The Cincinnati Reds have now won four games in a row, and Matt Maloney has earned his first win as a big leaguer.
The Reds opened up the bottom of the first inning with a home run from leadoff guy Darnell McDonald, who started in centerfield. McDonald’s homer to left gave the Reds a 1-0 lead and from there they’d load the bases with two outs. Jay Bruce stepped up to the plate and lofted a broken bat single into left field that scored two runs to make it 3-0.
From there one might have thought the Reds were going to have a huge offensive night and earn a rout. That was not the case. The Reds bullpen went four innings of one hit baseball, did not allow a walk, and struck out six Marlins hitters. Coco Cordero earned save number 38; and it seems to be turning into a nightly occurence for him.
The Reds could muster only 6 hits on the night in front of the crowd of 9,685. The stands looked extremely empty on television and it was quiet enough that after each pitch you could hear the umpire indicate the location of ‘balls’ calls. It’s still good to see the Reds winning and you have to hope that they’ll maybe carry this momentum into next season, who knows. It’d be nice to finish with something like a 10 game winning streak we suppose.

Another late season Redleg Rally

This looked like a ballgame that was headed for disaster, and then after a Cincinnati Reds rally; extra innings. Neither thing ever came to pass as the Reds beat the Astros and Roy Oswalt did indeed set a single season record for no-decisions in a season.
Paul Janish of all people had a big night for the Reds, tallying three doubles. Scott Rolen’s hit was as big as any in the game as he doubled over Astros centerfielder Micheal Bourne’s head to tie the game at 4-4.
Not to be overlooked is Kip Wells’ effort on the mound. The guy has absolutely nothing in the way of stuff but he gutted it out long enough to get the ball to Daniel Ray Herrera (win), Nick Masset and eventually Coco Cordero (save).
And yes, these games are meaningless for both clubs. Yes, the Reds hosted a half assed promotion last night titled ‘bark at the ballpark’ in which you could bring your dog to the stadium. But anytime you can take a few games from the Houston Astros I know as a Reds fan I at least appreciate it.

Johnny Cueto is the Question & the Answer

Johnny Cueto threw six shutout innings last night, striking out 8 Arizona hitters in improving his record to 8-4. Cueto has been so good in the first half that he is almost a lock to be the Reds lone All-Star, that is if Coco Cordero (who locked down save 19) doesn’t get a selection.
Bottom line: Cueto has Cy Young stuff on most nights. Last year he had it on some days. But he’s putting it all together this year. And teams aren’t able to hit him much. He’s got a 2.69 ERA which puts him in Tim Lincecum and Chris Carpenter territory.

The Reds mustered only 9 hits on the night, and the only scoring blow was a Joey Votto bloop job that scored the suddenly torrid Chris Dickerson. Dickerson’s average is up to .283 on the year; and he and Votto were the only Reds to collect multiple hits in the game.
Jerry Hairston made the play of the game at shortstop, diving in the hole and flipping to Brandon Phillips at second base to take away a hit and end an inning. And for what seems like the 100th time on the year, the Reds are back to .500 at 38-38, good enough for three games back in the NL Central.

Just to Update

Here’s a sneak preview of where we were sitting last night. This was the 9th inning before Grady Sizemore went up to the plate and got smoked by 96 mph at the knees heat by Coco Cordero. Reds were leading by what would turn into the final score; 3-1 already at that point.

Back to the park tonight. Won’t be in as good of seats; but at least Homer Bailey is on the bump (like that’s honestly a good thing).

Cincinnati is officially in the win column

Box Score]

The Cincinnati Reds avoided being swept at home with an 8-6 win in a business day special ballgame that began at 12:35 AM ET this afternoon.

Joey Votto once again ignited the Reds offense for the second day in a row by hitting a 3-run home run, becoming the first Reds player since Ken Griffey Jr. with back to back games with a 3-run homer. It has been almost 3 years since the feat was last accomplished. Votto had 3 hits for the second consecutive day and drove in 4 runs.

Bronson Arroyo was not fabulous as the starter but was good enough to get the victory. The Reds got on the board with a single by Darnell Mcdonald in the third inning that scored Ryan Hanigan. That made it 3-1 and Votto’s blast gave them a lead they’d never fully relinquish.

The Mets tied the game at 4 briefly but a 2-out 2-run single by Paul Janish in the 5th inning gave the Reds the lead for good. Francisco Cordero struck out the Mets’ side in the 9th inning to earn his first save.

Reds work OT in loss to Astros

The Reds fucking lost again last night, in 10 innings. We missed it because we were playing NHL 2008 on XBOX with a buddy, and it’s a good thing. Francisco Cordero: I’d really like you to stop this shit. Ever since that game in Florida when you let Cody Ross ruin our season single-handedly, you haven’t been the same. Please, please get your shit together or get the fuck out.

And really at this point who gives a shit? It’s how we feel as a fan — (we attended a football game earlier in the week and it was quite refreshing) and it’s how the Reds look like they’re playing. They don’t deserve attention right now from their fans. They deserve to be ridiculed. It’s acceptable to lose but not to go out and play out a string because you’re millionaires and you can. Where’s the fucking passion? The love of the game? And hell no, Ken Griffey Jr. isn’t missed. So glad that ass pimple was popped when it was.


Finally; the Reds have found their closer

Black Friday has always been a day to go out and go shopping.

Four years and $46 million dollars to land the top free-agent closer on the market, Francisco Cordero. The Cincinnati Reds have searched for years; since the late 90’s to find a dominant closer. I remember in 1998 it was Scott Williamson (NL ROY, Power Closer) and Danny Graves who fueled the Reds run to a near wild card berth.

Now it appears the Reds have a horse to really go out and anchor their bullpen. No one can say that this Reds ownership group headed by Bob Castellini is tight; or that what is needed to spent isn’t being spent. This is clearly a bookend signing that will allow the Reds a player who will anchor their bullpen for years to come. Cordero is 32 but at an age where he still throws gas. His 44 saves last season in Milwaukee were the second most of his 9 year career.

It wasn’t like Milwaukee didn’t wanna keep this guy; he was reportedly offered 4 years, $42 million dollars to stay in Milwaukee. This is a time when I am glad the player spurned an offer to go with the highest bidder, and props to the Reds for taking yet another step in the right direction to becoming a contender.