Blue Jays: Former GM Jim Bowden Says Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Breaks Out in 2021

First off, it’s no secret that former big league general manager Jim Bowden has always kind of had his guys. Without a doubt, he’s always kind of been attracted to shiny toys like Toronto Blue Jays youngster Vladimir Guerrero Jr.

Now, Bowden says he’s bullish on a Guerrero Jr. breakout in 2021.

Bowden said the following:

“I’m writing an article on breakout players. My first name is going to be Vladimir Guerrero Jr. My first name. He’s going to end up hitting clean-up, he’s gonna hit 30 (home runs) and drive in 100. And he’s going to live up to all the potential that I bragged out. Thank God he took care of himself and lost weight. I am so pumped to see his bat this spring, I’ve got goosebumps.”

Now that sounds like an endorsement, but Bowden is a guy who is known to sensationalize a little bit, and there have long been Guerrero Jr. breakout predictions before now.

Still, it’s hard to not believe in the pedigree if he can get the ball in the air because the fact remains that he hits the ball really hard.

Equally important, the Blue Jays think that Guerrero Jr. once again getting in better conditioning as he did before the pandemic shutdown last season could lead to improved performance. Without question, Guerrero Jr. had to do this in order to make it through the rigors of a real 162 game season. Also, Guerrero Jr. hopes to once again play third base for Toronto.

Obviously, we’re really excited to see Vladdy Jr. as well. We may even head down to Florida this summer to see if we can catch the Jays in Dunedin. Recently, it was announced that the Blue Jays will open their season in Dunedin amidst the Coronavirus pandemic.

In fact, the Blue Jays could play home games in Florida, Buffalo, and Toronto in 2021. Summer months in Buffalo could bode well for Guerrero Jr.’s offensive numbers this upcoming year.