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Mevs’ Thoughts on the Justin Upton Trade


I considered this trade to be huge news, so the fact that I’m not getting around to writing a take on it until the week after should tell you that something pretty monumental was going on in my away-from-blogging life I try to have every once in a while.

In actuality, nothing monumental really was going on. I went with my company from my real job to Las Vegas. I gambled on Canadian hockey, saw a guy offering to be kicked in the nuts for $20 (he told me he had been kicked over 5,000 times for those of you wondering how it’s possible), and generally just did some people watching in a city that offers you a little of everything. Playing blackjack at Belagio beats the heck out of the online casinos.

The day I left, Justin Upton was dealt to Atlanta (we told you that’s where he was headed on this episode of The Baseball Show Podcast) for a package of players valued a lot less than a package for Justin Upton should have yielded.

I cannot wait to hear why Kevin Towers is the smartest man in the room on this one. Can’t. Wait. And mark my words, it will make it’s way out into the media. We’re going to know almost every juicy detail of this. Someone’s going to have some ‘splaining to do. And it’s going to be Towers.

It works out perfectly for Atlanta. They’ve now got just enough ammo to challenge the once thought to be invincible Nationals. You can just about count on Justin Upton to go off, stay free of nagging injuries, and generally be the MVP candidate he was always supposed to be. I’ve got nothing against the Braves, but no one deserves Justin Upton for a small price like that.

In closing, I want you all to remember back to that day before the 2012 season when I told you it would all fall apart for Upton and the Diamondbacks. My God I am the smartest man alive.

Image h/t: My buddies MJ & Mike

Logging on from Longhorn Country

You didn’t get your regularly scheduled posts today because we were busy flying cross-country for our real job. And as soon as we stepped off the plane in Austin, there’s what we saw. They don’t do a lot of baseball. It’s all Longhorns. If you say the use the phrase ‘Colt Mccoy’ in the wrong sentence down here, you’ll get yer damn ass kicked.

Acutally, it’s a pretty cool place in the country.

At the Earl Campbell Bar there was an old cowboy playing CCR’s ‘Lodi’. It’s a bad ass song and even better to the tune of a redneck twang.

Stay tuned. Big times lie ahead. Saturday is a hallmark day for the site and soon after that we’ll start our 2010 team previews. Had the entire flight to read about fantasy baseball. Lindy’s gave the Reds zero respect. Not happy about it.

Will baseball turn over it's eyes to Robots?

There’s already some speculation as to whether or not MLB should replace their human error factored umpires with robots (much like line judges in tennis). Granted, Phil Cuzzi’s call in game two of the LDS at Yankee Stadium was horrific. But don’t errant calls just add to the game when you think of replacing our own with robots?

One has to ask the question, when you think of everything being automated in judging fair or foul balls, balls and strikes, outs, etc.–don’t you kind of get that cozy/feel at home factor knowing that human umpires will screw up? Won’t you take the bad with the good to have humans stay in the game as umpire and not some computer designated system that has technology imported into the baseballs and God knows how out of hand it could really get…..

Phew. Makes us sweat just thinking about it. No system is unbeatable. The technology would screw up too should MLB ever go that route.

Santana deal: 6-years, $137 Million

The Mets have signed Johann Santana, completing the trade from the Minnesota Twins. Terms of the deal were at first undisclosed but it’s looking like the deal is for 6-years and $137 million dollars. At first it was believed to reach $150 million dollars.

We here at Diamond Hoggers sincerely hope that Santana can survive in the Big Apple on a salary that was shorted that $13 million dollars.