Pine Tar Podcast Episode 2.2: AL Darkhorse & Big MLB The Show ’21 News

Already, it’s beginning to feel just a *little bit* like baseball season. In fact, there was some spring training action on Thursday night and I left it on MLB Network.

During this quick episode two of season two, we cover the following:

  • MLB the Show ’21 announced some of the most exciting and innovative baseball video game news announced in a long time (make sure you check out the video trailer below.
  • My 2021 American League darkhorse pick for the World Series

Here’s a trailer from the fine folks of San Diego Studios:

I love the coach puppet. Market the game with an old crusty white guy puppet in coordination with a Tatis Jr. puppet. Soon, baseball will be played. Actual, meaningful, real baseball.

Hopefully we up our coverage of things as we give baseball a reboot into our lives.

For now, enjoy a short episode of the podcast and learning who will be in the World Series on a March evening.