Phillies: The Tale of a Man Who Lived Secretly at Veterans Stadium

Interestingly enough, a story emerged last week that was a bit of a gem. From the Inquirer, a man named Tom Garvey lived at Veteran’s Stadium in Philadelphia for more than three years. Here’s all the details that may have – but shouldn’t have – slipped by your radar.

Thus, here’s my favorite part:

Once, he came close to getting caught: “One night when I was in there I heard this noise and it was a key in a lock, and I heard the lock click. Then the light switch went on and turned on the lights in the front. I’m on the other side of the boxes and I could hear somebody start to come in so I started to make a growl like an animal. I heard the person freeze and then they took another step and then I said ‘Who’s there?’ and the person ran away. Whoever it was had a key and wasn’t there for good reason. I never saw them the never saw me. I had the lock changed up after that.”

Without question, unbelievable.

Beyond that, Garvey was asked how he felt when the stadium was demolished in 2004. Simply, he thought about cats. The man was sad because he thought about the cats that lived there, remembering back to a time that security guards would put out water bowls for the strays.

In a year of strangeness, this is one of those stories that can rank right there with the best of them.