Why You Should Use PayPal When Gambling or Betting

Before you gamble or bet on sports online, you need to deposit some money. These days, there are loads of ways to do that too, from phone billing to using a plain old bank card.

However, few money transaction services do it better than PayPal. After all, its solutions for businesses and individual customers are the most widely used in the world. There’s a reason for that too and it applies to real money gaming online.

Here, we’ll give you five basic reasons why you should use it instead of anything else:

  1. You already have a PayPal account
  2. It can be used for many additional purposes
  3. Many casinos accept the method
  4. These payments are secure
  5. Instant money depositing and withdrawing

If that’s not enough for you, feel free to try other options. Some of them have similar advantages to these and others have other benefits that PayPal doesn’t have. However, they are never free of some drawbacks, either.

Why You Should Gamble with PayPal

If anything, PayPal wins simply because it’s so much more flexible than its competition. Below, we prove our words.

1. You Already Have an Account

Excuse us if we’re wrong. It’s just that there’s a good chance you’re a PayPal user already. With a quarter billion users worldwide, the company is a clear leader in the industry.

This means that you don’t need to create new accounts. You don’t need to learn how to use new services. Other methods would require you to go through the entire registration (and verification) process. And all that just so you could play some casino games?

Why bother when there are ways to avoid it?

2. Multi-Purpose Payments Service

Another similar advantage is that PayPal users can do many different things with the tools they’re given. Many other services can be used for just one thing – to make online transactions.

Meanwhile, PayPal is also great for:

  • Sending money to friends or family
  • Shopping online
  • Paying on NFC terminals
  • Cashing out on ATMs

Hence, it offers a solution for almost every situation in life when a monetary transaction is due.

3. Accepted Almost Everywhere

Not all the casinos are PayPal casinos, but a good portion of them does accept this method. We wouldn’t expect anything less from a brand that’s known so well by everyone.

Thus, you’ll have no problem finding where to place bets in your favourite games or sports markets. Alternatively, if you choose a different solution, you may run into trouble more frequently.

Each gambling site only accepts a limited number of payment options, but PayPal is often included on that list. This is especially important when switching operators or exploring new betting destinations.

4. Safe & Encrypted Transactions

Arguably the most important factor is safety. Security and safety of own funds is the most common concern among virtual gamblers. Luckily, when it comes to making deposits and withdrawals, PayPal saves the day.

It’s an encrypted payment platform that’s trustworthy, countless external sites use it for processing online transactions. For example, eBay was among such websites for many years.

5. Instant Processing

Last, but not least, the e-wallet that casino players use to send money back and forth is very effective. Even with millions of users every minute, the system completes all requests almost instantly.

This applies to both deposits and withdrawals as they take no more than a few minutes at worst. When cashing out, casino operators may delay the process for safety and legal reasons, but that’s no fault of PayPal.

So, as far as payment options go, no rival of PayPal’s is any faster. This means you can hardly find a better all-round solution for funding your gambling hobby today.