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The Gentleman’s Game Welcomes it’s Mayor for an evening

Screen Shot 2016-04-23 at 7.55.10 PM

Notice anything new about the scores? This past Friday we welcomed in our first celebrity guest to the Gentleman’s Cup Game – Fantasy Alarm and Sirius Radio’s Jeff Mans. If you listen to him on the drive home during the week, and you like daily fantasy and you’re a baseball guy; you probably like him. He’s a speaker of the truth, a real beacon in this dark world and we were pleased to have him as guest in our contest of sharks.  He even followed etiquette by bringing a well-dressed whore to the event! Gio Gonzalez, come on down! I like it. I like it a lot. The only gent who brought Gio as a date on Friday night was Mr. Mans, and it was a good enough move to get him into fourth, leaving two embarrassed gents with their pants down at nights end.

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Swindaman3 Takes down the Week Three Gentleman’s Game

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I have to apologize as this post usually comes on a Saturday, but Swindaman3 won this week; and as is customary I will never wake up the morning after losing to one of his lineups he set on the toilet at his work and voluntarily waste my 30 minutes of leisure time to write about his big triumphant victory.

The fact of the matter is – Swindaman won the week three Gentleman’s game with a fine score of 136.05, and he didn’t even use Chris Sale. In fact, the fun fact of the Gentleman’s game this week is that the top two Gents did not use Sale and his 46+ points in his hometown area of Tampa. Swindaman3 rolled with Jake Odorizzi, who only decided to throw decently because I left him on my bench in my yearly leagues. The ‘swing’ move of the week and Gentleman’s game MVP was Matty Holliday. He homered twice against the Reds and tallied 36 points. In a stroke of economist brilliance, Swindaman3 was the only gent to roll out The Undertaker Matt Holliday in this week’s gentleman’s duel.

He also had Josh Harrison for some reason; who lucked his way into 16 points. Jason Castro was a great punt play as he stole a bag and had 11 valuable points. Surplus value for my man Swindaman3 here on his way to the huge cash prize for the week and the full FIVE points!

Our champion and current standings leader DStars45 got 37 huge points from that little Kike Hernandez to pull him into second later in the night. He now holds a commanding lead in the yearly standings.

Yearly Standings:
DStars45 – 13 points
t3bird04 – 9 points
Diamondhoggers – 8 points
Swindaman3 – 8 points
Jsquad34 – 7 points

I want to note that I got 46+ and 28+ from my two pitchers; Sale and Joe Ross. Then Carlos Correa and Mike Trout gave me two points a piece, and Craig Gentry, Buster Posey, and Ryan Goins all zeroed on the night. This is complete horse shit, and these men have now been blacklisted from my future Gentleman’s Game Cocktail Party Guests Lists.

Here is a look at whom Swindaman3 invited in route to the victory:
Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 9.30.47 PM

A few notes on this week’s gentleman’s game:

  • In a cunning move of bravery, JSquad34 rolled out three Giants against Clayton Kershaw: Posey, Matt Duffy, and Hunter Pence. It didn’t work out .
  • Our own t3bird got zeroes from Emannuel Burris (who was not a prophet on this night), Francisco Cervelli, Stephen Piscotty, and Coco Crisp. Like a bad bug at the office, there were a lot of the zero-flu flying around Friday evening.
  • The only gent to use Bryce Harper on his homer binge was DStars45, and he tallied 24 points.

Next week will be a very important week for us Gentleman. We must collectively pull together to overthrow the runaway rebel force that is DStars45. This has gone on long enough. We need to do well enough that he gets a measly one or two in points, and we all need to get back in this. We must phone his wife and ask her to secretly steal his phone at their Friday evening dinner and enter the likes of Chris Collabello and Danny Espinosa, with bonus points going to her if they are not in the lineup! We must hope this man loses his mind, and we reap all the benefits!

So………. what will happen next week?

Will Swindaman3 defeat all with a lineup he creates in four minutes while on the shitter? Will JSquad34 dig way down deep to crawl out of the Gentleman’s Game basement? Will Diamondhoggers roll out two of the finest hitters in the game again and render them helpless like only he can do with any player? Hell, I’ve ruined Paul Goldschmidt so far! Which pitching whore will be cordially invited for the first time to the cocktail party? Can we reach Mrs. DStars45 in the coming week to get her help to poison the righteous king? It may be our only hope.

