Braves: Ronald Acuña Jr. Sets The Tone For Atlanta in NLDS Versus Marlins

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Truly, you could have predicted it.

Bottom of the first inning (in Houston at Minute Maid Park), and Ronald Acuña Jr. is going to hit the fuck out of a baseball and flip the bat just as it’s worthy of being flipped after undressing a flamethrower in Sandy Alcantara.

An unbelievable, upper tank backside bomb for Acuña that leads off a playoff series. Undeniably the guy is something special.

Now, the Braves still got into a 4-1 hole in the top of the third despite the early juice their superstar provided. However, they came storming back to cut the deficit to 4-3 after the Marlins decided to plunk Acuña Jr., which would become a major storyline in the game.

Without question, this seemed like it served to fire Atlanta up. In addition, Acuña Jr. said this about the beanball after the game:

“I don’t think it’s a coincidence, just because every time we’ve played in a series, I’ve been the one who has been hit,” Acuña said through an interpreter. “But I’m not going to give it any thought. I’m just going to keep focusing on winning.”

Furthermore, here’s what he said about flipping the bat, making no apologies.

In the end, Atlanta held off the Marlins for a 9-5 victory. It seems like their offense is tailor made for Minute Maid Park. And it is feeling more and more like the Braves are ticketed for the NLCS for the first time in a number of years. Without a doubt, this would be good for the game of baseball if they can win a few more games over a thorn-in-the-side Miami team.