Pete Alonso Ties Rookie HR Record, Gets 5 Hits

[Box Score]

Pete Alonso isn’t the prettiest player. My first glance at him, he looked like a geek. He’s balding at age 24, he runs on his tippy toes. I don’t love his swing. He’s like a poor man’s ugly version of prime Goldschmidt.

However, the guy can flat out hit. And hit he did tonight in Atlanta in the 10-8 Mets win on MLB Network. In this game, he also hit his 39th home run which ties Cody Bellinger for the NL Rookie record. Alonso had five hits in all, and here is one of them.

Alonso is going to be on my fantasy team until the wheels fall off. He’s a guy I decided I was going to build around early on this season when I saw that he could be the right-handed incarnate of Jim Thome.

Ronald Acuña Jr. also hit his 35th home run of the season in the losing effort, and Freddie Freeman hit two.

The Mets are kind of an interesting bunch, finally. I hope they make the Wildcard game. Alonso has been an enjoyable storyline in 2019, and I think I’ll be writing about him for the next 5-10 years quite a bit.