You must tune in next week to find out, as we continue to write the monumental saga of the Gentleman’s Cup Series presented by Thornton’s Gas Station and our other sponsor, Cane’s Fried Chicken. Eat at Cane’s, and make sure you get the toast with your meal!


The Champ is back on top in the Gentleman’s Game

Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 2.19.10 PM

The first Friday edition of the Gentleman’s Game Cup Series on DraftKings had several stunning occurrences. Tyler “The Great White” of the Houston Astros was definite MVP of the Gentleman’s Game this week. His 26 points led the way for DStars45 to take the week, the huge winnings, and his top place in the standings from last season.

JSquad34 spent the week complaining about what a sham Draftkings is. He’s right – however JSquad34 believes that Draftkings would make life wonderful if they would allow for late-swaps of players involved in bad weather games. We disagree a little bit here; but I do think DraftKings is shadier than the largest shade tree in my grandfather’s backyard – a 200 year old oak. Several Gentleman learned this week that their referrals have been zeroed out by Draftkings to pay (we assume) their lofty attorney fees. This is really too bad; not because I will miss the $10.15 in “Draftkings bucks” I received each month, but because I had to beg, borrow, and steal to get people to sign up under my name. Literally, the three or so guys I talked into being “my recruit” on Draftkings probably do not like me anymore because of the sales job I did to get them to sign up through the site, referral code “Diamondhoggers”. People in general do not like you selling things to them. I have done it for a living for over a decade. Hawking Draftkings services to a friend just sounds shady from the get-go, and about 30 minutes in I always feel like I am trying to get them to buy a coupon booklet or phone directory. Anyways, none of that matters now because I have no more referrals. If any draftkings employee reads this – I would like you to use referral code “kiss my ass” from here forth for a deposit bonus on this website!

JSquad34 should get props for being the only Gentleman to use the animal that is named Josh Donaldson. He hit a grand slam and was worth 20 points. This alone pulled the Gent we call ‘The Squad’ into second place. We don’t really call him that, though.

T3Bird was t3bogey during this Master’s week. He took zeroes from Luis Valbuena and Nelson Cruz in route to scoring 85+ points and coming in third place. Another winning move was using Scooter Gennett for his home run and 16 points. He was the only gent other than the victor to use the Scooter on Friday night. Scooters can be a lot of fun when you ride them with a few gents.

As for Diamondhoggers (that’s us, let’s just be real here), well where do we start. Diamondhoggers….. it’s gonna take a solid month or two to get you sorted the fuck out with your DFS. What a mess. Just 61.65 pathetic points on a lineup you spent all day tinkering with. The move you were most excited about was bringing a trash whore like Matt Wisler to the cocktail party. It really worked out well for a while, too. You thought you had them all fooled. And then Matt started saying things that made others question why he was your date to begin with in such a fine establishment. And things got foiled. Diamondhoggers was awarded with two pity points for putting their name on the paper and finds themselves in an uphill battle in this early gentleman’s joust.

And then there’s Swindaman3. We are checking with the Elias Sports Bureau on this, but it is possible that his 33.35 points was the lowest recorded score in the history of the Gentleman’s game. Matt Shoemaker did the honors this week as the Gentleman’s Game Turd of the week with a negative -7.25 points. Matt Shoemaker is the kind of whore you want to bring to the cocktail party! We like El Swindy’s train of thought here. It could have definitely worked. Marcus Stroman’s off night and a slow night from his hitters compounded the bad behavior on Shoemaker’s part. He’s done this before at the Friday night gala.

Here’s the look at the standings at the two-contest mark:

Yearly Standings:
DStars45 – 9 points
t3bird04 – 8 points
Diamondhoggers – 5 points
Jsquad34 – 5 points
Swindaman3 – 3 points

And here is a copy of the winning entry by DStars45:
Screen Shot 2016-04-10 at 2.18.59 PM

So now we wait. It’s after weeks like this that I wish there was a gentleman’s game on a Tuesday so we could all take aim at proper vengeance. But you only get so many Gentleman’s Games in life to take advantage. It is a high-pressure environment that simply isn’t for everyone in the Daily Fantasy realm.

