5 Tips For Creating A Horse Betting Strategy That Actually Works in Field

Punting is one of the most lucrative ways to make money on horse racing. Therefore, most people, especially beginners who want to start betting, look for ways to bet on horse races. Unfortunately, there is no book reading that can help you always win the bet in one go. Luckily, there are expert services and general betting tips. Knowledge about these can keep you on a safer side and earn money. 


Let’s learn about these tips. Before that, check out different types of horse bettings to make your way easier.


Different types of Horse Racing Bet


Here we have a list of different types of Horse bettings. You can participate in any, depending on your budget and needs.


Win betting


Win betting is one of the most common and easy-to-understand betting styles. Here you will back a horse that has higher chances to win the race. It’s a traditional betting style, and every newbie in the betting world participates in this betting.


Place Betting


Under place betting, you will bet for the horse having first, second and third positions in the race. Winning is not only your strategy as placing on the field isimportant to earn a high dividend. Remember, when there are more horses in the race, you need to make a clear strategy while selecting your horses that are going to hold a particular position. 




Each way is a great combination of both win and place betting. If your horse won the race, you would earn money for the winning amount and score for the first position in the race. Whereas if your horse holds Second or third position, you will earn according to placement. Eachway is a win-win strategy and better for beginners that do not want to take a considerable investment chance. 


A common mistake for conducting under each-way bet is that when win odds are 4/1 or better. Making a place bet in such situations can harm your dividends. Whereas if you have ¼ chances for winning, choosing each way could be more fruitful. 


Tips for creating a healthy betting strategy


When you are betting for the first time, you need to be aware of a few essential tips for punting. 


​Keep your Real Bank Account Aside 


The first and important tip for betting in horse races is to prepare yourself financially. Every horse, jockey, or even race track is not equal. Therefore with every game, the probability of winning and losing gets changed. Hence, the best trick to save money is to prepare yourself with a fixed amount. You should know your limits for how much money you want to bet in a horse race. Keep that much cash or physical bank ready and rest aside. 


You can also find out race-winning probability based on simple mathematical calculation, 


Amount invested on horse = consider 50% speed + 40% jockey + 10% age


Calculating all horse values one by one helps you to know the winning chance for every horse. Hence, you can plan wisely while investing money on a winning horse. 


Jockey’s Experience Matters


Horse racing has always been different from the dog’s race. The common reason behind, there is always a man sitting on the back of a horse and giving commands. The command and actions also play a big part in horse race-winning strategy. But many novice horse racing bettors do not consider the jockey’s importance and bet on the wrong horse. Therefore, whenever you are betting on a horse, always pay attention to few details and ask questions;

 ● What is the jockey’s history?● Is the jockey winning from the past few races? ● Whether the jockey is actively participating in races or it’s a comeback after a long time break?● Does the jockey have experience with a specific horse? ● Are there any particular race conditions that are different from past races?


Answers to all these can help you to make the right investment in a high probability winning race. Hence, do not forget to check personal records, experience, and this time’s different conditions.


Check the Horse’s History


When you have done math calculations and considering the jockey’s experience, it’s time to look at your betting horse. You need to consider a few details about the horse and past experience, and other factors while betting for the horse. It gives you an idea while assigning values to the horse. Some of the important details are;

 ● What are your expectations from the race?● What are horse experience and past records?● Has he raced on the same track before? And what was the experience?● Past races performance? ● Has your horse overworked lately, or had he taken adequate rest before the race?

Horse past injury and overall health are considered while deciding. 


Not All Tracks Are Created Equally


Tracks also have the biggest role in winning or losing the race. Wondering how? If you have watched more than two races, you will surely have observed that each track is different from the others. The length, area, humidity, temperature, ground saturation, everything varies. Horses need to adjust to changing environmental conditions. Somehow, it is not possible and becomes the biggest culprit of losing the game to the winning horse. But, you cannot take a chance with these conditions and lose your money. Therefore, keep an eagle’s eye on the ground and look for your horse’s ability to deal with those conditions. 



You Can Bet Multiple Horses in the Same Race


Some of the novice bettors are not aware that they have multiple options, too, while betting. Therefore, they always go with a winning betting strategy. Remember, for the novice, looking for a value betting service is great advice as these services are offered by professionals that guide you for betting the right amount on the right horse. Even the experts at value betting services guide you for multiple betting options on one and different horses. You just need to choose the right choice that serves the highest return on investments. 


Let’s sum up!!


Now you have well prepared for tips and the most common betting strategies. Keep in mind, always choose the right strategy if you want to win horse betting. Otherwise, take assistance from professionals for betting services to get the values of your every penny spent. Once you start finding a winning side and have good knowledge about betting, you can plan for betting on your own.