World Series: Houston Astros On The Ropes Down 2-0 To Washington Nationals

Honestly, the 2019 World Series seems a forgone conclusion. The Washington Nationals have this thing won. Surely, the Houston Astros may steal a few games, but how shocking is it to be writing about the Nats stealing two ballgames in Houston against Gerrit Cole and Justin Verlander. 

Before game two, if you had visited some of the best online casinos and betting sites ; you would have realized the series odds had Houston just slightly favored after a game one shocking loss. Furthermore, many sportsbooks had the Astros listed at just -130 to win the series before game two.

Now suddenly, the Astros are in a whole mess of trouble heading to Washington and down two games. Moreover, they weren’t just beaten in game two; but completely demoralized in front of their home crowd by a 12-3 score. 

The Astros really look shocked, stunned, and saddened right now. On the other hand, Washington seems like the perfect nightmare opponent we should have all seen coming since the beginning. With a talent pool of young hitters like Juan Soto, Anthony Rendon, and Trea Turner; they have played solid fundamental baseball and come up with the bigger swings. 

Finally, I’m completely shocked. Undeniably, I have openly said to many people that the Astros are the best team I have seen in 30 years. In fact, I bet them to win the World Series before the playoffs started. It was the first time I have made that type of bet in watching the game for my entire life. 

Once again, sports has swerved a community of fans; and if you said you saw this coming you are not being honest. Soon enough, you will be reading headlines about the Nationals huge window to win titles like every championship team every year they win it. Finally, this series is showing us that it’s all about this season and this moment; no future is guaranteed for anyone. Just ask the Houston Astros, who pulled in multi-million dollars futures bets long ago to win this series they are collapsing within.