So what will happen next week? Will JSquad34 take aim at Draftking’s rake amount? Which new whore will diamondhoggers have on his arm come Friday evening? Will Swindaman3 complain that this post came too late in the week and say that he is not interesting in reading it? Will our own t3bird spread his wings and decide to go for an eagle? Will Dstars45 permanently elect Tyler White into his circle of trust?

You must tune in next week to find out.

Chipping off the Winter Ice: The Gentleman’s Game Returns to DFS

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 8.42.48 PM

While it might seem like just yesterday that we were crowning our inaugural DFS Gentleman’s Game Cup Series champion last October, it’s been seven damn rough months. So if this first column is offensive, not funny, not interesting, or causes you to never visit this site again; please forgive me.

We’ll save the humor for the meat of the season, and this incredible battle and test of will that these five men once again volunteer to enter. It is the same cast of characters you all remember from last season’s ensemble.

Yesterday’s contest was lead almost exclusively by the champ, DStars45; until Zach Greinke got involved and decided he was going to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. A huge thanks to Greinke and his -7 points yesterday (he also helped lose my moneyline bet on the DBacks as a bonus) in being the deciding factor and first confirmed gentleman’s game turd of the season. Two unfortunate owners were on the receiving end of Greinke’s desert diarrhea.

Our very own t3bird04 spread his wings and avoided the iceberg in the middle of the Gents game sea by using Chris Sale against a light-hitting Athletics team. This, along with the help of Bryce Harper, Daniel Murphy, and Josh Donaldson were enough to carry the bird to victory. Harper and Sale were named co-MVP’s of this week’s Opening Day Gentleman’s game by the competition committee which is basically just me; a guy who sits in his mom’s basement and writes articles about his four friends and their little contest. Do not be jealous of my life. You think I am kidding? I would allow you to phone the basement I live in to prove it to you but you guessed it, there is no landline!

Alright, how about a look at those yearly standings? Swindaman3 was almost docked a point this morning for being a smart ass.

Yearly Standings:
t3bird04 – 5 points
DStars45 – 4 points
Diamondhoggers – 3 points
Swindaman3 – 2 points
Jsquad34 – 1 point

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 8.43.03 PM

A very workman-like effort yesterday from our very own t3Bird04, who used his cunning guile and superior strength to out work the other four gentleman. With his winnings, he plans to buy a gumball and a pack of skittles and will still have some left over for his retirement account. We welcome and expect better efforts this Friday from all five Gents when we hit the field again.

Oh but wait….. what will happen next week? Will some team’s high-priced ace throw the ball in the gap time and again to ruin our evening? Will Swindaman3 again reach for the helping hand of Brett Lawrie’s three points? Or how about Diamondhoggers; will he use three economy priced Tampa Bay Rays to yield a simple two points each off walks because they are worthless? Will our own t3bird continue to spread his wings and soar towards the pinnacle of life and fantasy sports? Will Draftkings swallow itself like the sun? How many more Gentleman’s games do we even have left? Such as days in life, we are not told this.

There are so many questions unanswered, and we have a long season to fill in the many blanks. Tune in Friday for the next installment of the Gentleman’s Game. Actually it will be Saturday or even later for me to write the post if I don’t win. But tune in next time!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year


Not really. February is brutal. It might as well be called ‘Barnes & Noble Season’ to the baseball fan. It’s fantasy magazine February for all of us impatiently waiting to start our rotosserie league drafts in March. But we are in a period of Festivus with April 3rd and 4th being the day we can all open our great gifts.

Every year it’s a rite of passage, I buy one of these bad boys. Not because I need it but simply because for tradition’s sake; it just helps to remind me of a lot of the things I feel like I already know.

Anyways, I spent an hour this morning trying to read through this while at the same time trying to keep my daughter from putting the toy train set in her mouth. It just wasn’t happening. It’s still a great time of year any time you get to see some of the new fantasy magazine covers out on the racks. It means we don’t have long until our Christmas.

A Gentleman’s Cup Series Champion has been Crowned!

