The Punisher Has Arrived in Cincinnati – Walking out of the Sugar Cane Fields into The Show

Aristides Aquino will only be used this once. From now on – in these annals – he shall be referred to only as ‘The Punisher’ or ‘The Cuban Punisher’.

For he has walked out of the sugar cane fields from relative obscurity and through death has offered regeneration and new life to the Cincinnati Reds; and baseball. That death of course, is opposing pitchers.

Because when The Punisher arrives with his destiny of destroying a baseball – just before it happens he stands in a menacing manner within the chalk batter’s box. He looks half Eric Davis, half George Foster. He stares at the pitcher in a manner that makes their manhood shrivel.

And then it happens. Tonight it happened three times.

Now, he has 7 home runs in 10 career games. He played and had one at bat in 2018 – a strikeout – but no one knew that. In fact, no one had heard of this wunderkind before about a month ago depending who you talk to in baseball circles.

No one but the Gods of the sport knew this was coming, and it’s a helluva story. For Hell hath no fury like a scorner Cuban Punisher.