Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Is a Damn Blast

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. is finding his groove. He’s back nestled in Toronto now with four career homers. I didn’t do a post for the first one or each one, so I have put them below. They definitely need in the archives here. The dude is a lot of fun.

So I bought Vlad’s Topps Living Set card – and I’ve got about three Topps Now added to my watch list on eBay. If I allow him, I can tell this guy is going go break my wallet as far as collecting goes. He’s a blast to watch, collect, follow, etc.

Lastly, if that clown show Charlie Motonyo doesn’t stop sitting the fucking kid after he has a big game; I’m gonna riot. I need odds at whatever they’re offered that Montoyo is the first MLB manager fired in the sport.