Screen Shot 2015-10-04 at 11.16.34 AM

Friday night was a landmark night in five men’s lives. Now as a footnote in the whole thing, Diamondhoggers won the final Gentleman’s Game of the year to avoid the basement, and finish tied for third place with our own t3bird04.

But the real story, was the battle between DStars45 and Swindaman3. All year long it was like Apollo Creed vs. Rocky Balboa, these two heavyweights slugging it out one weekend at a time. Rumor has it that the two did not even speak for six weeks down the stretch while trying to decide who would come out on top of this duel.

And in the end, Swindaman3 had his opportunities granted to him by his fellow gentleman. They stayed out of last place, leaving the door open for Dstars45 to find himself there; with a win, a tie-breaker match would have been forced between the two Gentleman at the top of the standings.

However, Swindaman3 in his time of need reached for the likes of Ervin Santana and Torii Hunter which proved to be a fatal misstep. He did however, post an impressive 30 points from Luis Valbuena which is the kind of thing you need to do to win a Gentleman’s Game.

Yearly Standings:
DStars45 – 81.5 Points ** GENTLEMAN’S CUP CHAMPION **
Swindaman3 – 79.5 points
Diamondhoggers – 72 points
t3bird04 – 72 Points
Jsquad34 – 69 Points

Here’s a copy of the final winning lineup from Diamondhoggers. You’ll see that no gentleman tallied 100 points, this is the kind of Gentleman’s Game muck that’s just fit to rake for Diamondhoggers, winning with total slop.

Screen Shot 2015-10-04 at 11.16.42 AM

SO what will happen next week? Well these posts sadly disappear until next spring. By then a few new Gentleman will want in this. But we will be selective as to whom will get in our midnight club. You think you’re good enough? Send an email to diamondhoggers_at_gmail dot com and let us know why you deserve to be in the gentleman’s game. If we get some responses, we’ll post them on the site each week and just possibly invite a new gentleman to the game.

Other than that, we’ll miss the fun and exposure we had to eachother from afar in our contests. The memories. C.J. Cron’s backside dump single at one in the morning meaning something to all of us. The little things.

Congratulations to our first Gentleman’s Cup Champion, DStars45. His DFS excellence shines through in this contest of warriors.

Last Week’s Friday Night Gentleman’s Game was decided in Dramatic Fashion

Screen Shot 2015-09-26 at 9.26.25 AM

Well, well, well. Who knew that Carlos Carrasco could be so much damn fun? Two gentleman, that’s who. They go by the names of DStars45, and Swindaman3. And they’re the stars of the 2015 Gentleman’s game because they make the bold calls. They’re good under pressure. They can probably drive their vehicles through rush hour with their knees on the way home from work… all while setting their gentleman’s game lineup. They make the bold calls with the chips in the middle of the table. Calls like using Carlos “Jekyll and Hyde” Carrasco against the DFS kill your pitcher buzz-saw that is the Kansas City Royals.

Now one caveat would have been that the game was in Kansas City, which suppresses offense. The other side of that is when you trust a player who wears a Cleveland uniform in any sport, it typically ends badly. These two brave warriors were rewarded with the first and second places in the Friday night game and will enter this Friday, the Gentleman’s Game Final with a chance to become the Gentleman of the Year.

We’ve had calls from different sponsors inquiring about doing a deal with the winner of this eventual title. Nothing is set in stone at this point, but the man who wins this contest stands to win a lifetime of fame and riches if they can come up with a big performance Friday night.

Swindaman3 was incredibly heroic, winning the Friday night game by a mere .15; the closest finish between first and second in the illustrious history of the contest.

A look at the standings reveals what is needed for each gent, and what is at stake. The bottom feeding gentleman will not merely look to just stay out of the basement and not finish last but to play spoiler for the likes of Swindaman3. It is here that past vengeances could be sought out. It is here that lifelong friendships are made, and lifelong foes are adopted.

Yearly Standings:
DStars45 – 80.5 Points
Swindaman3 – 76.5 points
t3bird04 – 68 Points
Jsquad34 – 68 Points
Diamondhoggers – 67 points

And here is a look at the winning lineup by Swindaman3. All joking aside, it really was a clutch performance. Look at him using Tyler Flowers AND Travis Shaw there. Look at him getting underpriced Mike Trout into the mix along with Sexi Alexei. Who would have had the guts to use Sonny Gray as bad as he’s been this last month plus against the NL version of the Royals; the Giants? Swindaman3, that’s who.

