MLB Network Radio: Indians Are ‘Dangerous’ In Francisco Lindor Trade Game

It won’t be long until your summer bbq’s are underway, and the patty is being cooked on the grill with baseball on the television. For now, the Hot Stove burns on.

Today brings some Francisco Lindor trade chatter from MLB Network Radio.

This is what show host Casey Stern has to say regarding the Yankees, and their ammo to go get Francisco Lindor:

“They have literally not a single solitary thing to worry about, when Lindor realizes once he’s traded that he gets to be the Yankees shortstop. Because I guarantee you that he was pretty fond of Derek Jeter growing up and learning how to play baseball. So that’s not even an issue [for the Yankees] because they have plenty of money they have been saving in figuring they would give it to Arenado. Then that ship sailed, and by the way that ship may not sail for long too. They also have Andujar, they have Garcia. The Yankees combination of money and prospects to deal right now is 1 out of 1 in this sport.”

Certainly, Lindor is going to be dealt. And obviously the Yankees are going to stick their nose in things and have their say. Can you imagine what will happen if the Yankees in their current state add Lindor in the near-term? My goodness.