Twins: Discussing Contract Extension With Byron Buxton

Last season, Byron Buxton hit 13 home runs for the Minnesota Twins in 130 at-bats, helping them to a postseason berth. Now, the flashy outfielder enters his age-27 season talking about long-term security in the Twin Cities with

In specific, Buxton is talking about being a Twin long-term by signing a contract extension with the team if the opportunity presents itself. First, Buxton mentioned that his agent has been talking about an extension with the organization. Then, Buxton says that money isn’t the end-all of why he plays the sport he loves. 

“Of course I would love an extension,” Buxton said. “Obviously, I’ve been blessed to stay with this one team in my career, so to be able to put on this jersey and go out there every day, it’s something that many guys can’t do. I want to be one of those guys that was there with that one team. This place just means a lot.”

Already, Buxton has won a platinum glove award and posted a 5.0 WAR season in 2017. Now, he’s looking to continue production by staying on the field. 

“Money doesn’t mean nothing to me,” Buxton said. “I go out there, I play baseball for the fun of it. It’s the passion and the love that you have for the game. You don’t go out there to play for money. If you go play for money, you won’t be worth nothing. It’s just one of those things where if the time comes and I’m busting up and we get a contract extended, that’s great.”

Certainly, if Buxton can stay on the field in 2021, he’s a guy who can post 20 homers and 40 steals all while winning a Gold Glove in the outfield. If that were to happen, you’re looking at a minimum 7 to 8 WAR player. And that’s why he’s always been a tantalizing talent to us. 

One of these years, you feel like Buxton puts it all together and has a season that people talk about forever. Finally, it would be nice to see the Twins lock him down and keep him in the city that saw him debut in the big leagues in 2015.