Mets: Pete Alonso hits Home Run No. 30 of 2021

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Already we have been awaiting Pete Alonso’s 30th home run of the season. Then when we woke up on Labor Day, we realized it was probably going to happen. The guy seems to have a flair for patriotic holidays – make of it what you will – he joined the 30 home run club in the Nation’s capital.

Then on Tuesday night, Alonso had more in store. He hit home runs 100 and 101 of his career in a Mets win.

Now with 32 home runs on the year, Alonso has been a beacon for a Mets team that has been underwhelming and disappointing in almost every other aspect. I think back to those winter posts I read about ‘trade Alonso, play Dom Smith at first base’ from anonymous scouts who show why they remained anonymous.

We will say it again: Alonso seems like a consistent slugger in the mold of a right-handed Jim Thome at the plate. He’s the second quickest in big league history to ever reach 100 home runs in terms of games played. If baseball keeps rolling along, he’s going to hit a lot of home runs.