Astros News: Carlos Correa Says He Seeks ‘Big, Long Contract’ & Will Test Free Agency

Unfortunately for him, Carlos Correa doesn’t realize he’s just a decent player. Surely it stings to see Francisco Lindor sign a record deal for a shortstop with the New York Mets.

However, you realize what a primadonna that Correa happens to be when he talks about the situation unfolding with the Astros. Here’s the video and we will roll the tape.

Correa begins with saying that there are no hard feelings and all the right things, sort of.

“We were not close at all. There were not really any negotiations,” Correa said Thursday before the Astros opened their season against the Oakland Athletics. “It’s another year with the Houston Astros. I’m going to go out there, give it my best and try to bring another championship to this city.”

Next, he admits he has admiration for Lindor signing a record deal; of course.

“I love it, it’s a great contract,” Correa said of Lindor’s deal. “He deserves every penny of it. … He pushed the market for every shortstop coming after him.”

Finally, he turns heel a bit on the organization who drafted him no. 1 overall in the MLB draft six years ago.

“The relationship is great. There are no hard feelings,” Correa said. “It’s a business. They made it very clear to me, they said: ‘We don’t believe in long contracts. We don’t believe in big contracts.’ So once I hit free agency I’m going to look out for a big, long contract. They made it very clear that they don’t believe in that.”

Remember, all the way back in 2017, Correa’s agent said he wouldn’t do an early extension. Obviously it was then that we not only realized Correa rubbed us the wrong way, but that he may overvalue himself a bit as a player. While he’s been productive in his career, he’s never been that guy who gets the kind of deal that he’s seeking.

Equally important, when you’re at this stage in his career in the post-PED era; the cement has hardened and you’re a finished product. It’s likely that Correa has peaked and whoever signs him will be paying for shades of the past and not getting some future peak off into the future.

And how quickly Correa forgets that his agent went looking for a $100 million dollar contract for Craig Kimbrel only to see him sign for a mere fraction of that amount a few months after no one wanted him at his price tag.