Walker Buehler Ruled The Earth Again

[Box Score]

Indeed, we usually lead off a Dodgers column with something insane that Cody Bellinger did. On Friday night at Chavez Ravine, he definitely did that in hitting his 25th home run of the 2019 season which we will get to in a moment.

However, the whole damn show was really Walker Buehler. I’m not sure if we ever see Buehler throw a better game than this one. Seriously, in his entire career; he might never regain as great as he was on Friday evening in the Dodgers’ 4-2 walk-off win in which they bossed around the Colorado Rockies.

There’s two ways to really look at this. First, don’t be bummed out because this might truly be peak Buehler. He will have dozens of other great starts that compare. And second, at least he showed us a glimpse of it this once. Some guys go their entire career and never show this glimpse of themselves – they’re simply always talked about as ‘if they tap into their potential’.

Here are all 16 strikeouts against Colorado.

Then, there’s Cody Bellinger. Always in Dodger baseball, there’s Bellinger.

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Cody Bellinger hit his 25th home run of the season off a 96 MPH German Marquez fastball.

A 6.2 fWAR on the season – the leading All-Star MLB vote getter thus far – Belli did his share of the win tonight. He gave Los Angeles a 2-1 lead by tagging German Marquez with his 25th home run of the year. Sound familiar? He did the same thing in game 163 last season, hitting his 25th home run. However, that was in October of last year. This is only late June of 2019.

Finally, the Dodgers walked off in the bottom of the 9th for their 52nd (storybook) win of the year. Matt Beatty got the big home run that won them the game 4-2.

What a game, what a pitching duel. Bombs on both sides with Blackmon and Arenado tagging Buehler with the only hits, Buehler goes the entire way. Absolutely incredible.