Padres: San Diego Working on Contract Extension For Fernando Tatis Jr.

Honestly, I started this blog in 2007 and rarely have I written about the San Diego Padres with any interest. When I was a kid I was pretty interested in them. I don’t love their new park like most people, but finally I’m interested in their club. And I think they’re going to be the team that knocks the Los Angeles Dodgers off the hill eventually.

With that being said, their cornerstone is Fernando Tatis Jr., who they are getting ready to do a long term contract extension with.

Check it out, it seems legit. The report originates from Kevin Acee in the San Diego Union-Tribune.

The Padres intend to open discussions with shortstop Fernando Tatis Jr. regarding a long-term contract.

The idea would be to buy out the budding superstar’s arbitration years and lock him up into what would otherwise be his first couple years of free agency. That would mean a deal of at least six years and likely longer.

Finally, it’s a smart practice. Whatever Tatis Jr. will cost the Padres to extend is a lot less than he would command on the open market. It would be a good step forward to stabilize the cornerstone and then go get a big-name free agent if San Diego is serious about taking steps forward.