Mets: Pete Alonso Homers at Coors Field

Pete Alonso had a big spring, and then when the Washington Nationals couldn’t begin their season on time, he had to miss a bunch of scheduled games due to COVID-19 contact tracing garbage.

Then, there were weather issues. Still, there are weather issues. However over the weekend, Alonso got to hit at Coors Field. While some of the mystique has certainly worn off Pete Alonso in terms of being an elite power hitter, something predictable happened. On Saturday, Alonso hit his second home run of the season.

It was a line drive to left field off Mychal Givens. The Mets won this game on the strength of Alonso’s two hits. Also, Jacob deGrom struck out 14 Rockies in just six innings of work.

Finally, the Mets won again on Sunday by a 2-1 score. Alonso collected two more hits, and Marcus Stroman somehow went eight innings while allowing just one earned run. Currently, the Mets are a nice 6-4 to begin the year and should be taken seriously in the National league.