Wagering on Baseball: What You Shouldn’t Do When Betting

Baseball is the second most favorite sport in the US, right after American football. The first officially recorded baseball game in American history happened on June 19, 1846, in New Jersey. During this historic game, the New York Nine, also formally known as the New York Base Ball Club, managed to triumph over the Knickerbockers with a final score of 23-1 in four innings. 

And like any other popular sports in the US, betting has always been a part of baseball. New individuals would try their luck every year in this game of chance. However, luck isn’t the only thing a rookie bettor needs to profit from these betting games. One also needs the right strategies and tricks to edge against the bookmakers and fellow punters.

But it can be difficult not knowing what you should and should not do when betting. Hence, here are the things you should avoid doing when placing a bet in baseball. 

Not Doing Any Research

Betting on baseball requires a lot of research, and a good punter wouldn’t rely on sheer luck alone. But how exactly do you start researching for a bet? First, you must know about the major stats and the current state of the games. For example, you’re planning to bet on the MLB. It’d be wise to find out first every team’s position in the league. You’ll have a clearer picture of which teams have higher chances of dominating the game through this.

If you’ve set an eye on a particular team, it’s time for you to look up their previous games and analyze their odds with the help of a betting odds calculator. A team’s playing history will show you a glimpse of their prowess when on the field. If they have an excellent record, along with favorable odds, it might be a good idea to place your wager on them. 

Never Checking on Injuries

A baseball athlete’s overall well-being is important during every game. However, there will be instances where the unfortunate happens, and the player would sustain injuries. These injuries can severely affect the state of the game and your chosen team’s chances of making it to the finals. 

Their chances will further plummet if it’s the star player that becomes injured since, unlike any sport, the absence of a star player in baseball is much more prominent and weighs heavy on the team. As a punter, you must be aware of how much a player can affect a team’s performance. 

Poor Bankroll Management

Good bankroll management is essential to every punter, whether veteran or new. It is a critical factor to obtaining success in the betting industry. Bankroll management simply involves how you control the money you use for betting. Hence, mismanaging your bankroll can make the difference between earning profits and losing all the money on your account. 

Managing your bankroll allows you to avoid chasing your losses, prevents you from being overconfident when you have a lucky streak, and helps you survive despite losing multiple times. This is because you’ll have a fixed guideline that you wouldn’t deviate from, as bankroll management encourages you to be disciplined with your bets and money.

Making a Blind Bet

One of the most committed sins in betting is wagering blindlyon a team or athlete. This might sound reckless, but many newbie and casual punters look for a quick thrill by randomly placing a bet. This can be bad practice as you’re essentially burning money from your bankroll by not making an informed wager. 

A good punter always looks for value in a bet. Even if it’s your favorite baseball team, you shouldn’t place a bet on them if they’re not making good progress with the games. Always go for the team that has good odds of winning.

Unrealistic Expectations

Betting often generates tons of money, and with the right strategies, you’ll be able to win more than you’ve wagered. However, baseball betting is also still a game of chance and luck. Despite your best efforts at doing research, there are moments where you will lose. Betting is a risky game that does not always go how you want it. 

Hence, as a newbie punter, avoid having high expectations, especially if it’s your first time betting. This will only lead you to frustration and fuel an unhealthy obsession with winning. Thinking as such is dangerous and can be detrimental not only to your betting career but also to your finances and overall well-being.  

To Conclude

Baseball is a sport filled with thrill, and the same goes for its betting games. Because of this, there are things you shouldn’t do when placing a bet, especially if you’re new to it. By avoiding doing the things mentioned above, you’ll surely have a betting experience that would guarantee you both entertainment and profit.