MLB News: The Four-Team American League Wildcard Scenario

For the first time in recent memory, there are four teams playing for two spots on the season’s final day in the American League. Indeed, since the Seattle Mariners got a huge hit from Mitch Haniger in the bottom of the 8th inning in Seattle tonight against the Anaheim Angels, all four teams will have a shot to get in.

Here’s Jeff Passan breaking down the craziness that lies ahead for the New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox, Toronto Blue Jays, and Seattle Mariners:

Obviously, we feel that the Yankees definitely win the game Sunday and hold serve at home facing Michael Wacha. Moreover, Chris Sale is throwing for the Red Sox, so it would seem both of those two will get in on their own account leaving Toronto and Seattle on the outside looking in whether they win or not. Still, it’s baseball, and anything can happen. Our fingers are crossed that the two at the top leading by a single game lose, and the Blue Jays and Mariners pull off wins to force complete chaos and meaningful games on Monday.

Ironically, if it ends in a three way dance, that would cause the most chaos with a series of games awaiting the three remaining teams. For that to happen, the Yankees and Red Sox would both need to lose, which seems unlikely.