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You Don’t Say. This Guy Died of a Heart Attack? (Earl Weaver Goes Nuts on an Ump)

Somehow it’s a vintage YouTube baseball clip we’ve never seen before. If you haven’t either, you’re in for a treat.

Earl Weaver really gets his money worth here, and the crowd eventually gets into it. He eventually wins when he gets the umpire to verbally retaliate. “Law enforcement” should be above that. But the umpire mocks Weaver’s saying that he will be in the Hall of Fame and asks ‘For what? For fucking up the World Series?’. Also don’t sleep on the fact that the video begins with a boyish Eddie Murray talking jive to the blue.

This is a hell of a managerial ejection. They don’t make them like this anymore.

H/t: Deadspin

DH Video Select: Sweet Lou will get his money’s worth

Some things you can watch a thousand times and they just never get old.

Tell me at the beginning of this clip if it doesn’t look exactly like when Gramps Piniella stars in that Aquafina commercial.

We ponder how the whole hat kick/flip started with Gramps anyways. We remember one time in Cleveland when he was managing the Seattle Mariners, Sweet Lou kicked the hat into a strong and sudden gust of wind and the hat flew into the crowd. It looked Charlie Chaplin like, choreographed. We suppose it was then that Lou trademarked this practice.

Beyond that, if MLB 2K9 wants to score major points, make Gramps Piniella throw a custom temper tantrum, please.

Bruce ejected and Reds lose 5th straight

In what is sure to be a season of firsts for Jay Bruce, he added another one today. Home plate umpire Bob Davidson did a nice job in showing up a 21 year old today. From now on, Bob Davidson is the permanent placeholder of asswipe on this blog. Bob D: you’re an ass.
The Reds wrap up the season 1-7 against the Los Angeles Dodgers, who are really a stink team in their own right.
James Loney completely owned the Reds this series. He hit the ball outside, inside, left, right, yellow, purple, gray, all over Great American Ball Park and had 3 more hits today. Aaron Harang continued to labor and gave up 5 runs.
The Reds had a short lived rally to cut the deficit to 6-4 on a Brandon Phillips 2-run single, but quickly gave one right back to the Dodgers to arrive at the final of 7-4. The Reds hit the road (I hate getaway days!) and head to Yankee Stadium where we’ll be live front and center on saturday and sunday.
Tomorrow night we’ll be at editor George’s watching the conclusion of the Reds-Yankees first game having a few cold ones. It will be interesting to see if the Reds show up under the bright lights of magic and mystique of Yankee Stadium.

King Dusty objected with his royal gavel

Last night Dusty Baker made me like him even more than a do as a caricature; although I do hate him as a manager. He is King Dusty. Ruler of the Reds. Last night I was watching the game at the bar, when from the corner of my eye comes the flailing king, squaking and carrying on. How bad do you wanna see him with a royal robe or cape on? How bad does he need a royal scepter? It’s his fucking kingdom, and he’s calling the fucking shots. Got it? He can hit Corey Patterson 3rd if he wants to. He can double switch our best run producer out for a defensive replacement in the 5th inning if he feels like it. He’s royalty. He’s chivalrous.

He’s suspended.

King Dusty earned two games to sit on his throne in the clubhouse while a guy like Mark Berry (third base coach) calls the shots. We’ve lost 4 in a row and now our perfect (as in, perfect guy to manage this team of gutless players) manager is not allowed in the dugout. Watch us fucking win 2 in a row.

Over at Fire Dusty Baker, they’ve decided to call it a stalemate for now and they’re talking steaks. The only thing is, King Dusty doesn’t like steaks; he likes to nibble on rich lamb legs. He also sips red wine from his royal chalice and gurgle the bubbles while his nubian beauties massage his peg legs.