MLB Network: Chris Russo Says 2020 Yankees Biggest Favorite in 10 Years

Obviously, there was always going to be some who said that the New York Yankees signing Gerrit Cole would guarantee them the 2020 MLB World Series title. Now, Chris Russo is one of the first in the mainstream media to declare it.

Furthermore, Russo went on High Heat on MLB Network on Thursday to make his proclamation. You can see video of this below, with the key part of it transcribed by us.

Right now, the Yankees are the odds-on favorite. Still, being the biggest favorite in the last ten years? That’s dating back through a lot of great teams on paper.

“Going into 2020, they are the biggest favorites that I have seen in Major League Baseball in ten years. That’s how much better they are than everyone else. Even Houston. That’s how much better they are. You can’t bring the best pitcher in baseball to a team that won 103 or 104 games.”

While it remains to be seen if the Yankees will roll through the rest of what the sport has to offer in 2020, one can’t argue that over the course of the nine years of the Cole contract, they should win at least a few titles.

Dig this post up in one decade, and see if I wasn’t right. I will say at least two titles for the Yankees during the course if the Cole contract, if not more.