Yankees News: Gerrit Cole ‘Not Happy’ After Shocking Loss in Baltimore

Right now, things are not going well for Gerrit Cole and the New York Yankees.

Surely, everyone figured after a split on Friday night against the Baltimore Orioles at Camden Yards that the Bombers could count on a guaranteed win with Cole going on the bump Saturday night against the Orioles. However – as the sport of baseball so often shows us – the safest appearing game on the board is often the most dangerous one.

The Yankees lost the game 6-1. Afterwards, Cole was asked how he feels about things.

“Not happy. I’d like to see us turn the corner and start going in the right direction,” Cole said, pointing out that the pitching, hitting and defense never seem sharp in the same game. “Results don’t always dictate exactly everything that’s been going on. It’s just like, all the things just aren’t clicking for us. So, by and large, we need to get all three areas of the game kind of going in the right direction. If we don’t rattle off five, six or seven wins in a row, that’s fine,” Cole continued. “But we’ve got to see improvement across the board and we got to start picking each other up.”

Moreover, Cole has allowed 13 home runs in this short season which is the most in baseball. It almost seems astounding to say that, given the fact that the Yankees gave Cole the largest contract to a pitcher in the history of baseball over the winter.

Currently the Yankees sit at 21-18, far from the World Series favorite they appeared to be when the season opened.