Reflection in sports

Reflection plays a vital role in every sport. In most outdoor activities, it requires quickness and reflection against an opponent effectively.

Reflection should be improved over time of playing, without that you will be left behind and you cannot defeat any enemy.

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Practice reflection

There is a wide range of benefits coming from practicing reflection. A rise in the level of self-awareness and cognitive behavior not only is an advantage in a match but also save your life when you travel alone in a forest.

For example, in baseball, the person who runs the base should have a good reflection and a high level of awareness. Once the ball is pitched, he has to determine that way the ball flying through and which route that he has to run. These things to make sure that he does not miss any chance of success.

In addition, in the martial art, it is extremely important to survive in a severe battle. A punch from a professional boxer can weight more than 100 kg that can kill a person. Your job is to be reflective enough to dodge those deadly punch or kick.

Furthermore, in some dangerous situation that you have to against around 10 people or you face a bear while walking the forest. At that time, a good reflection will help to boost your mentality that generates an idea and solution to escape the danger.

Sports Provide Reflection Itself

Some people might raise the question that how to improve their reflection?

Playing sport itself is a way to improve awareness. This is a method to make the connection between neuron that shape reflection over time.

Therefore, the best way to improve is to try hard and try your best to practice your favorite sport.

There are many other ways to gain more the effectiveness of brain function. One of them will be practicing with a ball suddenly throwing to the wall or becoming a goalkeeper.