Cody Bellinger Update: .404

Cody Bellinger went 1 for 3 in Tampa on Tuesday night in the Dodgers’ win. While Clayton Kershaw improved to 4-0 in the victory, Bellinger walked twice, singled, and lined out to center.

Moreover, Bellinger highlights led off Sportcenter late night about ‘The Chase for .400’. It’s amazing how that network runs for a story when a guy is hitting .400 this late in the season. ESPN also reminded us that this is the latest in a season that a Dodger has been hitting .400 or greater in over 75 years.

Finally, the first Bellinger article speculating a run at .400 surfaced at CBS Sports. The ever-interesting anonymous scout weighs in (we love anonymous scouts):

“Pretty good zone so far,” an anonymous scout told me. “He has learned to eliminate pitches and stayed true to what he wants to do.”

“Could he make a run?” the scout asked hypothetically. “Yes. Not sure anyone could hold the focus that long as there is more pressure from media and it will get into his head. Only natural to think about it the more people talk about it.”

Amazingly, Bellinger will need a few more hits tomorrow to stay above the .400 mark. I feel like this is going to come to an end.