This is why he is in this position, and three other gents are not. He must hope for a last place finish from DStars45 and he must win first place next week. His pursuit of first place has been one of the most courageous acts ever seen in the fantasy realm, daily or otherwise.

“You really don’t know pressure in life until you’ve had your back to the wall in the Gentleman’s Game,” said an exhausted Swindaman3 on Sunday night from his home. “I don’t know what I’ll go with on Friday night, but I hope most of DStars45’s players get rained out”.

Screen Shot 2015-09-26 at 9.26.33 AM

So we ask for the final time in 2015…. what will happen next week? Will T3bird rise up and kamikaze Mr. Swindaman’s hopes through the branches?  Will any gent decide to use Kelby Tomlinson if he’s there and in the lineup for 2000? Or how about the fierce battle between diamondhoggers and JSquad34 to not get last place? Will Dstars45 put together a fourth place or better lineup to secure the first Gentleman’s game title, and all the prize money and endorsements that comes with it?


T3Bird04 Flies to the Top of a Sluggish Friday Night Football Gentleman’s Game

Screen Shot 2015-09-19 at 11.49.19 AM

There is just one Gentleman’s game remaining this season.

Some things would seem to be decided, with DStars45 holding down things in the top spot even with a tough Friday night. But hold on a second. I am told that the Gentleman’s Game competition committee is discussing a wrinkle in the contest that would allow for point values to be doubled in the final week, or a possible twi-night double header; making much up for grabs. Yes, you heard that right. It is possible the Gentleman’s Cup champion to come down to the final week.

As for this past week’s contest, it was as sluggish as it seemed. With football in play and fall activities to be done in life, you’ll have nights where the Gentleman come out a little bit subpar. We will need to check with the Elias Sports Bureau, but we believe it to be the first Gentleman’s Game in which there was no member to reach 100 total points.

T3Bird04 was the victor last night, pulling out all the stops with home runs from Justin Smoak and Khris Davis, and solid enough performances from Madison Bumgarner and Max Scherzer.

It just wasn’t a night where you needed a lot from your bats as long as you collected two quality starts, and the bird was indeed the word.

Here’s a look at the yearly standings:

Yearly Standings:
DStars45 – 76.5 Points
Swindaman3 – 71.5 points
t3bird04 – 67 Points
Diamondhoggers – 65 points
Jsquad34 – 65 Points

And now a look at the magic potion that T3bird04 used to foil the other gents:


Screen Shot 2015-09-19 at 11.49.42 AM

BUT…. what will happen next week? We are not done yet as there is one weekend of baseball remaining. And like true gentleman, we will see this party through until the final light switch has been turned off.

Was the Inaugural Gentleman’s Cup Decided Friday Evening?

Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 11.17.25 AM

This is your very quick update for the weekly Gentleman’s Game on Draftkings – it typically comes on a Saturday but we had to take care of our kiddo all Saturday afternoon and today of course was the first day of NFL season.

As you can see above, DStars45 once again soundly dominated the Gentleman’s Cup Series game on Friday evening. Wellington Castillo, Paul Goldschmidt, and NOLAN REIMOLD were his big contributors with the bat, and Chris Archer (used only by Diamondhoggers otherwise) and Steven Matz did not do enough wrong to harm DStars’ lineup, a lineup that saw no member zero, which is often key when you can get those 3 or 4 guys to go off for double digits.

This was a very key Gentleman’s Game. DStars45 and Swindaman3 were seperated entering this game by just three points; now that gap has grown to seven with just two (scheduled Gentleman’s games to go).

Yearly Standings:
DStars45 – 75.5 Points
Swindaman3 – 68.5 points
Jsquad34 – 63 Points
t3bird04 – 62 Points
Diamondhoggers – 61 points

It also seems the battle for basement futility could come down to the bitter end.

Here’s a copy of the possible soon to be best Gentleman’s winning lineup:

Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 11.17.44 AM

Diamondhoggers wins the Gentleman’s Game short two players

Screen Shot 2015-09-05 at 12.06.29 PM

Things are tightening up in the Gentleman’s Game Cup Series.

