Collect: ‘Ghost’ Vlad Jr. Topps Chrome Refractor

I treated myself to a card I really wanted – a Vladimir Guerrero Topps Chrome Negative Refractor. I have been calling it the ‘Ghost’ refractor because; well I am an idiot. Very happy getting this card and can’t wait to submit it to PSA for grading. If it comes back a 10, it’s probably going to end up my favorite card. Just something unique about it that I really like.

I am going to try to transition into some vintage or at least some 70’s and 80’s players that I grew up watching. If this is one of my last of the current players, I’m happy with the “Ghostrerro” Refractor.

Finally, I figured this would be a good time to post DB Tiller’s latest video. He’s working on his Winfield collection.