Collect: I Bought The Cody Bellinger Superfractor

I made the biggest baseball card purchase of my life thus far, but I feel it was well worth it. Earlier in the week I bought my favorite player’s card (Cody Bellinger) based on my favorite set ever (1984 Topps) from my favorite current Topps product.

That product is Topps 2019 Silver Pack, and I got the Cody Bellinger Superfractor. It’s a 1/1 card, the only one in existence.

Beyond that, how did I got about justifying such a ridiculous purchase? Well, it’s my favorite player and it is during his MVP season, which adds significance to me. I don’t know if Bellinger ever has another year like 2020 when he could do no wrong.

Also, I am trying to complete the ‘rainbow’ so often talked about in collection. Now I have checked off the hardest rung in the ladder, and I also have the red (/5), green (/99), black (/199), and purple (/75). That leaves just the orange (/25, which will be a challenge), as well as the blue and regular white to complete said rainbow.

Now I have my favorite card regardless of grade. If you come across this post any time, share your favorite card in the comments section below; no matter the player or year.