Jose Bautista Loves Him Some Julio Rodriguez

When asked which players he likes watching most right now, Bautista said it’s Julio Rodriguez of the Seattle Mariners.

The one that I’ve enjoyed the most has been Julio Rodriguez. I got the pleasure of playing with him last year in the Olympics, and he’s a phenomenal kid and an even better baseball player. To see him get the call up a little after the season had gotten underway, and knowing how much that team needed someone to step up, and having it be him as a rookie, make the All-Star team, be in the Home Run Derby and show his personality, how much positive energy he brings every day, and how exciting he makes the game with a combination of great defence, power, and speed has been really cool to see. He’s been by far the most exciting guy for me this season.

Of course this is all for good reason. Thus far, Rodriguez is hitting .269 with 18 homers and 21 stolen bases to go along with a .804 OPS. In addition, he electrified the baseball world with over 80 home runs in the home run derby.

With some time left on the clock this season, Rodriguez has an outside shot at a 30-30 season, something Bautista never accomplished in his playing career.

Without question, this is one of the best young generational talents that the game has seen in many years. He has the Mariners in playoff contention right on schedule and could see some mainstream exposure in October against the game’s heavyweights.