We now have a three-way tie at the bottom rung of the ladder, with our own t3bird04, JSquad34, and Diamondhoggers all locked up; nothing decided after nearly five months of baseball. Things also got a little more interesting at the top with Swindaman3 earning two points last night, and DStars45 earning one. Overall, the gentleman’s game last night was a low-scoring affair with only one contestant reaching the 100 or greater mark. A three run total game in Coors Field certainly didn’t help those gents who went looking for their offense in Colorado.

All five gents went with Jacob DeGrom against the Marlins – seemed like an easy call, right? Think again. This is DFS baseball, and nothing makes sense. DeGrom earned a little bit less than a point per $1,000 he cost to use in your lineup last night, totaling a paltry 10.1 in Miami.

Here are a look at the up to date standings for the year.

Yearly Standings:
DStars45 – 70.5 Points
Swindaman3 – 67.5 points
t3bird04 – 59 Points
Jsquad34 – 59 Points
Diamondhoggers – 59 points

The moves that really had Diamondhoggers out in front last night – despite losing Jay Bruce and Todd Frazier (who probably would have combined for like three points anyway) – were using red hot Chris Davis who is clearly back on adderall and Alexei Ramirez who luck-boxed his way to four hits and 27 points.

Diamondhoggers also used Joe Kelly who was pedestrian as usual but got 18 points and the win for the Red Sox. Here is a copy of the picks to click that worked last night.

Screen Shot 2015-09-05 at 12.06.38 PM

So what will happen next week, or next time we decide to gather at the cyber bar for this gents affair? This battle of statistical Goliaths. It is possible that we have just three contests remaining. The math is still there for anyone to win this, but those gents at the bottom of the standings will need outside help and a major collapse from DStars45 and Swindaman3 that is very unlikely. Also, it’s impossible to be consistent at DFS baseball really, so you have to factor that in. In this organized chaos, two gents have stood alone as the best gents for the job. The goal for the other three simply remains to stay out of the basement and play for pride until next spring rolls around. They’re ready for the Gentleman’s NFL cup (which starts next weekend).

DStars45 Claims another Gentleman’s Cup Game; Swindaman3 Beats Diamondhoggers by less than a point


Prior to the Friday Gentleman’s Game Cup Series match, Swindaman3 had an interesting bit of words for Diamondhoggers; and although Diamondhoggers felt really confident in Felix Hernandez and Andrew Cashner as his two pitchers for this DFS game of Goliath’s; King Felix laid yet another egg. He’s a damn mess. However, Swindaman3 edged Diamondhoggers out for second place by a slim margin of .15 on the night. If Swindaman3 is going to taunt me; he better win by more than .15, we would advise….mmmyes.

This was ever important to the macro spectrum of the Gentleman’s Game. If Diamondhoggers could have avoided zero’s from three  assholes: Jose Reyes, Lorenzo Cain, and Roughnads Odor (he’s Rough Nads as long as he’s going to lay eggs in DFS), it would have catapulted the Hoggers to second place, upsetting a first place tie in the yearly standings. As it was, the ever confident Swindaman took home his four points, and we again have a tie atop the leaderboard!

Screen Shot 2015-08-22 at 9.06.39 AM

Yearly Standings:
DStars45 – 69.5 Points
Swindaman3 – 66.5 points
t3bird04 – 56 Points
Jsquad34 – 55 Points
Diamondhoggers – 54 points

Let’s talk a little bit about DStars’ winning lineup. We’re proud that we had the same thinking in that Felix Hernandez would provide something different. We were the only two gentleman to have that (incorrect) thought. Felix had other ideas. He’s useless this year. Stick a fork in him, do not look his way again. Those light-hitting White Sox fleas beat the snot out of him. Yet another opportunity squandered if only Felix had pitched well; we could have seen two really nice lineups here for two really nice Gents.

But it wasn’t all sour grapes for the victor; Dstars45. He was the only gent to use A.J. Pollock who was the Gents Game MVP with 39 points. Facing a left-handed squid like David Holmberg in a nice hitters park like Cincinnati; it was dense of the other four gents not to use Pollock. DStars45 also used home runs from the ever-scorching Carlos Gonzalez and the wunderkind Bryce Harper to reach his respectable point total of 121.50. Style points go out to Dstars for using ‘The Bassitt Hound’ of Oakland, who hunted his way to 13 points for a reasonable price, allowing DStars to fit Goldschmidt into his lineup.

