MLB: Every Team’s Most Untouchable

We’re going with Will Leitch once again. This time, he writes about every MLB organization’s most untouchable player. Now, let’s look at a few of them.

Blue Jays — Vladimir Guerrero Jr., 3B, age 20: He’s in the Majors to stay, and even though he wasn’t quite a superstar last year, he is one hot month away from being one of the five most popular players in the sport.

Angels — Mike Trout, CF, age 28: What would it take for the Angels to ever trade Mike Trout? Would he have to threaten to set the stadium on fire? Probably not even then, right?

Braves — Ronald Acuña, Jr., age 21: Eventually he’s going to run out all those near-home-run balls, and then there won’t be a single thing for anyone to complain about.

Mets — Pete Alonso, 1B, age 24: He looks primed to own Flushing for the next decade.

Nationals — Juan Soto, LF, age 21: The rest of the country now knows what the Nats have known for two years: We might all be watching the beginnings of a legend.

Brewers — Christian Yelich, OF, age 27: Just get him a permanent kneecap protector.

Dodgers — Cody Bellinger, OF, age 24: He burst into the conversation of “best player in baseball.”

Padres — Fernando Tatis Jr., age 20: There really needs to be some sort of Tatis Cam available on MLB.TV.

Short and succinct, Leach moves through all the teams we like to write about and watch. And all the guys he named we completely agree with.

Right now, baseball couldn’t be in a better place then where it is with all the young stars in the game. Finally, we can’t wait until 2020. Every guy on this list is going to get written about ad-nauseam on this blog, and for the next decade or so.