A 24-Hour Trip To Philly To See The Dodgers Ends As A Bust

[Box Score]

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So yesterday morning I woke at 7:30 am and headed to Philadelphia to see Cody Bellinger, the owner of 34 regular season home runs with us just through the midway point of July. I went to meet my three buddies who live there: Dave, David, and Joe. And I arrived at 5:30 – we walked over to Citizens Bank Ballpark. It was my second time at this park, but the first time in 13 years!

The first time I was there was August 13, 2006. Ryan Howard went yard as did Adam Dunn. The biggest difference is I saw 11 innings of play that night. In this case, I saw just two.

This is when I got to my seat and took in about a half innings worth of action. Cody Bellinger threw a ball into the crowd. I would not see a lot more of Cody on this night.

The monsoon rains started not long after, and after a torrential downpour; my buddies wanted to bolt. Rather than spend the night in Philadelphia, I started back for home around midnight.

I got back into town around 9:00 AM to turn in the rental car. Of course, the story is really why you go and do anything; or the memory. It didn’t matter that we didn’t get to see some legendary game. In the end the Dodgers won 7-2 while I was on the PA Turnpike.

And I got home safely. But the next time before heading to Philly, I will definitely pay attention to the weather report!