Charlie Montoyo Is The Friggin’ Worst

For me to even write this post – Charlie Montoyo is a bad manager.

I don’t know where Toronto found this guy, but he’s dogshit. Indeed, the Blue Jays seem like one of the younger teams out there. He benches Vladimir Guerrero Jr. when he shouldn’t. His lineup construction is shit. He never surprises you with anything imaginative.

When something is a coin-flip to go 50-50 and for his squad to get a ‘bounce’, they don’t. It always goes the other way. He stands in the dugout and smirks away as the losses pile up. All the while, the Blue Jays get trounced night after night. Surely, they’re a young team. No one thought they would compete.

But Charlie Montoyo makes them an awful watch. If he were an NFL head coach, he would be in his first year and en route to 2-14; and they would indeed decide ‘we got the wrong guy’ and shitcan him.

Toronto needs to do themselves a favor and pull the plug on Montoyo right now.