Screen Shot 2015-08-22 at 9.11.05 AM

So what is going to happen next week? Will anyone else be tempted by the dumpster fire that has become 2015 Felix Hernandez? The tie will be broken atop the leaderboard; but whom will rise? Will Swindaman3 once again spend his Friday afternoon throwing text tomatoes at one of the founding fathers of the Gentleman’s game? Will Diamondhoggers find his pride and stay out of the Gentleman’s Game Gutter? Will t3bird04 fly into a daily fantasy window or soar to new heights? Which turds in the baseball world will turn themselves into gems for a night and wear Cinderella’s slipper?

You MUST tune in next week to find out. The Gentleman’s Game…. there’s only one DFS competition like it in the world.

JSquad plummets Diamondhoggers into last place in the Gentleman’s Game


A sad day has come. One of the finest gents of them all (whatever that means) has fallen into last place in the inaugural Gentleman’s Game Cup Circuit standings. The man who was chasing him (JSquad34) put up a 142.5 point performance last night to win the Gentleman’s Game going away.

There was also the weekly switcheroo at the top, with DStars45 reclaiming the top spot with a nice second place finish, and with Swindaman3’s last place in last night’s action he falls back to a comfortable second place lead over the T3bird04.

Screen Shot 2015-08-15 at 1.35.19 AM

A look at the yearly DFS baseball totem pole between these gentleman:

Yearly Standings:
DStars45 – 64.5 points
Swindaman3 – 62.5 Points
t3bird04 – 55 Points
Jsquad34 – 53 Points
Diamondhoggers – 51 points

A couple really nice calls here if you look at JSquad34’s lineup:

  • He used Wily Peralta, a sneaky and cheap play in the $5000 range against the lowly Phillies. That’s just not a lineup that’s going to hit a lot. This allowed JSquad to spend elsewhere on hitters.
  • Another nice half-measure by JSquad was to use Corey Kluber. With some high priced aces on the board (David Price, Max Scherzer, among others) on the board, JSquad pulled a nice swerve picking Kluber against the Twinkies; a team he’s mastered many times before. His complete game victory garnered the highest performance of the night in DFS with 37.55 points. This also left some funds over for JSquad to use…..
  • Aging porn star Stephen Vogt. He’s certainly performed like an aging porn star this season; starting off really hot and slowly fading after an All Star performance. Vogt had his best stuff on display for the directors last night though; Dirk Diggler’ing his way to 24 points with three hits including a home run. He’ll now go back to the depths of fantasy Hell in your yearly leagues and DFS like the aging porn star he is. He looks like an aging male porn star out there.
  • Matt Carpenter and his 19 points – quietly one of the hottest DFS commodities out there right now. Used by only ONE gent. The winning gent.
  • Seems like A.J. Pollock is good for ten any time you trot him out there.
  • Mike Trout gave 12 points, solid.
  • Other than that, Cano, Goldschmidt, Puig, and Bogaerts just didn’t zero for Jsquad. This was as key as anything as they poured in an additional 19 points to get him to 142.50.

Screen Shot 2015-08-15 at 1.35.45 AM

So what’s going to happen next week? The drama is so intense you could cut it with a butter knife.

Will Diamondhoggers continue to use their best 169 point lineup in the solo shot to win six dollars? Will t3bird04 come off his branch to make a push for second place? Will Stephen Vogt bring his stubbled mustache out of retirement again on a Friday night to help someone find glory? Will Swindaman3 ‘almost use Matt Kemp’ for a cycle again? Does DStars45 have a magical month left in him to raise the chalice of milk awarded to all Gentleman’s Cup Champions?

You MUST tune in next week to find out.

The Gentleman’s Game Has a New Sheriff


The Friday night Gentleman’s Game Cup match was quite an event. Swindaman3 is realizing his lifelong dream, becoming a DFS baseball household name week over week, one lineup led James “White American” McCann at a time. He’s doing things his way – and he didn’t come this far to be pushed around.

