Canada Day 2019 Baseball

A true underdog story continues to unfold today in Toronto, Ontario. It’s July 1st, and it’s Canada Day. Due to the Blue Jays inheriting Vladimir Guerrero Jr., I have some rooting interest. It doesn’t hurt I sunk a good chunk into his collectibles thus far.

It’s pretty cool. MLB Network has the game live, and I believe the roof is open at Rogers Centre in Toronto for this one. I went into work early and knocked out all my Monday stuff in what is shaping up to be a slow holiday week for my real job anyways.

Now, it’s just watching some baseball on a short-slate day. The Jays are wearing their red uniforms which I guess are okay-ish for a once-a-year type deal.

Hat tip to Chris Creamer uniforms for the image.

In the past – namely the year I moved into my house and summer my son was born – I remember a pretty good Canada Day tilt up in Toronto. Moreover, the Indians and Jays played 19 innings that day.

Of course, the Jays were in a much different interation of their current selves that day. They went from Donaldson, Edwin, Tulo, and Russell Martin to a current version of Biggio, Guerrero, and Gurriel Jr. in 2019. The only common denominator is Justin Smoak for God’s sakes.

Still, it’s a nice summer tradition to watch them on this day as a baseball fan. And with Guerrero as the crown gem, not much could be better.