You’ll see that Mr. S now has reclaimed full leadership atop the Gentleman’s Game Cup Standings. And if you ask him he will not be relinquishing that lead again in this final month and change we have left to decide our first Gentleman’s Game Cup Champion.

Yearly Standings:
Swindaman3 – 61.5 Points
DStars45 – 60.5 points
t3bird04 – 52 Points
Diamondhoggers – 49 points
Jsquad34 – 48 Points

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Swindaman3 acted with brilliance, using not birthday boy Mike Trout (who was used by 60% of the field in this contest) but for using Justin Upton and JD Martinez, who were not used by anyone else. You see, Swindaman3 will swerve you when you think you know his next move best. That’s why he’s on top.

He also went with the cunning move to use Jordan Zimmerman who provided a very quality performance at a smart shopper’s price. James Shields and his 20+ points were just the cherry on the sundae for young Swindaman, who submitted his lineup from the beaches of South Carolina; a location where he’s at his best.

The Gentleman’s Game turd was arguably (or not really that arguably) Jose Fernandez, owner of a shiny new sore shoulder. For all that money, he garnered just 16.25 points against a Braves lineup that doesn’t scare anyone. He was used only by Diamondhoggers who took the bait, and finished fourth.

A copy of the Gentleman Swindy’s winning lineup for those of you who will try to dopplegang his mastery:

Screen Shot 2015-08-08 at 11.06.08 PM

So… what the Hell will happen when we try again next week? Can Diamondhoggers or JSquad climb from the ranks to make t3bird the meat part of a diamondhoggers/Jsquad sandwich? Will Swindaman3 and DStars continue to jostle for year long excellence as they have since the first sun of spring? Will Swindaman3 field another beach lineup that he is becoming so famous for within the industry? Will Jay Bruce post yet another zero in the beautiful confines of a perfect hitters park against an off-brand starter?

You MUST tune in next week to find out. And you will tune in because you are so caught up in this action, to learn who will be crowned the finest gentleman of them all in Daily Fantasy Baseball.

Swindaman3 says I only write about the Gentleman’s Game early when I win



The group of Gentleman engaged in this fierce weekend competition of Daily Fantasy Baseball skill on Draftkings were feeling a little bold this first August weekend of 2015. The gentleman decided that not one, but two competitions should be held, and what happened was a greater separation between the gentleman at the top of the standings, and the bottom.

Swindaman3 made the remark that we only write about the Gentleman’s game early when we win…. this may seem true. However, he is to be commended for his excellent score of 153.5 with the likes of such vagrants and fantasy vermin Nathan Eovaldi and James “White American” McCann. In all, Swindaman3 collected home runs from four players on Friday night to dominate what was a very heavily-competitive contest; that saw all four gentleman achieve 100 or greater points.

On Saturday evening, a different shadow was cast over these five great daily fantasy warriors considered to be the highest of their pedigree. t3bird04 spread his Saturday evening wings as far as they could stretch, and put forth a 115.50 point effort to take home gentleman’s game gold and record five points. A crafty play of Aaron Nola and his twin 21-point Cubbies Schwarber and Rizzo made him Aaron Hamilton and made Swindaman3 Alexander Burr.

Looking at the top of the standings, Dstars45 and Swindaman3 are engaged in quite a game of Gentleman’s Cat & Mouse. It’s like watching Spy vs. Spy. This will be talked about for ages by those who have stood back and watched. One heavyweight throwing a big right hand, only to be countered by a barrage of punches from the other pugilist to work his way off the ropes and out of the corner. We have just seven to eight gentleman’s games left in the season; unless we decide to start playing them on Thursday evenings because we are bored.

Stay tuned, as we get more clarity in who is the greatest Gentleman of them all.


Friday Night:

Screen Shot 2015-08-01 at 2.15.20 AM

Screen Shot 2015-08-01 at 2.15.33 AM

Saturday Night Gentleman’s Game Special:

Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 12.29.25 AM

Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 12.29.44 AM

Yearly Standings after two more Gentleman’s Game Cup Series Contests:

DStars45 – 57.5 points
Swindaman3 – 56.5 Points
t3bird04 – 51 Points
Diamondhoggers – 47 points
Jsquad34 – 44 Points